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Doug: Hey, this is Doug Sutton here speaking about Hypervibe today and we have a special guest Dr Daniel Turack from Pittsburgh, right?

Dr Dan: Yeah.

Doug: I know Daniel you’ve been a user of Hypervibe for some time and it’s great to have an opportunity to connect with you and learn a little bit more about your practice and everything you’ve been up to.

Dr Dan: Yeah. So, I’m about 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh and first of all, I’m a chiropractor. I’ve been a chiropractor for 10 years now the whole chiropractic profession changed my life. I was about 12 years old when I developed some significant knee pain and went to an ortho doctor who gave me two options. Number one was knee surgery for a condition called Osgood-Schlatter disease and number two took a year off of activity. No baseball no sports nothing like that put a heat pack on my knee every night and no running minimal walking. So again, I was about 12 years old and my mom chose the second option which was no surgery. I spent about three months at home miserable because I was unable to exercise unable to perform any kind of baseball which is my initial love throughout my life. Subsequently, I developed low back pain and my mom said hey let me call the chiropractor down the road and he said yeah, I see children all the time. So, my mom felt a little more comfortable and he began the benefit of chiropractic care structural balancing for my joints and within only a few short weeks he eliminated my knee pain. It was ongoing for like eight months and that was kind of like the turning point in my life. It was amazing it was like in no time my knee stopped hurting my back stopped hurting and that kind of shaped me throughout all of my high school years my college years. I went to school for biology pre-med I knew that I wanted to become a chiropractor because that guy gave me a lot of positive energy. That was 15 years ago and since then I’ve got a master’s in nutrition now. I own a clinic where we see a lot of acute pain patients people with back injuries and hip injuries and all kinds of acute musculoskeletal related issues and now we also do a lot of functional medicine and we opened up a gym right next to the office and so we now have the opportunity to train clients to achieve whatever their healthcare goals are.

Doug: Wow, that’s an amazing journey one of the things I love about so many of the chiropractors that I’ve known and that it’s so unique amongst many other professions within the healthcare industry because it seems like there are so many different approaches and modalities and different areas of passion and so much of that is molded by the individual person’s experience so I appreciate you sharing that. So, within your practice, you mentioned you have a wide range of the patient population. What are some of the key ones that you work with and like in terms of percentages and you know like what that looks like?

Dr Dan: Yeah. You know we see kids that are a week old in the clinic and we see our oldest patients about 94 years old right now. So, we do see everybody with the body everybody with the spine everybody with two legs and arms. My primary focus is on adolescent and teenage and collegiate athletes. That’s what we really stress the importance of a proper exercise program which you know starts with chiropractic care initially we see a lot of people that have injuries that come into the clinic and our guidance allows them to move pain-free.

Doug: Part of that is obviously you’re seeing your patients come into your clinic and the gym to get the workouts. You’re doing that guidance and then it sounds like you have also protocols to send people home where they have homework if you will or activities that you set them up on and then there’s some type of a back and forth relationship where you’re tracking their progress but they’re certainly the majority of the work really is not so much what happens inside the room but it’s what happens between appointments I’m sure.

Dr Dan: Absolutely repetition is the key to success right forming good habits whether it be you know waking up early in the morning having your breakfast and your mindful meditation and your you know movement as soon as you wake up is so important. One of the big things you know we try to educate every client every patient to form good habits from an exercise standpoint from a postural standpoint from an eating plan standpoint and positive mindful thoughts throughout the day. So, repetition outside the office in your own day-to-day life is so important that’s ultimately the key to success to anybody’s success is forming a positive relationship with themselves and creating good habits throughout the day.

Doug: Yeah, that’s awesome so you know one of the things I’m curious about is you know obviously whole body vibration is something that a lot of people don’t know a lot about. The technology hasn’t been around for many years, it has I think since the 90s or so that we really started uh getting some more research and awareness on but now. I’m curious how you first heard about it and what was it that intrigued you about the possibilities or the potential for that for whole body vibration as a whole to be able to help or support people with different conditions.

Dr Dan: Going through four years of chiropractic school on top of the bio pre-med program nobody taught anything on whole body vibration so I started off working in the clinic for about six months and the chiropractor there he had some you know older machines kind of shoved away in the corner and some clients would come and you and use them throughout the week I never saw the chiropractor once jump on the machine which was kind of crazy to me and when I graduated school I was about 25 years old and I said what the heck did these do and he explained the benefits to me and taught me about how it helps to loosen up you know some of the muscles throughout the spine and it helps to create uh you know good joint movement and circulation throughout the body and uh you know I was in the mindset from a fitness standpoint that I needed to go to the gym and lift a whole bunch of weight I need to be the strongest guy out there but subsequently you know I still develop low back pain and neck pain and shoulder pain from overuse of muscles and trying to push my body past what it was physically capable of right and I worked in this clinic for like I don’t know like four months five months and one day I said I’m going to start getting on this machine you know a couple times a week and seeing what it does for me and after the first week of the first two weeks I could notice that my low back muscles were you know the tension was released and I noticed that I just felt a little better I felt a little looser after using them and over the course of the years I’ve tried a number of different systems and a number of different platforms and I really just stumbled up upon Hypervibe from doing some internet research.

