Meet our September Feel Better Community Resource Partners!

04th September 2013 by admin
Back in Motion Health Group of Physiotherapists

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration has partnered with professionals from various health and wellness fields to present the Feel-Better Community, a library of resources for the health seeker.

Each month, the community profiles five members who work daily to help people look better, feel better, lose weight, gain health, and embrace a full, active, healthy lifestyle.

This month’s featured wellness resources:

1. Adro Sarnelli, winner of Biggest Loser Australia.

After winning Biggest Loser Australia, Adro had a mission in life–to do whatever it takes to give other people a second chance to live a healthy life. To that end, he opened The New Me obesity rehabilitation center.

Visit Adro’s site and learn more about the center at the website for The New Me.

Adro Sarnelli, winner of Biggest Loser Australia

Adro Sarnelli, winner of Biggest Loser Australia

2. Chef Pete Evans

Chef Pete Evans

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Not just a chef, Pete Evans has opened multiple award-winning restaurants, written seven cookbooks, is a tv presenter, a surfer, and a dad.

His focus on fresh, healthy ingredients and his dedication to improving peoples lives through education about nutritional food and wellness have made him one of the top authorities on healthy cooking and lifestyle.

You can follow Pete on Facebook and Twitter, where he shares food and adventure in equal measure. Visit his website for more about his philosophy and work.


3. Back in Motion Health Group

Back in Motion Health Group is a first class physiotherapy practice offering holistic solutions, sustainable outcomes, and genuine and ongoing after-care , and prioritizes relating to people with prestige and dignity.

They’ve grown quickly from 7 practices in early 2006 to 23 practices over 3 states in 2008. The team’s goal is to build the most successful physiotherapy brand in Australia.

Back in Motion has a blog that addresses health topics from joint issues to athletic performance and more. The Back in Motion website gives information on all locations, classes and services offered. Visit them today and let them know we say hi!

4. Raw C Coconut water

Raw C Coconut Water

Coconut water by Raw C has been playfully nicknamed “Nature’s Gatorade.” Coconut water by Raw C is a natural sports drink alternative for health conscious consumers.

It has electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, all in their most natural and healthy form. Visit the Raw C website for recipes, where to buy, and more!

Comment below if you would like to join our community of health and wellness professional resources. We will be in touch!

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