What whole body vibration feels like for a beginner

09th July 2016 by admin

A couple of days ago we received this message from a customer, asking us how whole body vibration feels for a beginner, and what to expect from her first WBV session. We thought this topic may be of interest for other readers as well, so here’s what you should know before your first vibration machine training session.

If it’s the first time you try a vibrating platform, it’s normal to be skeptical about the efficiency of WBV workouts. How is it possible to get a good workout on a device that doesn’t require you to lift weights or to run your heart out, like you do on a treadmill?

Indeed, when exercising on a vibration machine you don’t have to do any of these, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in any effort.  As a beginner, even if you’re not completely out of shape, you can expect to feel your muscles burning after only 10 – 15 minutes of exercise, because vibration training is intense.

When vibrations are sent throughout your body, you will actually feel and see your muscles contracting. The intensity depends on the frequency you choose, but most beginners say 15 minutes on a vibration machine feel like 45 minutes of weight lifting.

After the workout, your muscles will feel stronger and look more toned, and if you generally have problems with circulation and lymphatic drainage, and retain excess water, you can expect to feel lighter and slimmer. Vibration exercises encourage the circulation of blood and lymph, contributing to the removal of excess water through sweat and urine, and relieving swollen legs.

The WBV machine stimulates circulation, and you may feel a sensation of tingling in your feet and hands, as well as a sensation of warmth. Also, you can expect to sweat a lot; even if you’re not running or lifting, you are still working and your muscles burn calories, so your body will produce sweat and heat as byproducts.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that vibration exercises are similar to conventional exercises done on the ground. Squats on a WBV machine done just like regular squats, push-ups also, and absolutely every exercise you can think of is done on a vibration platform just like it’s done during conventional workouts. But there are also some movements that can only bring results when done on a vibration machine.

For example, the basic stance, during which you simply stand on the platform and feel your muscles working or your body relaxing, is not possible to reproduce without WBV. You can’t say you work out when you stand or walk, but 5 minutes of standing on a vibration machine will cause you to sweat and you will feel your muscles stronger.

Although the effects of a single session of vibration training may be only temporary, you may notice that your body looks more toned, that your energy levels are higher, and that you feel better overall. That happens because WBV also works on your hormones, decreasing the production of cortisol which is the stress hormone, and it boosts the production of energy by burning calories.

A couple of things to keep in mind: when you first go to a WBV studio, the trainer or physician may ask you to fill out a questionnaire, just to make sure you are able to do the exercises safely. Whole body vibration has some contraindications, which you can check on our website, so if your WBV trainer doesn’t ask, make sure you mention any condition that may be a contraindication.

Another important aspect: if it’s the first time you’re doing vibration exercises, start at a lower intensity, regardless of your fitness level. If you start with the squat position for example, the basic squat, and set a frequency that’s too high, you will feel your legs burning in about 30 seconds and may not be able to stay on the machine for too long. Yes, vibration training can be difficult at the beginning, but gets easier – or you get stronger – with constant practice.

If the trainer chooses the right frequency you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, or dizzy, and shouldn’t have any strange sensation in your eyes, teeth or head. If this does happen, you’re either using an intensity that’s too high, or you’re not exercising with proper form.

Make sure your knees are always slightly bent, abs engaged, back straight, head up. When you do exercises for the upper body, avoid keeping your head too close to the machine, and reduce the frequency to maximum 10 Hz.

If you can’t tolerate the vibration for more than 10 seconds in a row, do 10 seconds of WBV, then take a break and continue like this until you feel your body gets used to this form of workout. When you no longer feel challenged by your vibration workout, you can try variations of the typical exercises, or increase the amplitude and intensity.

What else can you expect to feel during your first vibration session? If you’re too hydrated, you may feel the urge to pee, so we encourage you to use the bathroom 10-15 minutes before your workout.

If your blood sugar levels tend to drop during exercise, we recommend to have a small snack, like a banana, 30 minutes before the workout, and also to drink water. If you need to hydrate during the WBV session, do so, as not drinking water while you exercise may result in headaches and dizziness.

And a final note: if you have balance problems, we recommend to start only with standing exercises and to always keep your hands on the machine’s handles, to make sure you avoid injuries.

We hope this helps and wish you an enjoyable first WBV session! If you have questions, post them below or on our Facebook page and we’ll gladly answer.

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