WBV User Says Training With Hypervibe Machine Relieves Pain, Improves Range of Motion

21st July 2013 by stefanie

Hypervibe, a leader in the field of whole body vibration machines, today unveiled a testimonial featuring a user who has achieved significant results using the Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration machine.

Wendy, the featured WBV user, is 66. She suffers from a number of medical conditions, including diabetes and poor circulation.

She has been using whole body vibration at a local studio three times a week for five months.

She says, “When I am sore I can stand on the machine and when I get off I’m not sore anymore.”

She began with simple standing and a few seated massage positions and has since progressed into more of a fitness routine with a wider variety of poses and increased durations. Since starting WBV she has noticed improvements in her circulation, strength, range of motion & flexibility and less chronic pain and, since appearing in the Hypervibe testimony video, has lost 15 pounds.

“We’re glad Wendy is enjoying the whole body vibration training, and we’re so excited she has had such wonderful results,” says Deb Pelletier, owner of ReVibe studio in Didsbury, Alberta. “Wendy is a great example of the kinds of results we are seeing in many of our clients.”

Whole body vibration machines stimulate the body in a variety of ways not possible with traditional forms of exercise. The machines pair gravity and resistance with the transmission of low frequency vibrations to the body. Benefits of using the machine include increases in: muscle power and strength, tone, circulation, bone density, balance and flexibility.

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