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  • A Note from Hypervibe’s Director of Clinical Education

    30th September 2019

    As Hypervibe’s Director of Clinical Education, I have been humbled to have the opportunity to connect with others and share my knowledge about whole body vibration, health and fitness  I have

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  • Whole Body Vibration as an Exercise Tool for Patients with Haemophilia: What Are the Benefits?

    16th September 2019

    Haemophilia is a rare blood disorder that occurs in about 1 in every 5,000 births, affecting males more than females due to genetic factors  Haemophilia became highly publicized in the 1980s

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  • Thalassaemia & Whole Body Vibration – The State of the Research

    02nd September 2019

    Have you ever heard of thalassaemia?  Although many individuals live with this condition, it is not one that is familiar to most people  Thalassaemia is an inherited blood disorder that affects

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  • The Role of Whole Body Vibration in Self-Care, Hope and Healing

    19th August 2019

    I recently came across this meme: “If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness” This really hit home

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  • Rehab Summit 2019: Calling All Clinicians

    05th August 2019

    At the end of July, my colleague, Debby Pelletier, and I had the opportunity to represent Hypervibe at the 13th Annual Rehab Summit in Las Vegas This conference was a three-day

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  • Whole Body Vibration – How Does It Really Work?

    22nd July 2019

    With so many health and fitness products on the market today, we are inundated with a variety of different options – some that deliver on their promises and some that don’t

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  • Fyzical Brand Triumph 2019 5

    Fyzical Brand Triumph 2019: A Memorable Experience

    08th July 2019

    At the end of April 2019, the Hypervibe team had the opportunity to attend the Fyzical Brand Triumph conference Debby Pelletier, Head of Training & Support, and I joined Murray, Brie,

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  • Tracey Vincel of KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness

    Blog Spotlight Interview: Tracey Vincel of KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness

    17th June 2019

    Tracey Vincel is the co-founder of KIMA Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness in New York City She is a physical therapist who has been in practice for 21 years She and

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  • Blog Spotlight Interview: Amanda Christodoulou

    10th June 2019


    Amanda Christodoulou is a Pilates Instructor based in Miami, Florida As a trained dancer, she naturally transitioned into Pilates, later becoming an instructor after several years of practice She merges her

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  • Michelle Lafromboise

    Blog Spotlight Interview: Michelle Laframboise

    03rd June 2019


    Michelle Laframboise is a Pilates instructor and a master trainer for Booty Barre, based in North Carolina She works out of her home studio space, offering sessions to private clients In

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  • Blog Spotlight Interview: Micki Havard

    Blog Spotlight Interview: Micki Havard

    27th May 2019


    Micki Havard is a Pilates instructor based in Atlanta, Georgia Her love of fitness and wellness has blossomed through her personal experiences as a competitive runner and her background as a

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  • jason williams

    Blog Spotlight Interview: Jason Williams

    17th May 2019


    Jason Williams is a wellbeing coach based in Baltimore, Maryland As a personal trainer, meditation teacher, reiki practitioner and nutrition counselor, he offers his clients a holistic approach to fitness He

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  • To Exercise or Not to Exercise: Understanding PEM in ME/CFS and the Potential Role of WBV

    To Exercise or Not to Exercise: Understanding PEM in ME/CFS and the Potential Role of WBV

    06th May 2019

    Chronic illness brings many challenges For individuals who live with ME/CFS, there are many limitations that they face which create barriers to activity This multisystem disease affects all aspects of life

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  • Hypervibe Coaches

    Highlights from the Hypervibe Foundation Training Course

    22nd April 2019

    As Hypervibe’s Director of Clinical Education, I was both excited and honored to be a part of Hypervibe’s first Foundation Training course At the end of March, Hypervibe’s founders, Murray Seaton

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  • A Spotlight on ME/CFS

    08th April 2019

    Every human being has experienced fatigue – we all know how it feels to be tired A tough day at work, a strenuous workout at the gym, a long study session,

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