6 Ways to Boost Weight Loss

18th October 2013 by admin

6 ways to boost weight loss The breakdown:

Drink lemon water

Drinking water helps your body function properly. It fills you up. And adding lemon makes drinking glass after glass of water more palatable. There is even evidence that drinking lemon water can help you burn more calories over the course of the day.

Curb cravings with tea

Sometimes what feels like hunger is actually thirst. Try drinking some tea or a glass of cold water and wait 20 minutes. Feel better?

Work out with weights

Strengthening your muscles stokes your calorie-burning fires. The bigger your muscles, the more calories you burn in a day!

Eat spicy foods

Studies show that eating plenty of spicy foods can help regulate your appetite and can even boost metabolism. Add spice to dishes, and try some cinnamon in your coffee.

Join a weight loss group

A support group of friends or a weight loss group that meets regularly can help you lose weight because you feel accountable to more than just yourself. That can be enough to make a second helping of anything seem less appealing!

Eat a rainbow of foods

This helps you ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for good health.

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