Doug: Yeah, and what specifically stood out for you with the Hypervibe and what’s been your experience with that as far as the distinction and why you’ve chosen that or why you landed on Hypervibe?

Dr Dan: You know I’m kind of like a go fast kind of person right so I like to I like to uh whatever it is that I’m doing in my life I like to give it a hundred percent you know I step up on hyper vibes website I love the look of the machines they I thought were very futuristic compared to some of the other machines that I saw they looked sleek I liked the design of just you know the color scheme and they just you know visually stood out to me much more than some of the other machines so I ended up ordering one of the older uh you know performance models and started using that and within the first um the first session on it my first 10 minute session on it I could feel the power difference you know and like I said I’m like a an all-go kind of person and the machine instantly provided me with more uh you know systemic benefit than the prior three or four companies and I had all these machines sitting there and Hypervibe was by far the most powerful it was smoother than some of the other machines and uh I just experienced better body uh relief from it better body improvement from it.

Doug: Yeah well and one things that I’ve learned uh since as well with my own uh discovery uh in in this process with uh learning about whole body vibration are the different uh planes of motion right you’ve got your linear platforms where the entire platform goes up and down together at the same time and um oftentimes it’s just a couple millimeters and the whole thing moves together and I know NASA did a research study that showed that it had up to a 189 more vibration of the head because our physiology our hips move independently and that’s the platform that that that that goes back and forth like the Hypervibe the pivotal platform that it does stimulate that and then you have higher levels of amplitude so much like that teeter-totter when you’re on the Hypervibe the closer your feet are together the less vertical displacement that you have and you can um you know adjust how far out your feet are so it can it can give you different levels of amplitude which also coincide with the different frequencies you can have different exposure to g-force.

Dr Dan: Yeah and different intensity too. You know mostly most of the clients is we’ve used these machines I’ve you know and I did make some mistakes initially. I put some people that were not ready for the intensity and the frequency and I had them you know separate their feet too far and it is an intense and intense movement for the body. Many people are not ready for that so you know over the course of years we’ve learned to move the feet a little closer together you know do that for the first two weeks or four weeks and gradually move your feet apart. Now over the years like I’m like way wide footed and I’ve got vibration all throughout the body and you know I’ve learned how to get the movement up into my shoulders and my neck. I only ever had one vertical platform and as a chiropractor you know we’re trying to prevent injuries from occurring and I used it for a couple weeks this vertical platform and I just it jolted my head it jolted my eyes. The pivotal platform the left and the right movement it just felt more natural and it felt better for my body you know I could just tell systemically that it was providing more benefit than the up and down vertical platform. So, I definitely am a big fan of the pivotal movement as opposed to vertical movement.

Doug: Yeah and then you also have the thing the other thing I really appreciate about the Hypervibe is the ability to have the low frequencies you can start off with that five hertz and work things like your balance in proprioception and then after you increase the frequency you can get into stretching and then muscle activation uh some of the other benefits that come along with the higher frequencies. You can work yourself up as you said before with your different patients that you can start at a certain starting point and then gradually work up and then before long someone can really have uh some significant benefits.

Dr Dan: Absolutely so one of the other big things that I love about it is the ability for it to create incredible muscle stamina right. You know I run I’ve done you know half marathons I’ve gone up to you know probably 20 or 25 miles I’ve never done a full marathon yet. Prior to using whole body vibration you know going to the gym getting a nice pump in my muscles waking up the next day with a lot of like muscle soreness okay and one of the things I’ve experienced over the past decade was my body just no matter how hard I push it whether I’m running uh weight lifting I just don’t get sore anymore. I found with the pivotal movement and the Hypervibe you know there’s a number of different positions that you can put yourself in to activate different muscles and to focus on different you know getting the vibration up into the lateral calf or the medial calf the Achilles tendon up into the hamstrings and so I’ve become like kind of like a hunter I like to say it and I’ve figured out how to hunt for all those tight areas throughout my body and promote circulation into all of those different muscle groups. So and what that has created is a body that heals much quicker so I still weight lift and we do you know a lot of functional fitness we do dumbbells and kettlebells in our gym we use TRX we do a number of, you know, utilize a number of different fitness modalities but we really stress the importance to all of our patients and our gym clients about how whole body vibration can help you to recover faster and also create that muscle stamina so that you can really go longer and become stronger from the machine so it’s really there’s so many benefits and I’m sure we’ll talk about them but um it’s just every day I’m learning something different about how important whole body vibration is for the body.

