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How Does Whole Body Vibration Work?

With a suitable machine and correct technique Whole Body Vibration can stimulate the body in a variety of unique and beneficial ways not possible with other forms of exercise. Research confirms that a number of direct effects on the body are possible:

  • Stimulations of Muscle & other Reflexes
  • An increase in Gravitational Load
  • Mobilisation of Joints & Muscles
  • Rapid Heating of Joints & Muscles

Reasons to Choose Hypervibe

Hypervibe has earned it’s position as the company of Choice for top professionals and Consumers
Video for HyperVibe vibration machines frequency
Watch our video to learn more about Frequency
  • HyperVibe vibration machines produce a wide range of frequency to produce maximum benefits
  • Often cheap platforms are not able to produce more than 15Hz, which means they are not optimal for benefits such as weight loss, muscle strength etc.
5-12Hz 10-18Hz 18-27Hz 24-40Hz
Improved Balance
Increased Circulation
Increased Flexibility
Muscle Relaxation
Decreased Lower Back Pain
Increased Functional Strength
Increased Muscle Size
video thumbnail gforce
Watch our video to learn more about GForce
  • G Force determines the intensity of the vibration, and intensity is the key to benefits such as weight loss, bone density, and strength.
  • HyperVibe vibration machines produce the highest acceleration (G Force) levels for the money.
Video for HyperVibe vibration machines Display Settings
Watch our video to learn more about Display Settings
  • Machines with "speed levels" do give any not allow you to set the machine for specific benefits.
  • If your machine does not accurately display the frequency settings measured in Hertz, it is a good idea to get it professionally tested.
  • HyperVibe vibration machines accurately display the frequency in Hertz on their display and control panel.
Video for HyperVibe vibration machines plane of motion
Watch our video to learn more about Plane of Motion
  • Pivotal platforms rotate your pelvis in a natural walking motion
  • Studies show a pivotal platform produces greater muscle activation
  • Pivotal platforms produce a greater range of frequency for greater benefits
  • Pivotal platforms produce less head vibration for greater safety
  • HyperVibe vibration machines use pivotal vibration.

Look Who's Using Hypervibe

Some notable users of HyperVibe vibration machines

About Hypervibe

A HyperVibe vibration machine is a vibration machine like no other
  • About Hypervibe vibration machine

    Developed in Australia

    Our affordable high performance vibration machines have been giving people better bodies since 2008. The high output of our machines, achieved through Australian designed mechanics, set us apart from competitors.

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    Quality Control

    Before leaving the factory all of our machines undergo a hands-on 32-point quality inspection at 2 stages during production, to ensure you will enjoy year after year of hassle-free usage of your vibration machine.

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    We've got you covered for not 1 but 2 whole years from the time you become one of our valued customers. Our service department is ready to assist you should you need help.

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    Scientific Research

    We're a company that believes in scientific evidence, so we have shown that HyperVibe benefits are real through peer-reviewed scientific publications, and you’ll find our vibration machine in universities all over the world.

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