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Are Hypervibe machines noisy?

How noisy a machine is, is quite subjective and conditional. We have had many customers compliment us on how quiet our machines are, while others have wanted to return them due to being too loud.

The noise produced by any machine is relative to how it is being used, the vibration settings and also where it is installed. For example, performing exercises where you shift your body weight from one side to the other will cause uneven weight distribution through the machine and create more noise. Locking your legs (not often advised) will create more noise. Using the machine at lower vibration settings will have lower noise than using the machine at higher vibration settings.

For machine installation see: Where can I install a Hypervibe machine?

It is true that a Hypervibe machine has the potential to be louder than other (typically cheaper) competitor machines, but this is only because of the difference in power potential. Comparing the noise of a high powered Hypervibe to a low powered competitor, is a bit like comparing the noise of a pussy cat to a tiger.

Where can I install a Hypervibe machine?

A Hypervibe machine can be installed anywhere where there is a structurally supported, flat surface floor, indoors and insulated from moisture. However there is a most ideal installation condition and a least ideal installation condition.

Most ideal = Ground floor, concrete floor construction, large open space with soft surfaces (e.g. carpet, curtains etc.)

Least ideal = 1st floor or higher, timber floor construction, small confined space with no soft surfaces.

Obviously there is a lot of room in between those extremes.

It is no problem to use the machine in the least ideal scenario, it will just mean that you might get complaints from the neighbours below if you live in a shared building.

See: Are Hypervibe Machines Noisy?

What is the horsepower or wattage rating of your motor?

It is important to preface this question, because it usually is asked based on a misconception that the size of a motor gives an indication of a machine’s longevity and performance capabilities.

To properly understand the relevance of motor size in a vibration machine, you need to understand that there are:

  • Different motor types driving…
  • Different machine types driven by…
  • Different technologies driving…
  • Platforms of different size and mass

And even if you factor all of these things in, you then are left to trust the seller that advertised motor size is correct. Many of the companies advertising high motor ratings, are the same companies who (per 3rd party engineering tests) are advertising false specifications on their vibration characteristics.

If you have read about the features that matter in a vibration machine, then you’ll understand that when scientific research is performed on a Whole Body Vibration platform, scientists document and measure the vibration characteristics of frequency, amplitude and G force. These measurements determine how your body responds to the vibration.

Scientists don’t consider the size of the motor, because your body does not respond to the size of the motor, your body responds to the vibration produced by it.

If you are being influenced to buy a machine because it is advertised with a large sized motor, you risk buying a machine with a large sized motor, and low performing vibration characteristics.

A review of 3rd party engineering tests performed on 57 Whole Body Vibration machines, shows that many of the machines advertised with large motor ratings, failed to produce vibration characteristics associated with many of the benefits of Whole Body Vibration.

Hypervibe motors are the toughest

  • G10 = 330W DC
  • G14 = 330W DC
  • G17 = 900W DC

All Hypervibe machines include a 10 year motor warranty.

What is a “private labelled” machine and should I buy one?

A private labelled machine is a machine sold by an importer who puts their label on it, but was designed and manufactured by another company. And because the manufacturer who owns the design wants to make as many sales as possible, private labelled machines are typically found under many different brand names.

If you have noticed that many brands look like the same machine, this is most likely because the machine is private labelled. Manufacturers often allow importers to make minor modifications to make the product look more unique, such as changes to handle configuration, changes to the control panel etc. but these are still easy to pick.

A quick search of the online manufacturing marketplace and you will find the same private labelled machines being sold under brand names in .

In theory, there is no reason why a private labelled machine could not be a good purchase, but in practice the odds are heavily stacked against you.

For example, according to the results of 57 machines tested by 3rd party engineers:

  • The majority of private labelled machines produced less than 5g’s.
  • The majority 0of brands which advertised false specifications were private labelled machines
  • All of the private labelled machines use speed levels on their control panel (read more)
  • Private labelled machines had large variations in price for essentially the same product

Another reason why buying a private labelled machine may not be such a great idea, is because the company importing them is rarely committed.

For example, compared with a brand with unique design and technology, a company importing private labelled machines does not have to commit to:

  • Research & development costs
  • Patent registrations
  • Manufacturing molds and tools

In fact, if a company wants to start selling private labelled Whole Body Vibration equipment, they can give themselves a brand name, create a website, and be taking pre-orders from an order they place with a manufacturer within a week or two.

With such little investment or commitment, these companies lack expertise, credibility, and often come and then go in the blink of an eye.

Hypervibe is one of a small number of brands who do not sell private label machines. Our machines were designed in Sydney, Australia after winning a funding grant from the Australian Department of Innovation, and the design is patented internationally. You will not find our machines sold under other brand names.

How many motors do Hypervibe machines have?

