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Hypervibe Towers

HyperVibe Towers are an optional add-on for the G10 Mini and G14 Home models.
  • A tower will provide you with:
  • Handles for balance and stability assistance
  • A location to attach your smart phone or tablet

Simply Choose the Option that SUITS YOUR LIFESTYLE

  • Price : $299HYPERVIBE TOWERS

    Bolted Tower

    Connecting Bolted Tower to the G10 or G14 machine
  • Price : $499twr-image-docking

    Docking Tower

    Connecting Docking Tower to the machine

Hypervibe Towers are developed with state of the art
features with YOUR NEEDS IN MIND:

  • Phone/Tablet dock with non-slip pad and retractable clamp.
  • Sweat resistant handles
  • Rugged steel frame
  • Patented swan neck design
  • Rear wheels


With Hypervibe Towers and your cell phone or tablet, you get fully featured display with control of the machine and a
personal trainer with 100+ excercise videos.


Bolted Tower

Bolted Towers are popular for being Easy to Maneuver. You just fasten the screws once and you have a full featured vibration machine.

Connecting Bolted Tower to the machine

Docking Tower

Docking Tower is the best way to go if you plan to use your G10 MINI or G14 HOME also separately without it. It provides very Quick Lift on/Lift Off.

Connecting Docking Tower to the machine

Hypervibe Towers Excercises

Simply Choose the Option that Suits Your Lifestyle


  • Bolted Tower size: (in):22.4(w) x 11.8(d) x 47.6(h)
  • Bolted Tower weight:29lb
  • Docking Tower size (in):25.2(w) x 11.8(d) x 48.8(h)
  • Docking Tower weight:73lb