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  • New-studies-on-WBV-applications-in-diabetes-and-COPD-patients

    New studies on WBV applications in diabetes and COPD patients

    08th November 2016

    In a previous article, we’ve shown that whole body vibration was found to improve exercise capacity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition that damages the

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  • How to exercise safely if you have diabetic foot

    06th December 2015

    The most common concern when it comes to exercising with diabetes is to keep blood sugar levels from getting too low or too high Although every patient reacts differently

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  • 11-ways-diabetes-damages-your-body

    11 ways diabetes damages your health

    03rd September 2015

    Most people are aware of the fact that a diet that’s too rich in sugar and the lack of physical activity can make them prone to gaining excess weight

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  • diabetes diet

    5 simple tips for improving your diabetes diet

    09th July 2015

    Diabetes sufferers may find it difficult to keep their weight under control, as the changes in blood sugar levels and the altered response to insulin may cause one to

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  • stem cells diabetes type 1

    Stem cells and diabetes type 1 – is there hope?

    07th January 2015

    In health people, pancreatic beta cells produce release insulin, which moves sugar from the blood flow to the other tissues for energy production

    However in individuals affected by

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  • sugar cane

    Types of Sugar and Their Health Effects

    09th October 2014

    Sugar comes in many forms and is hidden in lots of products otherwise considered healthy Fruits are the classical example of food that contains sugar but is recommended for

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