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If Standing Still For 1-Minute On A Special Machine Could Boost Your Growth Hormone Level By 360% Without Causing Fatigue1 - How Often Would You Do It?
Read on to learn the amazingly simple procedure developed in Italy, how to get one of these special machines and how to do this in your own home.

It´s true, the body is a stubborn thing! Making it faster, stronger or nicer to look at seems to require huge amounts of time and effort to get small results that take a long time and often end in injury.

What fitness junkie wouldn´t love an advantage that sped up the process of improving strength and performance, hastened recovery and prevented injury? Nope - we´re not talking about drugs.

If you feel dissatisfied with your current progress, are being slowed down by injuries or find there simply isn´t enough time to get in the training you need - you better keep reading.

Discover How Professional Athletes Are Getting High Intensity Results, With Low Intensity Effort and Achieving 5 Months’ Worth of Power-Training Stimulus in Only 10 Minutes a Day While Reducing Their Warm-up and Recovery Time
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  • Jump higher, run faster and lift heavier.. by increasing your strength and bone density using high-intensity vibration training2,3,4
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  • Blast through workouts in only 10 minutes a day so that you have more time for eating, resting, growing and doing important tasks2

How to hack your own neuromuscular system...

In 1999 the late Professor Carmelo Bosco tested the hormonal responses to a vibration training technique he had developed to maximise muscle stimulation while minimising fatigue1.

The 1-minute protocol went like this:

1. < 1-minute of vibration + 1-minute of rest > x 5
2. 5-minute rest
3. < 1-minute of vibration + 1-minute of rest > x 5

The vibration component was performed while standing still on a vibration machine in a partial squat with the machine set to produce 11G of G-force (11 times Earth´s Gravity)

The subjects underwent hormonal and neuromuscular testing immediately after the final rest. The results from one session were nothing short of spectacular...

  • Muscle power - increased by 20%
  • Cortisol levels - decreased by 32%
  • Testosterone levels - increased by 7%
  • Growth Hormone levels - increased by 360%

Why is this outcome so impressive? The level of Growth Hormone secreted in response to the vibration training was approximately equal to what you would get from 30 minutes of running at 86% maximum intensity7 - something that would surely leave you energy-depleted with elevated Cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Now compare that with the vibration protocol in which:

  • Results were instantaneous
  • 60% of the time was spent doing nothing
  • 100% of training time was spent standing still
  • It required the subjects to exert no conscious effort
  • 5 months worth of power-training stimulus was achieved in 10 minutes
  • Stress levels which normally increase with intense training actually decreased
  • After completing the protocol, the subjects were not fatigued

The key to how this was possible is the11G of G-force produced by the vibration machine which is a measure of intensity. As you will learn not all vibration machines are capable of producing this much G-force. In fact, independent engineering tests reveal that the industry average is only 4G.

Low intensity vibration does NOT produce measurable benefits

According to research,8 exercise causes increases in Growth Hormone only when the exercise intensity exceeds a certain threshold. In a similar experiment,9 when the intensity of vibration was reduced to 1G, no change in Growth Hormone, Testosterone or Cortisol occurred even when the duration of exercise was doubled.

Spend wisely, choose a machine that can do more than just massage

There are over a hundred vibration machines to choose from with prices that range from $200 to $20,000 - and - they all claim to offer the same benefits.

What you´re not told, is most machines are so low powered what they produce is best described as gentle massage. These massage machines are relaxing but don´t tone muscle, burn fat, strengthen bones or boost energy; consequently the research on vibration is full of "it did not work" results.10

On the other hand there are literally hundreds of "it did work" research papers and the common theme is: the vibration used was high intensity. If you think about it, you already know the same is true about regular exercise in a gym. There are people who waste hours and hours working out with tiny weights and pointless exercises that require no effort - and - provide no visible benefits.

Hypervibe can produce up to 17G of G-force

While it takes high intensity to get big results with little time, it doesn´t have to take big effort; a Hypervibe machine has the power to provide the effort for you. In fact, independent tests show that Hypervibe provides 4 times more stimulation than the industry average and is the world´s most affordably priced high-performance vibration machine. Hypervibe will save you time and money.

High Intensity Results With Low Intensity Effort

Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration safely and comfortably delivers stimulation to your body that:

Feels good - this is the first key to why people tell us they are more inclined to do Hypervibe than any other kind of exercise11

Only requires a few minutes to be effective - this is the second key; depending on the goal your Hypervibe workout may only require a few minutes a day.12

Doesn´t require much movement - a lot of your time is spent being still while the machine works on your muscles, circulation and body fat. In some cases this will allow you to continue training even while injured.13,14

Is safer than other forms of exercise - you don´t have to leave home, lift weights, run or jump around which eliminates the main risk factors for injury.15,16,17

Doesn´t leave you feeling even more tired - because Hypervibe requires such little time and effort it can strongly stimulate muscles, bones and circulation without straining your heart. So it doesn´t drain your energy like other forms of exercise.18

How Hypervibe Works

The vibrating platform moves you up and down, a few millimetres at a time with varying speeds. As it does this there are three main effects on your body.

