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Vibration training for athletes: good idea or too much?

The risk of overtraining is higher in professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who spend weeks and even

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Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercises for Abs and Core Strength

Our series of whole body vibration machine exercise articles continues with a vibration platform training program for the core

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Whole Body Vibration Exercise Tips for Beginners

One of the best things you can do before starting to use a whole body vibration

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Drop a dress size with Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration exercises

The workout below is created to help you drop a dress size with Hypervibe

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7 Rules for Exercising Safely on the Hypervibe WBV Machine

People who are new to whole body vibration and try the Hypervibe platforms for the first time

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Whole body vibration exercises can counter the loss of muscle strength

Whole Body Vibration Exercises May Counter the Loss of Muscle Strength

Dynapenia is the term used for defining the loss of muscle strength associated with aging, which is

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