Doug: Yeah, I found and I appreciate you sharing that because the warm-up is so important right to get the body warmed up if you’re going to be doing any type of strength training or exercising uh that warm-up and it’s an ideal way to warm your body up and I typically do that where I’ll warm up my legs and I’ll do some upper body warm-up before lifting weights and it’s just it seems like I can do so much more and then the cooldown which is also helping out to clear out the lactic acid immediately after exercise just genuinely helps you recover so much quicker and so even if you know you can do an entire workout just on the Hypervibe or you can use it for a cool warm-up and cool down in either way uh that works great for both.

Dr Dan: Yeah absolutely and you know we do in our gym we do about a 10-minute warm-up right we do a dowel rod warm-up we do upper body lower body but there are a couple of days a week where we’ll just have patients’ warm-up through the various exercises on the Hypervibe. The whole body vibration helps to really just loosen everything up so uh warm-up and cool down you know you talked a little bit about the lactic acid buildup and so many people are out there exercising and maybe they don’t warm-up and some people don’t cool and they wake up the next day their knees are sore and their hips are sore and they’re you know their spine and their back is sore and so in the clinic you know we daily educate patients on proper warm-up technique proper cool-down technique uh and that and the Hypervibe is something that we’ve definitely included in each one of our clients’ treatment protocols and fitness protocols.

Doug: Yeah well it’s great to hear and you know transitioning to another type of living and just that’s very real for the vast majority of especially in a world where you know with so much of what we have going on today and we’re transitioning from a new type of a way of life for so many people and many people working from home or working from a new office environment or in some type of work environment. There’s that stain which I’m sure you’ve heard and whoever’s watching has heard that that sitting is the new smoking right you’ve heard that term before. The harm that it can have in our health and for so many hours a day that people when they’re in a work environment that they’re just sitting for multiple hours. I don’t know about you but for me one of the things I really appreciate about the Hypervibe and having one at home is that you know when working from home I can get up every few hours go stand on the Hypervibe for just three to five minutes and oh my gosh it’s getting the circulation going but it’s also getting my mind activated it’s almost like drinking a cup of coffee but instead of having that caffeine I’m getting my endorphins flowing it’s in my body it’s probably I’m sure you can speak into this in terms of what it’s doing just for my muscles and my whole posterior chain but helping to counter some of those negative effects of just being in a in a still sitting environment for so many hours each day.

Dr Dan: Yeah so absolutely the human body is made to move man and can you know today’s sedentary habits are just wreaking havoc on everybody’s health. Weight gain fatigue cortisol elevation throughout the body uh and general sluggishness of our circulatory system you know. If you’re not getting your heart pumping in a high-intensity interval training method you know your blood becomes uh it becomes stagnant you know you become just a person of sluggishness and fatigue. You know a lot of people aren’t able to leave their you know leave their office to their house. I see it every day people are stuck to their computers and now with Covid you know we’re stuck doing uh eight hours of computer work throughout the day and maybe people don’t have that at home fitness facility they might have left their office left their house and gone to their gym in their group fitness classes and the Hypervibe provides a simple at-home uh solution for the low-intensity sitting that so many people are doing throughout the day. Exactly what you said it only takes a few short minutes to get the blood flowing to get the heart rate up to get the circulatory system pumping and then the endorphin release is such an amazing thing. One of the things I like to teach you to my clients about is movement meditation and I’m sure you probably meditate you know it’s an it’s a hot term here in 2020 and it’s been a hot term for the past couple years the importance of you know positive mindfulness and you know taking time to be grateful for your day and for different events that have occurred in your life and thinking positively and the Hypervibe what I personally do on it you know I get to kind of zone out for 10 minutes or 20 minutes or however long my workout is you know some days I’ll be on there for 60 minutes throughout the day. And it allows me to collect my thoughts number one uh it allows me to you know plan out certain events that I have to do or work you know work items that need completed. I just feel a lot more focused when you when I’m standing on the whole body vibration machine because of the nervous system activation and I use that term a lot throughout the day. If you jump on a whole body vibration machine only once in your life you’re not going to get the benefit from the nervous system activation it’s really for me it’s a daily habit I’ve made it part of my day I wake up in the morning and my first 10 minutes you know maybe not seven days a week three to five days a week absolutely I just jump on there for 10 minutes and then I have my coffee and I’m already well organized on what I need to do for my daily habits so it kind of allows me to just program my next 12 hours or my next 16 hours out.