Hypervibe is a pivotal motion machine, otherwise known as oscillating, side-alternating, or rotational. All machines of this type only have 1 motor.

The other type of machine is called a lineal motion machine, otherwise known as vertical, 3D, tri-planar, or synchronous. Machines of this type usually have 2 motors.

Learn more about machine types here.

In our experience, people who ask this question are usually wanting to know “how many vibration motion types does Hypervibe have?”

In recent years a number of private labelled machines have been released that have two or more motors, and claim to offer multiple modes of vibration motion. Simply put, these machines do not produce high levels of G force in any of the modes they operate in, and per research published via the University of Calgary, secondary modes of vibration may have no beneficial effect at all.

Is Hypervibe an oscillating machine?

There are no industry standard terms to describe the types of Whole Body Vibration platforms, and unfortunately this can make it very confusing for people who are learning about the technology.

In fact, despite the large number of terms you will read to describe the different types of vibration platforms, there are really only 2 main types.

Oscillating, Side-Alternating, Rotational, Teeter-Totter, See-Saw
Vertical, Synchronous, Flat, Tri-Planar, 3D

These 2 main types of vibration account for 99% of the research on Whole Body Vibration, and this video provides a summary and visual demonstration of them.

​Now, there are a few experimental types that have been produced, such as stochastic (a separate right and left platform that moves randomly and independently of one another), or spiral/circular (an invention of a Chinese factory that has been proven to be ineffective).

​But as mentioned, there are only 2 main types, and these are the only 2 types that are covered by the scientific research in great detail.

How long has Hypervibe been established?

Hypervibe was established in Australia in 2008 and expanded internationally from 2010. In 2011 Hypervibe was awarded grant funding in a highly competitive program created by the Australian Department of Innovation.

Which Hypervibe model should I choose?

Choosing a Hypervibe model can be a choice based on many factors including budget, available space, ability and goals of the user/s, weight of the user/s, number of user/s, and personal choice.

Reasons for choosing a G17

For home use, typically we would suggest that the G17 is overkill unless any of the following factors are relevant….

  • Is anyone using the machine tall? Well over 6ft? If so, the G17 is going to be better suited based on the tower height.
  • Is it just 1-2 people using, or will there be multiple family members? If more, the G17 is going to be better suited for more longevity.
  • Is anyone using the machine over 310lb? If yes, the Pro is going to be the choice due to the higher load rating 310lb vs 440lb.
  • The added range of power in the G17 is not really going to be a factor unless you have athletes using the machine and would want the added power of the G17.
  • ​Of course, some just want the best and home users buy the G17 for that reason too.

G10 or G14?

If you are considering a choice between the G14 and the G10, we offer the following information to help you decide.

Power difference

Due to the vibration spec differences, eventually after some time using, the frequency range and G force is of the G10 will likely be a limitation for people who are fit and active. Whereas it will be more than enough for children, elderly, or people who are in average to poor health.

G10: 5-25Hz @ 10g max
G14: 5-30Hz @ 14g max

Tower and controls

The G10 comes standard as a base plate only, not tower with handles, and no upper control panel. The G10 can be controlled by the supplied remote control, the touch panel on the base, or via bluetooth control when connected to the free Hypervibe app.

An optional tower with handles is sold separately for the G10 and while it does not have any control panel built in, it does provide you with a sticky pad where you can sit your mobile device to act as the control panel when the machine is connected to the Hypervibe app. The optional tower has wheels attached to it, which makes moving the G10 easier.

The G14 comes standard with a tower, handles and built in touchscreen control panel. The tower also has wheels attached for easy moving. Due to the touchscreen control panel being built in, the remote control, and bluetooth connectivity is unnecessary and therefore not included with the G14.

​Size and weight

When purchased as a base plate only, the G10 is considerably lighter and smaller than the G14.

G10 or G14 summary

If you the G10 is a great option, and if you feel the G10 will meet your needs but you’d like a tower, you can purchase an add-on.

On the other hand, if you just want all the technology of the touchscreen display with videos built into the machine, the G14 is a good choice.

Return policy

We provide a 90 day returns policy from the date of shipping. Should you wish to return your machine within 90 days for any reason, we provide a full refund, less shipping costs.

Full terms and conditions here.

Do you offer finance?

We offer up to 12 months interest free (subject to approval) via Bread Finance, you can see it advertised on our product pages.

There are two ways you can apply.

You can appy for pre-approval on our product pages by clicking on the button that says
You can apply apply during checkout, by selecting Bread finance as the payment method.

What warranty does Hypervibe provide?

Hypervibe provides a 2 year labour, 5 years parts and 10 years motor consumer warranty.

Full terms and conditions here.

How many speed levels does Hypervibe have?

Speed levels are abstract numbers that don’t have any value. If I told you to drive your car at speed level 7, how fast would you be going? It doesn’t make sense, because the speed of your car is measured in miles or kilometres per hour.

