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New study: effects of WBV in multiple scelerosis patients

New study: effects of WBV in multiple scelerosis patients

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system, which occurs when the myelin sheaths

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Vibration training improves exercise capacity in COPD patients

Vibration Training Improves Exercise Capacity in COPD Patients

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease appears when the bronchial tubes become inflamed and narrower than normal,

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New Studies on WBV Applications in Diabetes and COPD Patients

In a previous article, we’ve shown that whole body vibration was found to improve exercise capacity

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whole body vibration reconstruction

Whole Body Vibration After ACL Surgery: What Do Studies Say?

ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure used for reconstructing the ligament in the center of the knee,

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12 vibration machine exercises for osteoporosis sufferers

12 Vibration Machine Exercises for Osteoporosis Sufferers

One of the frequent questions asked by people with osteoporosis when first trying whole body vibration platforms

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How safe is it to use wbv after a stroke

How Safe Is Using Whole Body Vibration Therapy After a Stroke?

Someone who has just suffered a stroke may require several months or even years to recover fully,

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