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  • My physician doesn't know about WBV. Should I still do it?

    My physician doesn’t know about WBV. Should I still do it?

    07th June 2016

    Despite the increasing popularity of whole body vibration machines, there are still health and fitness professionals who haven’t tried this form of physical activity and therapy, and are unfamiliar

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  • Can-I-mix-vibration-training-with-other-forms-of-exercis

    Can I mix vibration training with other forms of exercise?

    07th January 2016

    Mixing whole body vibration training with other forms of exercise is not uncommon In fact, fitness trainers recommend adding vibration exercises to aerobic routines, as the former are great

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  • Aspects of senior health that may be improved through WBV

    15th December 2015

    For many, senior living means dealing with unpleasant health problems and managing conditions that make everyday life less enjoyable

    Adopting a healthy diet and exercising more often can

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  • Hypervibe G10 Mini

    Hypervibe whole body vibration machine reviews from customers

    10th December 2015

    Reading vibration training machine reviews before investing in these fitness tools for home use is just as important as visiting a gym before joining their membership program


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  • wbv-fibromyalgia

    Can vibration machine exercises cure fibromyalgia pain?

    10th November 2015

    More present in women than in men and affecting about 5% of females, fibromyalgia is the third most common rheumatic disorder worldwide, after low back pain and arthritis

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  • Ultimate list of conditions that may be treated with WBV therapy

    Ultimate list of conditions that may be improved through WBV

    07th November 2015

    Exercising on a vibration machine can help in maintaining strong bones and muscles, in improving the flexibility of your joints, improving the function of your heart and respiratory system,

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  • osteoporosis-wbv

    Postmenopausal women can improve bone density with vibration exercises

    01st November 2015

    Osteoporosis is a tricky disease that erodes the bones and weakens them, but has no visible symptoms in the initial stages The condition is progressive and gets worse with

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  • whole body vibration amplitude effects

    Higher WBV amplitude, better for muscle strength and hypertrophy

    26th May 2015

    As shown in our Complete Whole Body Vibration series of articles, acceleration and frequency are the keys to effective vibration training The most significant health benefits of

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  • Hypervibe G10 Mini

    Does short-term whole body vibration produce any effect on the human body?

    29th March 2015

    Most studies on the effects of whole body vibration on the human body involve long-term training, with 2-3 WBV sessions per week, the duration of these sessions varying depending

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  • cellulite

    Reduce cellulite with whole body vibration workouts

    20th February 2015

    Cellulite appears when fat accumulates in the adipose tissue underneath the skin and starts pushing up against the skin Your skin is connected to the underlying muscles through long

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  • effects wbv gait

    Effects of whole body vibration on gait [Studies]

    13th February 2015

    Whole body vibration has been shown to be efficient in improving muscle strength and bone density, as well as in exerting a positive effect on balance and posture

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  • wbv in healthy individuals

    WBV in healthy, active individuals: is it any good?

    20th January 2015

    In our Whole Body Vibration benefits section, you can find plenty of articles talking about the positive effects of vibration training in various

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  • vibration training effects

    New Research on the Effects of Vibration Training

    25th November 2014

    New studies show potential applications of vibration exercise in kids with disabilities, patients with fatty liver disease and postmenopausal women with osteoporosis

    Whole body vibration therapy in disabled

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  • wbv workout

    Whole Body Vibration Exercises – Advanced Level

    27th October 2014

    This whole body vibration workout is for people who are already used to WBV training, as it requires a better fitness level and stronger muscles If you’re just starting

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