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What you must know before you buy a Whole Body Vibration Machine

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Research has proven that Whole Body Vibration can have a significantly positive impact on our health for a wide range of conditions. It is important to know however that not all Whole Body Vibration machines are capable of providing the value based on their limitations.

This page will show you a side by side comparison of Hypervibe and Zaaz and provide you with access to important research that shows you the 5 things you must have in a Whole Body Vibration machine to provide maximum value.

Hypervibe G14

Zaaz 20k
Hypervibe G14 Zaaz 20k
Price $1,995 $2,569
Frequency Range 5-25 3.4 – 15.5
Amplitude Range 0 – 11mm 0 – 10mm
G Force Range 1 – 14 g’s 1 – 3.4 g’s
Programs 38 8
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labor On Site 2 Years Parts and Labor
Video Guided App Yes No
Maximum Load 310 lbs 300 lb
Machine Weight 88 lbs 106 lbs
Research Backed Yes No

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