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  • wbv-after-acl-reconstruction-what-do-studies-say

    Whole body vibration after ACL surgery: what do studies say?

    21st October 2016

    ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure used for reconstructing the ligament in the center of the knee, which keeps the tibia in place When this ligament gets damaged as

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  • What a proper muscle recovery program includes

    16th July 2016

    In a previous article we showed how the lack of sleep affects your body, and why getting enough sleep is essential for staying fit and maintaining strong and

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  • Vibration platform exercises may be helpful in post-stroke rehabilitation

    06th October 2015

    Stroke may affect the body in different ways, some people experiencing minor health effects, while others are left with serious health problems

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  • whole body vibration stroke

    Whole body vibration for rehabilitation in stroke survivors

    16th June 2015

    Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, and almost 2/3 of those affected by stroke require rehabilitation in order to relearn skills that have been lost

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  • active recovery

    Why active recovery is better than rest and how to do it correctly

    21st January 2015


    Every gym has its fitness addicts: those ladies and men who are always there, always training and always looking energized and in great shape Don’t they ever get tired

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