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The Shortcut to a better body with Whole Body Vibration


Oxygenate your body and prevent fluid buildup an easy and safe from of exercise.1,2,3,4

Having adequate circulation of blood and drainage of lymph goes a long way towards:

  • Feeling energetic
  • Trouble-free joints.
  • Better sporting performance
  • Prevention of fluid retention
  • Protection of your eyes, toes and feet
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Healthy looking skin

The problem many people have, especially during middle age, is that their lifestyle involves a lot of sitting, not enough free time, poor diet, cigarettes, alcohol, and sometimes heart problems.

All of these things can lead to sluggish circulation and lymphatic drainage and also make it difficult to do the one thing we all know can correct those problems - exercise.

How Hypervibe can safely reinvigorate your body

Vibration training is a unique form of exercise for a number of reasons. Improving movement of blood and lymphatic fluid are things that vibration is particularly well suited to.1 It does this by three means:

1. Increased Gravity

As the platform rises, your body is accelerated upwards. You feel this as a force named G-force where ‘G’ stands for ‘Gravity’. In other words the machine exposes your body to increased Gravity.5

One way your body responds to increased Gravity is by causing the muscles to work. As the muscles increase their strength of contraction it pumps blood through that area of the body, which means that circulation can be increased without straining the heart.6


Leg Swelling Gone Hypervibe has allowed me to continue working and remain independent even at 80 years of age. This keeps me feeling healthy better than anything else I’ve tried and after only a matter of weeks the swelling in my legs is totally gone.

Bill - Canada

* Results may vary

2. Rhythmic Movement

The rapid up/down movement with a subsequent increase/decrease of G-force creates waves of movement through the soft tissues of your body. In slow motion you can actually see the skin and muscles ripple like water. This ripple spreads from the point of contact throughout the body.

This increases the flow of fluids1,7 like blood and lymph which rejuvenates muscles, bones and skin while removing excess fluid. An example of this comes from Austrian research7 where 9 minutes of Vibration Training resulted in a 100% increase in peripheral circulation. The subjects merely had to stand still on the machine for those 9 minutes.

Similar research from USA produced a 40% increase in lymphatic drainage and 50% increase in blood circulation.1

As these fluids vibrate, heat is generated which quickly warms up your joints and muscles8 making movement easier and more comfortable; similar to having a massage.


The only thing that has helped me Hypervibe was able to drain my lymphatic system quickly. I’m going to continue the maintenance with this, it’s the only thing that has helped me.

Jolynne - Colorado & Co TV show, USA

* Results may vary

3. Muscle Reflexes

The platform movement causes repetitive bending and straightening of your joints. As the muscles attached to them quickly stretch it results in strong reflex muscle contractions.9 You’ve seen this happen when someone taps below your knee cap causing your leg to jerk forward.

The heightened nerve and muscle activity results in a number of benefits such as:

  • Elimination of fat and cellulite - the high intensity muscle work of vibration training raises your body’s oxygen intake, and speeds up the metabolism.1,10,11,12
  • Multiplication of effort - the increase in your body’s Oxygen usage during vibration exercise is equivalent to you doubling the weight being lifted.13 Oxygen is used to burn up fat for energy during exercise. With vibration exercise you get twice the Oxygen usage for the same amount of effort.
  • Increased warmth - exercising muscles burn up fats and sugars releasing heat. This increase in heat makes movement more comfortable and reduces risk of injury.8
  • Increased energy - regularly making the muscles do work increases metabolism and stimulates brain activity associated with feeling good. The result is that you not only feel more energetic, you have more energy to do the things you want.14

In each of these examples, benefits can be obtained with less than 10-minutes of Vibration Training - and - it can be done in your own home.


Weight-loss jumpstart Hypervibe really helped me with lymphatic drainage and gave me a jumpstart for burning off extra calories. I’m down two dress sizes and feeling very motivated.

Kathy - Colorado & Co TV show, USA

* Results may vary

Improved circulation I love this machine - it has really improved my circulation and muscle tone.

Justine - Australia

* Results may vary

My legs are like new The Hypervibe improves the circulation in my legs resulting in me being able to walk a lot longer and further than usual. It especially helps the discomfort I have in my legs - after 10 minutes on Hypervibe, it’s gone. My legs are like new.

Joyce - Australia

* Results may vary

Improved circulation I love using Hypervibe daily; it has improved my circulation and alleviated some digestive problems.

Karen - Australia

* Results may vary

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  • Increase circulation1,7,10
  • Increase lymphatic drainage1
  • Protect your eyes, toes and feet1,7,10
  • Feel whole body rejuvenated14,15

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Leaves me feeling rejuvenated I bought a Hypervibe because of a sore back which it really helped but the thing I love most is the feeling of relaxation. When my kids are driving me mad and I’m stressed I go on Hypervibe for 10-minutes then get off feeling very rejuvenated.

Nicky - Australia

* Results may vary


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