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  • Long-term-WBV-improves-postural-stability-of-young-men

    Long-term WBV improves postural stability of young men

    03rd May 2016

    How does short-term and long-term whole body vibration influence the postural stability of healthy, active men? A study conducted by Polish researchers

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  • seniors-balance-wbv

    Seniors can improve their balance with vibration exercises

    02nd October 2015

    Balance problems and falls are common in the elderly, and are a major cause of fractures in this population They are associated with increased morbidity and a lower quality

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  • balance disorders

    3 Health Conditions that Affect Your Balance

    18th December 2014

    Experiencing an episode of dizziness every once in a while is not uncommon, but if the lightheadedness lasts for more than a couple of seconds and occurs on a

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