Why People Like You Use Whole Body Vibration

19th February 2016 by stefanie

With its wide range of health benefits, whole body vibration training appeals to a wide variety of users.

Some people use it for gains in strength and agility, while others use it for improved circulation or relief from pain.

Read on as we profile 7 different whole body vibration users and what benefits they enjoy from training with a WBV platform.


Alan was 60 years old when he first started training with whole body vibration.

At the time he was suffering from severe degenerative disc disease, which caused him to lose almost all use of one arm. When he started using WBV he was scheduled to have surgery to remove two vertebrae from his neck and replace them with bone from his hip.

It’s now five years later. Alan had such success with whole body vibration, including recovering complete use of his arm, that he never went through with the neck surgery. In addition, he lost over 30 pounds and says he now feels twenty years younger.

Watch Alan tell his story.


Lindsey is a stay at home mom who enjoys running. She came into her local WBV studio skeptical of what it might have to offer her.

But she says that she was impressed with how quickly she saw results from her training—so impressed, in fact, that she bought a machine for her home. She says that, with WBV training alone, she is in the best shape of her life.

When people ask what her secret is to looking so healthy, Lindsey proudly tells them about whole body vibration and how it has changed her life.

Watch Lindsey tell her story.


Kim is an international fitness competitor who recently competed in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival. She says that she was initially skeptical of whole body vibration, thinking it was a nonsense product she would never use. She eventually tried training with a machine, however, and found that she loved it.

She now says she would never train without a whole body vibration machine as part of her training regimen. She says it has given her a stronger core and increased stamina, and credits WBV with taking her from a national to an international competitor.

She says, “If you’re a skeptic like I used to be and think, ‘That can’t do anything for me,’ I can guarantee you will be surprised.”

Watch Kim tell her story.


Wendy was looking for a way to fight chronic pain when she discovered whole body vibration. Her rheumatoid and osteoarthritis was causing her pain, and she was experiencing diminished circulation. But now she is devoted to whole body vibration, which she claims helps her arthritis pain and her circulation.

“When I’m sore,” she says, “I can stand on the machine and when I get off I’m not sore anymore.”

See Wendy tell her WBV story.


Bill is an older man who suffers from arthritis. He has been using whole body vibration for only a month and a half, but he says he has gained so much in so little time. He reports improved circulation and relief from arthritis pain, as well as a significant increase in mobility. He hopes to continue using WBV to maintain movement and independence for many years to come.

Hear Bill tell about his experience with whole body vibration.


Teresa, another mom, says she has “nothing but good things to say about whole body vibration.” She credits a balance of healthier eating and whole body vibration training with her recent 40-pound weight loss. She also says WBV is the only thing—out of the myriad methods she has tried—that has diminished the appearance of cellulite. She was so happy with her results that she, too, bought a vibration machine for her home.

Hear Teresa tell her story about WBV.

If you are interested in finding something that will help you get healthier in many ways, whole body vibration is just what you’re looking for.

Read more about what to look for in a whole body vibration machine.

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