Pain relief

Bring good feelings back to worn out body parts and fortify your posture to prevent problems returning1,2

The saying ‘move it or lose it’ really applies when it comes to many of the aches and pains we suffer with daily. Restoring movement and circulation to troubled body segments is partly why Massage and Chiropractic are so effective at bringing relief to painful joints and muscles.

Using exercise to move your body can be particularly effective at returning problematic body parts back to normal however what do you do when confronted with acute pain or are dealing with a recent injury that prevents you from moving some joints for fear of making the pain worse?

Just as challenging can be simply finding the time to exercise regularly.

Hypervibe Vibration Training can offer a safe, time-effective, natural approach to helping your body move, feel and function better – and – instead of side-effects it comes with side-benefits.3,4

DISCLAIMER – Pain can sometimes be a sign of serious health problem. Always consult a health professional for assistance in determining the right course of action to take.

How Vibration Helps

Hypervibe Vibration Training produces a number of effects on the body which can be useful at bringing relief to areas in discomfort; of their own accord and when combined with other effects.

Information overload

You´ve surely banged your elbow on something then promptly started rubbing it in an instinctive attempt to relieve the pain. This works because the action of rubbing bombards the brain with sensory information that creates a distraction.The pain is still there, you are just less aware of it than you are of the rubbing sensation.

Vibration Training is surely a great way to bombard the brain with sensory information, sending stretch, pressure and position information to the brain many times each second.5

This obviously only works in mild cases. If you´ve scraped the skin off your elbow, furiously rubbing the open wound will only worsen the pain. The same common sense applies to Vibration Training.

I don´t feel sore any more
I like using it when I´m feeling sore. When I get off the machine I´m not sore any more. It has restored my circulation and is
helping my joints.

Wendy, Canada* Results may vary

Mobilisation and Flexibility

Pain can often be a consequence of stiffness and prolonged immobility. Sitting for extended periods can cause muscle spasm and inflammation in the hips and back which you experience as pain and stiffness.

Simply restoring a full degree of normal movement to that body segment can bring a lot of relief.This was demonstrated in some German Vibration Training research1 where they found that vibration with a frequency of up to 18Hz brought relief to long-standing back pain. After 12 weeks of using the vibration machine to mobilise the lower back pain had declined by 66%

When the situation has become chronic from persistent immobility it may require additional effort to restore flexibility to the joints and muscles under stress.

Low back relief
This has improved my core strength and brought relief to my
low back.

Tina – USA* Results may vary

Vibration Training has proven itself to be very effective at improving flexibility. For example, in vibration research from Iran6 subjects stood on a high powered vibration machine producing 17G of G-force. Each vibration session lasted only 3 minutes and there were only 3 sessions per week.

After 6 weeks they had done less than an hour of vibration in total and yet…

  • their hamstring flexibility had improved 58%
  • they did not stretch their Hamstrings once during the 6 weeks
  • their improvement was equal to doing 63 minutes of advanced stretching
  • their result lasted longer than the advanced stretching group

The secret of their success – the high G-force of 17G used to stimulate the patients.

In a similar experiment7 they reduced G-force by a factor of 8 so they were only using 2G and their results also reduced by a factor of 8 – they could only achieve an 8% improvement.

More flexibility, less falling risk
Hypervibe really works for activating and strengthening the posture muscles while improving balance and hamstring flexibility. It´s been effective for reducing risk of falls in my older patients as well as relieving knee and low back issues.

Ben Ward – Performance Physiotherapy, Australia* Results may vary

Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Circulation and Lymphatic drainage are both important when it comes to repairing damage to body tissues. Increasing lymphatic drainage in particular can help remove painful inflammatory metabolites from a site of injury.

Importantly, to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage with Vibration Training does not require running, jumping or lifting weights8 – all things that can cause or worsen an injury. Instead you find a position that feels comfortable and remain motionless while the machine does the work for you.

My legs are like new
The Hypervibe improves the circulation in my legs resulting in me being able to walk a lot longer and further than usual. It especially helps the discomfort I have in my legs – after 10
minutes on Hypervibe, it´s gone. My legs are like new.

Joyce – Australia* Results may vary


Warmth improves flexibility and is soothing to chronically stiff body segments. New Zealand research compared the muscle-warming effect of Vibration Training with that of cycling and being immersed in a tub of hot water.9 Vibration Training was twice as effective as cycling and three times as effective as hot water immersion.

Balance and Posture

Finally, improving balance and posture can help prevent muscle and joint problems from recurring. Having good posture in particular helps your body position itself properly and prevents unnecessary strain on ligaments which can become pain sensitive. Vibration Training with the elderly has proven very successful at improving agility, balance and muscle power which allows the person to move more freely and comfortably.10

More core strength
This is the first exercise I´ve been able to do that has produced results for my core strength and lower back condition.

Tracey – Canada* Results may vary

Start your transformation now!

If you would like a feel-good way to safely:

  • Relieve aches and pains1
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage8
  • Prevent future problems by improving flexibility, posture and balance2,6,10
  • Rapidly warm up joints and muscles9

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