Turn up your body’s fat-burning fire in the privacy of your own home with no more than 20-minutes 3-4 times per week.1

Are the following preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals?

  • Don’t have the time
  • Exercising in public makes you feel embarrassed
  • The kind of exercise that gets results is too difficult
  • You’ve quit trying because none of your prior attempts to lose weight worked

The reason Hypervibe is working for people like you is because:

  • They can do it at home with no one watching
  • They can do a workout that gets results in 10-minutes or less2
  • It’s easier than normal exercise and feels good so they don’t want to quit2,3
whole body vibration weight lossHypervibe gets fast results
Hypervibe does things to my body I can’t do with any other kind of exercise. I use it with clients to get the fast results
people want.

Adro Sarnelli – Winner of The Biggest Loser TV show
* Results may vary

How Hypervibe gets results

The key to reducing body fat with exercise is intensity. If you have found that exercise ‘didn’t work’ in the past it is likely the exercise was simply not intense enough or it took such a toll on your body and energy levels you weren’t able to keep working that hard at every workout.

Vibration exercise can provide your muscles with stimulation that ranges from gentle massage to intense exercise and it does so without requiring a lot of your own effort.3 In Vibration Training the intensity of the exercise is determined by the machine settings. This makes it possible to work your way up to doing a very demanding workout even if you wouldn’t normally be motivated to work that hard.

There are other effects on your body which increase the effectiveness of the exercise leaving you feeling worked out, not worn out. The three main effects that Vibration Training has on your body:

1. Increased Gravity

As the platform rises, your body is accelerated upwards. You feel this as a force named G-force where ‘G’ stands for ‘Gravity’. In other words the machine exposes your body to increased Gravity.4
The amount of G-Force determines the intensity of the exercise.

Ignite your body’s #1 fat-burning mechanism

One way your body responds to high G-force muscle work is by increasing Growth hormone.5

Italian researcher Carmelo Bosco developed a vibration training program designed to maximise muscle stimulation while minimising fatigue. In 1999 he tested the body’s hormonal response to this simple routine and uncovered some impressive effects on the body:5

  • Muscle power – increased by 20%
  • Cortisol levels – decreased by 32%
  • Testosterone levels – increased by 7%
  • Growth Hormone levels – increased by 360%

Why is this outcome so impressive? The level of Growth Hormone secreted in response to the vibration training was approximately equal to what you would get from 30 minutes of running at 86% maximum intensity6 – something that would surely leave you energy-depleted with elevated Cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Now compare that with Carmelo’s routine in which:

  • Results were instantaneous
  • 60% of the time was spent doing nothing
  • 100% of training time was spent standing still
  • It required the subjects to exert no conscious effort
  • 5 months worth of power training stimulus was achieved in 10 minutes
  • Stress levels which normally increase with intense training actually decreased
  • After completing the protocol, the subjects were not fatigued

To get such a result Professor Bosco set the machine to deliver 11G of G-force ( 11 times Earth’s gravity) to the subjects’ muscles. This is a level that is not possible with most vibration machines  but can easily be achieved with a Hypervibe machine.


Cellulite + 40 pounds of fat – gone!
This is fast, I can do this at home while looking after my 2 kids. I’ve been using Hypervibe daily for just over a year; my cellulite is now gone and I’ve lost 40lbs (18kg).

Teresa – Canada

* Results may vary

2. Rhythmic Movement

The rapid up/down movement with a subsequent increase/decrease of G-force creates waves of movement through the soft tissues of your body. In slow motion you can actually see the skin and muscles ripple like water. This ripple spreads from the point of contact throughout the body.

This increases the flow of fluids7 like blood and lymph which delivers more oxygen to your muscles and rejuvenates the body while removing excess fluid

The only thing that has helped me
Hypervibe was able to drain my lymphatic system quickly. I’m going to continue the maintenance with this, it’s the only thing that has helped me.

Jolynne – Colorado & Co TV show, USA
* Results may vary

3. Muscle Reflexes

The platform movement causes repetitive bending and straightening of your joints. As the muscles attached to them quickly stretch it results in strong reflex muscle contractions.8 You’ve seen this happen when someone taps below your knee cap causing your leg to jerk forward.

The heightened nerve and muscle activity results in a number of benefits such as:

  • Elimination of fat and cellulite – the high intensity muscle work of vibration training raises your body’s oxygen intake, speeds up the metabolism and increases fluid drainage from your skin layers.1,7,9,10
  • Multiplication of effort – the increase in your body’s Oxygen usage during vibration exercise is equivalent to you doubling the weight being lifted.11 Oxygen is used to burn up fat for energy during exercise. With vibration exercise you get twice the Oxygen usage for the same amount of effort.
  • Increased warmth – exercising muscles burn up fats and sugars releasing heat. This increase in heat makes movement more comfortable and reduces risk of injury.12
  • Increased energy – regularly making the muscles do work increases metabolism and stimulates brain activity associated with feeling good. The result is that you not only feel more energetic, you have more energy to do the things you want.2

Hear what they say about Hypervibe at the Studio Vanish weight-loss clinic…

weightloss_pic8Weight-loss jumpstart
Hypervibe really helped me with lymphatic drainage and gave me a jumpstart for burning off extra calories. I’m down two dress sizes and feeling very motivated.

Kathy – Colorado & Co TV show, USA* Results may vary

weightloss_pic9Hypervibe is the key to our success
For fat removal to work the customer has to follow up our treatments with exercise. The problem had been that they never do it. Now, we put them straight on the Hypervibe for 10-
minutes and the fat loss results increase 400%

Angela Pent – Studio Vanish, USA* Results may vary

Start your transformation now!

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weightloss_pic1280 pounds of fat – gone!
After years of trying to lose weight, nothing had really worked.
Then I was put on a Hypervibe to rehab a sprained ankle. It
was so good I started using it three times a week. I have now lost
80 pounds (36kg) and so far the weight has stayed off for 2
years. Hypervibe is my one routine I do not stray from.

Dina – USA

* Results may vary


If you would like a feel-good way to safely:

  • Lose weight1
  • Do exercise you enjoy without leaving your house
  • Feel more energetic2
  • Improve your general health2

…then click here now to order your own Hypervibe machine.

weightloss_pic11I feel 20 years younger
was eventually talked into trying Hypervibe and now I’m hooked. I’ve lost 32lbs (14.5kg), got the feeling back in my hand and can play with my grandkids again. I’m 60 but feel 20 years younger.

Alan – Canada

* Results may vary


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