Likewise, the speed of your vibration platform is measured as frequency, which refers to the number of cycles of the platform per second, stated as the Hertz (Hz) value.

Different frequencies have different effects on the body, so all professional machines display the frequency on the control panel, not speed levels.

How many calories will I burn on a Hypervibe machine?

Whole Body Vibration is a form of weight bearing (resistance) exercise. So, just as calorie counting when lifting weights is not a great way to measure those outcomes, neither is it with a vibration machine.

For improving body composition, results are best measured with a measuring tape, or better yet a body composition analysis machine, if you have access to one.

Jumping on the scales may also not be a great way to measure progress, because you can become heavier but slimmer, by increasing lean muscle and burning fat.

Is a high G force vibration machine safe for me?

This question is often asked by people who have read that high G force is dangerous on a website created by a company selling a low G force vibration machine.

The first thing to understand, is that any vibration machine that has variable settings, subsequently has variable G force. Hypervibe machines can be used at a G force level of less than 0.1g’s all the way up to 10g’s or more. A low G force machine might range from 0.1g’s up to 4g’s. So clearly what this means is that with a higher G force machine, you have the opportunity to progress further with the G force, and it does not mean you only have a high G force setting.

The next thing to understand is that the G force you experience on a vibration machine is not the same as G force a pilot would experience in a fighter jet, or that you would experience on a roller coaster for example. The effect of G force on your body is relative to the amount of G force, but also the duration it is applied for. A fighter pilot that turns his aircraft for a few seconds might lose consciousness at 5g’s or more, but hitting a bump in the road when you are driving your car can also generate 5g’s or more and do you no harm whatsoever. The difference between these 2 scenarios is the duration of the G force exposure. In the fighter pilot example, G exposure is sustained for a few seconds, and in the bumpy road example the G exposure is only for a fraction of a second.

It is a bit like how you experience heat. If you hold your hand over a flame, you will inevitably be burned, but if you run your hand through the flame quickly, there will be no damage.

A vibration machine sends hundreds of pulses of G force into the body each minute you use the machine, the duration of each pulse is only for a fraction of a second.

Numerous studies have shown that not only is high force safe and well tolerated by a wide range of demographics, but that outcomes are improved as you increase the G force and that disappointing outcomes often result when the G force levels are too low.

Read more about the safety of high G force here.

I have artificial joints, is vibration safe and will it loosen screws?

We do not recommend using Whole Body Vibration if the surgery was within the last 3 months without medical clearance from your physician. That being said, the technology is frequently used in the early stages of rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery under medical supervision.

There is no evidence to suggest that Whole Body Vibration would loosen screws in artificial joints, and to the contrary there is growing evidence to suggest the technology has significant benefits for those post joint replacement surgery.

  • Knee replacement In the following study, subjects used WBV or traditional physical therapy after total knee replacement.

    Whole-body vibration strengthening compared to traditional strengthening during physical therapy in individuals with total knee arthroplasty.

    Some of the subjects had the surgery as recently as 3 weeks earlier.

    There were no adverse effects reported, and comparable positive outcomes with the traditional physical therapy.

  • Hip replacement Researchers from the Oregon State University in Corvallis conducted a randomized trial in 2009 and showed that 24 weeks of vibration exercises as part of a rehabilitation protocol after hip replacement surgery can significantly improve functional performance, speeding up the recovery.

    27 patients with an average age of 68 years participated in this study and were randomly assigned to either a whole body vibration or a control group who performed exercises without vibration. The WBV group outperformed the patients who did the same exercises without being exposed to vibration.

    Both groups experienced improvements in bone mineral density and body composition, scientists showing that whole body vibration machines can be effective in strengthening bones and slowing down fat acquisition.

    The effectiveness of vibration therapy in patients recovering from joint replacement surgery is given not only by the muscle and bone stimulation but also by the increase in circulation, all these working together to accelerate the recovery.

Why are Hypervibe machines so expensive?

To answer this question, you must have a point of reference for comparison. Expensive compared to what?

For some people, their point of reference is a brand like Galileo or Power Plate, in which case, the question is usually “why are Hypervibe machines so inexpensive?”

But for people whose point of reference is a private labelled machine, perhaps one of the many sold on TV or found on eBay or Amazon, it is not uncommon to have this perception.

Comparing Hypervibe with private labelled machines is not a true apples versus apples comparison, because such machines are an entirely different category of product. Private labelled machines have significantly lower levels of vibration versus professional machines like Hypervibe, levels that are too low for optimal muscle and bone stimulation, instead produce lower level effects such as circulation and massage.

Essentially there is a big difference in the vibration characteristics of Hypervibe machines compared to cheap private labelled machines, and subsequently a big difference in the benefits.

The key to making the right decision is education and the best place to begin is to learn how Whole Body Vibration works.

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