Meet our October Feel Better Community Partners – Australia

01st November 2013 by admin

Welcome to our October Feel Better Community Partner spotlight. For more information on the Feel Better Community, read our first FBC post.

The Merrymaker Sisters

Our first October partner is actually a pair of partners–sisters living in Canberra who write a health and fitness blog.

Here’s what they have to say:

e & c , also known as the merrymaker sisters love to blog about all things health + fitness. Living a paleo + primal + clean lifestyle they have never felt better (inside + out) so naturally had to share their experiences and recipes with everyone over at

Not only do they provide great information on their chosen food lifestyle, but they use the blog to make you feel part of that lifestyle with pictures of them doing what they love. Their friendly, caring vibe and valuable information on cooking, eating, working out will make you feel like a member of their family.

The Merry Maker Sisters

Read more about the Feel Better Community, including how to apply as one of our trusted partners!

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