Power you can actually feel!

Finally, a whole body vibration machine with power you can actually feel at a price you can actually afford. Not even our $18,000 competitors can match Hypervibe’s rugged reliability and impressive 17G output. Backed by a 2-year on-site warranty.

RRP $2,995 NZD

Price includes GST + delivery

Uniquely Powerful, Reliable and Affordable

The Hypervibe Performance Whole Body Vibration machine was engineered to posses a specific and challenging set of abilities that place it way ahead of its competitors.

It is capable of generating from 0.8G’s of G-force all the way up to 17G’s, nearly double its closest (more expensive) competitor. It is also capable of generating and accurately displaying a true 28Hz of pivotal vibration and it does all this for under $3,000.

Learn about the importance of pivotal vibration, frequency and G-force. So whether a mature age is seeking to gently regain strength and vitality or an athlete needs to push their training to new levels, the Hypervibe Performance is uniquely capable of doing the job and we’d love to help you get started. Contact us today for prompt service.