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    Why Getting Fit in your 40s is Easier Than it Was in Your 20s

    08th January 2016

    Feeling nostalgic for those days when you could eat whatever you wanted and still stay in great shape without even trying?

    Don’t feel too badly Now that you’re a little

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    4 Secrets to Better Bone Health No One Tells You

    05th January 2016

    Remember when you were young and you thought you were invincible?

    Sure, maybe you actually never thought about it, but you probably acted like you believed it Think about some

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  • Top 7 Fitness Trends Causing a Stir at CanFitPro

    12th September 2013

    So last month was CanFitPro Toronto, North America’s largest business conference and trade show for the fitness industry It was a blast! Dozens of presenters, an amazing schedule of sessions and

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  • 5 Ways Whole Body Vibration Supports Your Active Lifestyle

    21st July 2013

    Whether you’ve been active your whole life, or you’re just beginning to incorporate exercise into your routine, there’s nothing like living an active life

    The CDC lists many benefits of

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  • The 3 Secrets Gym Owners Don’t Want You to Know

    06th July 2013

    Chances are, you’ve spent at least some time thinking about joining a gym

    Most of us do, at some point We sit at the computer with some tasty-but-terribly-unhealthy snack in

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