1. Increased Gravity

As the platform rises, your body is accelerated upwards. You feel this as a force named G-force where ´G´ stands for ´Gravity´. In other words the machine exposes your body to increased Gravity.

One way your body responds to increased Gravity is by increasing muscle strength and tone.19

Israeli researchers20 showed this when they had subjects do 2 minutes of vibration exercise with 23G of Gravity (23 times Earth´s Gravity) three times a week and compared that to a control group doing the same exercises without vibration. After 3 weeks the control group increased strength by 16% - the vibration exercise group increased strength by an incredible 49.8%


Gravity is of paramount importance The influence of gravitational load (G-force) on muscular performance is of paramount importance. An increase in gravitational load will increase the size and power of muscle.

Professor Carmelo Bosco - University of Rome

* Results may vary

2. Rhythmic Movement

The rapid up/down movement with a subsequent increase/decrease of G-force creates waves of movement through the soft tissues of your body. In slow motion you can actually see the skin and muscles ripple like water. This ripple spreads from the point of contact throughout the body.

This increases the flow6 of fluids like blood and lymph which speeds up recovery while helping to keep swelling under control. As these fluids vibrate, heat is generated which quickly warms up your joints and muscles21 making movement easier and more comfortable; similar to having a massage


Improved muscle definition As a competitive figure contestant (bodybuilder) I am completely sold on Hypervibe. It has enhanced my workouts and improved my muscle definition. I use it for a lot of my strength training.

Kim - Canada

* Results may vary

3. Muscle Reflexes

The platform movement causes repetitive bending and straightening of your joints. As the muscles attached to them quickly stretch it results in strong reflex muscle contractions.22 You´ve seen this happen when someone taps below your knee cap causing your leg to jerk forward.

The heightened nerve and muscle activity results in a number of benefits such as:

  • Increased muscle power - power is the ability to generate force quickly and is essential for sports involving sprinting, jumping or power lifting events like Strongman and Cross Fit. The rapid muscle contractions created by vibration training develop increased muscle power. Less time training means more time eating and recovering.2
  • Reduced warm-up time - exercising muscles burn up fats and sugars releasing heat. This increase in heat makes movement more comfortable and reduces risk of injury. A good preparation for other activities that can be done quickly.20
  • Increased energy - regularly making the muscles do work increases metabolism and stimulates brain activity associated with feeling good. The result is that you not only feel more energetic, you have more energy to do the things you want.18
  • Stronger bones - the combination of increased muscle force pulling on bones with the increase in lymph and blood flowing through them results in bones becoming stronger.23
  • Better agility - vibration training is well known for increasing balance which when combined with more muscle power makes you more agile.18
  • Improved flexibility - 18 sessions of vibration training with 17G resulted in a 58% increase in hamstring flexibility.24 Each session took only 3 minutes.

More power, Faster recovery Using Hypervibe´s high G-force vibration has helped me increase muscle power for short-distance events and by switching to a low intensity vibration setting I´m able to shorten my recovery times.

Chris Johnson - 6-time Ironman, USA

* Results may vary

Answers to questions you may have

Q. What do I do if I get bored of using it?
A. We show you a variety of exercises and techniques to keep you interested and progressing

Q. I´m going to use the machine at full power, will it be too noisy?
A. The more powerful a machine the more noise it can make however if you can locate your machine in a carpeted room that is as large as possible with a high ceiling the sound level will be reduced substantially.

Q. I´m heavy and plan on using the machine often - is there a chance it will break?
A. The machine is rated to handle a 180kg (397lb) person using the machine at full power 2 or 3 times a week. Additionally we have a service centre in your country if parts are needed and each new machine comes with a full 2-year on-site warranty so, go your hardest, we´ve got you covered.

Q. What if I want the machine but can´t afford it right now?
A. Depending on which Hypervibe dealer you buy from you may qualify for interest-free finance meaning you get the machine delivered to you right away then have many months in which to pay off the value of the machine plus any fees that the finance company may charge.


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* Results may vary

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  • Strengthening your bones 23
  • Improving your agility18
  • Cutting down stretching time with a faster way to improve flexibility24

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Whole Body Vibration Buyers Guide
41 Vibration Machines Tested

Only 9 of 41 passed all the tests and could produce the level of vibration responsible for the most impressive research results. Hypervibe was the only machine for under $3000 to make it into the top 9. The average output of all machines under $3000 is 4G. Hypervibe can produce up to 17G. See the whole report here: www.hypervibe.com/us/report.php