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  • Avoid-menopausal-weight-gain-with-simple-lifestyle-changes

    Avoid menopausal weight gain with simple lifestyle changes

    28th July 2015

    The hormonal changes that come with menopause make one more prone to gaining weight around the abdomen, thighs and hips, but it’s not the hormones themselves to cause the

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  • Low-Carb vs. Low-Calorie Diets for Weight Loss

    27th July 2014

    Low-calorie diets limit the intake of food to 1,200-1,500 kcal per day, depending on the guidelines you follow or on the regimen you prefer Low-carb diets on the other

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  • Losing Fat on a Keto Regimen – Safe or Not?

    19th March 2014

    Much appreciated by bodybuilders and gym rats, the ketogenic regimen and lifestyle owes its popularity to the impressive results one can obtain in terms of fat loss, muscle mass

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  • is gluten bad for health

    Is Giving Up Grains the Key to a Healthier Body?

    13th March 2014

    With the increasing popularity of the Paleo and clean eating trends, it comes as no surprise that more and more people decide to remove grains from their diets Breads,

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  • Fuel Your Body Correctly to Avoid Weight Gain

    16th February 2014


    Did you ever wonder why most weight loss programs recommend scheduling dinner around 7 pm or even earlier? Because eating at night is fattening, right? Well not exactly –

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  • Not seeing results? Maybe you're training the WRONG muscles!

    09th February 2014


    I’m sure you’ve seen them as well – those guys or ladies who hit the gym daily, do their training circuit and go home completely exhausted, but they continue

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  • Weight Gain, Sign of a Broken Metabolism

    21st January 2014


    A lower metabolic rate is more than a hindrance to weight loss: it’s a sign of a damaged organism which operates at sub-optimal level As someone once

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  • What Belly Type Do You Have?

    09th January 2014


    Stress can make you gain weight – we’ve heard this so many times and we know it’s true, it’s a scientifically proven fact However, in some people stressful periods

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  • Brown Fat's Activation, New Weight Loss Method?

    17th December 2013

    I remember a conversation I had some time ago, with a good friend, as we were heading back home from gym We were talking body weight and body composition,

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