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  • Can WBV machines fit into a workplace wellness program?

    Can WBV machines fit into a workplace wellness program?

    20th August 2016

    The fact that sitting all day can be hazardous to one’s body is not a novelty A sedentary lifestyle can severely impact one’s overall health and well-being, so it

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  • Sweetened beverages may lead to fatty liver disease

    12th June 2015

    Fatty liver disease appears when fat cells build up inside the liver and make more than 5%-10% of the organ’s weight

    This condition can be triggered by excessive

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  • Vibration training, an effective solution for age-related muscle wasting

    18th March 2015

    Age-related muscle wasting or sarcopenia as it is scientifically called is a process that occurs naturally, starting around the age of 30 and progressing faster after the age of

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  • 5 causes of poor circulation and how to prevent them

    11th March 2015

    The circulatory system is responsible for carrying oxygen, nutrients and water throughout the body and for ensuring the optimum removal of waste products like carbon dioxide, which is produced

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  • how wbv can benefit new mums

    How whole body vibration training can benefit new mums

    24th January 2015

    Giving birth is a life-changing experience, but coming to terms with the way your body looks and feels like in the first months post pregnancy can be overwhelming for

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