An Urgent Message to Whole Body Vibration Machine Buyers...

Is Your Vibration Machine a ​Scam​?

New Scientific Research Reveals 32 of 41 Popular Vibration Machines Tested FAIL to Deliver Desired Full-Body Health Results

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More than 45,000 buyers rely on the ​Buyer’s Guide for unbiased performance data to ​avoid scams​ and ​find the right vibration machine​ for their specific health needs.

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Testing 3rd-party engineering firms

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How to Avoid Buying the WRONG Machine (and Saving Hundreds of Dollars in the Process)

The World’s Largest ‘Results-Based’ Comparison Test of 41 Popular Whole Body Vibration Machines (Performed by Independent 3rd Party Engineering Firms)

The 32 Machines that FAILED to Deliver High-Performance Results (and the Only 9 We Recommend)

The 2 Key Performance Metrics (Above All Others) to Rapidly Improving Your Body Strength and Shape with Minimal Effort

Exact Performance Specs to Have in Your Machine (You’ll Think Twice about Machines that Don’t)

Finally… A Complete “Apples-to-Apples” Comparison and Ranking of Every Machine, Based on Performance and Price (Use THIS to Find Your Perfect Machine!)

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Hi, Murray here from HyperVibe. For over 10 years we’ve been helping people like you lose weight, get toned, and build stronger bones faster and and more efficiently with our Buyer’s Guide to Whole Body Vibration.

Featuring the world’s largest collection of performance data from 41 popular Whole Body Vibration machines, finding the perfect machine to meet your personal health needs has never been easier!

Murray Seaton

Co-Founder, HyperVibe

“Yes, But Do I Really Need a Buyer’s Guide?”

If you haven’t discovered already, finding the “right” Whole Body Vibration machine can be like traversing a minefield...

The Internet is littered with misleading information... Google floods us with 33.7 million “Whole Body Vibration” search results… and despite the glossy ads you’ve seen, only a few machines are actually capable of producing the results they quote from scientific research.

What does this mean for you?

Well, without reliable scientific-backed performance data on hand you’re at a real disadvantage… and there’s no possible way for you to make a well-educated buying decision.

This means, if you rush headlong into an uninformed purchase, you risk falling prey to one of three common (and costly) buying mistakes:

You Could Be Making One of These 3 Costly Buying Mistakes...

Going “All In”

You invest several thousands on a beautiful high-end machine… whose same performance is equaled by another at half the price.
(Result: You pay way too much.)


You “save” with a cheaper, underperforming machine -- praying it delivers some kind of health benefit... Then (surprise!) it breaks just as the warranty expires.
(Result: You pay 2X for a machine... and your body never gets the full health benefits of Whole Body Vibration technology.)

Getting Duped

Worst of all, you order a machine advertised to deliver high-performance results... but actually isn’t powerful enough to produce them.
(Result: Deceived, you use your machine under the false belief your body is receiving the full benefits of Whole Body Vibration technology. It is not.)

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FACT: Of the 41 machines we tested, 32 of them failed to deliver the high-performance results necessary for strength, bone health and body shape improvement.

I’ve seen it happen again and again...

Sadly, these buyers always end up frustrated and full of regret. And their expensive mistake often means they don’t find the Whole Body Vibration machine they’re seeking till their 2nd or 3rd purchase!

It’s my goal today to help you avoid this expensive “trial-by-error” method... so you get it right with your first machine.

Fortunately, There’s an Easier Way to Get the Machine You Really Want!

The good news is, you can easily avoid these buying mistakes with the right information.

In fact, you really only need to know a few things to make a well-informed buying decision and get the machine you really want. Here they are:

The 2

(above all others) critical for maximizing health benefits from Whole Body Vibration technology...


(minimum and maximum output) your machine must achieve for these two metrics to achieve these health benefits...

A Set of
Unbiased, Scientifically-
Measured Data

for the two metrics on a variety of machines… so you can make a clear “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Say… looking at the short list above, doesn’t this seem pretty simple?

With the right data it really is!

But there’s still this one last hurdle to clear:

“Has anybody actually gone out and spent the resources necessary for unbiased testing on dozens and dozens of Whole Body Vibration machines?”

(Hey, we thought you’d never ask...)

$125K Worth
of Independent Testing... Boiled Down to a 14-Page ‘Results-Based’ Guide

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For nearly 10 years, we’ve been working with independent engineering laboratories (specializing in vibration analysis) to test performance capability on 41 of the most popular Whole Body Vibration machines.

And no, it hasn’t been easy (or cheap)…

We’ve organized testing across three different continents (North America, Australia and Europe)... acquired over $100,000 worth of vibration machines… and spent more than $25,000 on testing with four independent engineering firms to give you performance results on a full range of machines.

The results of these tests have been turned into our 14-page, easy-to-read Buyer’s Guide to Whole Body Vibration. Inside you’ll be delighted to find we’ve clearly ranked every machine by performance and price… making your job of selecting your perfect Whole Body Vibration machine fast and easy.

Considering One of These Brands?

We put 41 machines from these popular brands through intensive vibration testing...

(WARNING: 32 of them failed to deliver high-performance results necessary for true health improvement.)

Dummy brand logos

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To the best of our knowledge, no other manufacturer in the world has gone to such labor (or such costs) to provide you with a complete spectrum of unbiased performance data.

It’s no surprise then, that since we began publishing our Buyer’s Guide, over 45,000 buyers worldwide trust this resource as a guide in making their purchase. It really has become the “Definitive” Buyer’s Guide for Whole Body Vibration.

And while this research-intensive Buyer’s Guide typically sells for $25 in our store, you can get it FREE today... Here’s how:

We’re currently looking to better understand Whole Body Vibration customers and their challenges. If you take a moment to tell us a little about yourself and the problems you’re experiencing, we’ll send you a copy of the Buyer’s Guide to Whole Body Vibration absolutely FREE as our way of saying thanks.

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