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Does getting your body into shape take far too long?


With the RIGHT Whole Body Vibration machine and the RIGHT vibration settings you can turn things around FAST.

Imagine being able to…

Move with EASE

In RECORD time, with MINIMAL effort from your own HOME,
doing something that feels PLEASURABLE!

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See what people are saying about Hypervibe…

I’m 68 and trying to stay in shape. I do weights, but I still felt my strength waning with age. Not any more. Whether your Hypervibe is toning, or muscle building, or maybe just cleaning my lymph system I can’t say definitively but omg my strength is returning ’ what a GREAT feeling. Your machine is a winner.

Sincerely, John N.

Just some of the things you’ll learn…

  • Which two features of a vibration machine play a key role in creating a slimmer stronger body in the shortest possible time.
    FACT: Only the top 9 out of 41 machines had BOTH
  • The confidence of knowing which machines are backed by scientific research and the unique ability they all had in common is why astronauts are now using machines with this ability!
    FACT: 32 machines FAILED to demonstrate this ability when pushed to their limits by the engineers!
  • Which machine settings were most commonly used in over 250 research experiments to achieve maximum muscle benefits
  • The surprising machine which out-performed 38 of the other 40 machines, yet cost a lot LESS than the other top 8 performers

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