Doug: I appreciate you sharing that because that’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time and I’ve had my own theory about what that is. I find that whether it’s exercise or being on the Hypervibe that those moments whether you call it meditation or a movement meditation intention setting in our day but that’s a time that I feel that when I’m either sitting or doing something else it’s not near as effective as when I’m on the Hypervibe and there’s something about my blood flowing and my endorphins are activated that in those states I have I’m more tuned in there’s a higher level of awareness and focus that I have and so that processing my day and just thinking about what do I have to accomplish certain decisions that I need to make as an entrepreneur as a business owner I find that that’s my little my place of mindfulness is on the Hypervibe or when I’m exercising.

Dr Dan: Yeah and it’s your release you know not only from a stress standpoint you know stress manifests itself in so many different ways in each person differently you know some people get stressed and they get neck pain and some people get stressed and they start thinking negative thoughts and some people get stressed and they get hip discomfort or something some people get stressed and they experience shortness of breath right. The importance of movement is just you know there’s so many scientific studies out there on how movement eliminates stress. Whole body vibration is what I have found to be kind of like the top level of stress reduction now I love exercise they do it every day whether it’s a weight workout a kettlebell workout but the simplicity of the whole body vibration to get a full body workout in such a short amount of time is what I love about it. There’s many days like you and like everybody that might be listening to this where our days are jam-packed you know we’ve got families and we’ve got work and we’ve got grocery store and shopping and so many different things to do so there are a number of days patients come into my office all the time and they say do you work out every day and I say I don’t have an hour every day like I try to make an hour every day to work out but if I don’t I have at least 10 minutes. I make myself have 10 minutes a day if I get up at you know you know sometimes 5 sometimes 5 30 and sometimes 7 o’clock I’ll wake up. Before we wake our little girl up she’s 10 months old I make it a point to jump downstairs get on the machine for 10 minutes if I’ve got 30 minutes that’s even better um but 10 minutes is better than zero minutes and uh it is it is wonderful for a time factor as well so.

Doug: Yeah I can relate to that and you know the thing is also as I know you know this is you know when people are lifting weights if we’re running if we’re doing any type of traditional movement exercise that 30 to 40 percent I’ve heard somewhere in that range of our muscle fibers are actually firing during that actual exercise. Whereas on the body vibration machine when you’re on the Hypervibe you’re getting nearly 100 it’s like the high 90 percentile percent of your muscle fibers are firing which means you’re getting more oxygen and circulation going through your entire body. So, I can see where that that benefit of that extra level of focus and clarity and awareness of thinking comes from. You’re having that level of circulation and yes to your point if you it’s great if you can also exercise but if you don’t have time to also exercise and all you have are that 10 minutes oh my gosh it’s it definitely and I noticed it and I like to break it up even do it that first thing in the morning but after I’ve been sitting for a few hours working and we have some companies I had the pleasure of going to the Google campus a number of years ago a few a few years ago on behalf of Hypervibe. Google in their headquarters they have Hypervibe uh and they’re using that because they have this workout facility for their employees but they look at that as like hey we can actually have our people go on here stand on the machines for a few minutes and then go back to work and be more productive. So, from a business perspective the benefits of employee productivity and just the health and wellness of your people to be able to have whether it’s in your an office environment in your home environment it’s one of the best investments I believe uh that someone can make.

Dr Dan: Yeah and that’s and that’s just it you know there’s so many fitness products out there and I get asked on a daily basis what is the best fitness product I’ve probably had eight six to eight people this week text me about treadmills and ellipticals and they say is this a good brand is this a good brand and I’ve used treadmills and I’ve used ellipticals and I love to run but the versatility of the car of the whole body vibration machine the Hypervibe is awesome because it promotes and it provides a workout unlike anything out there everybody’s out in the conventional gyms you know on the treadmill and the stair steppers and many people are doing it with you know with they’re getting a good workout but they’re doing it with incorrect form full body vibration as I’ve said a little bit earlier has helped to has helped me to kind of hunt out my tight spots in my body and the repetition of walking and running it takes its toll on the body the whole body vibration I kind of like to use the analogy it’s like a jackhammer. Jackhammer breaks up concrete and throughout our life our spines mold together and our hips mold together and we develop this this horrible thing called arthritis right. And arthritis it’s people come into my office all day long I’ve got arthritis of my left hip and arthritis of my right knee and I’ve got disc degeneration in my spine and they’ve been stuck in this mentality in this these modalities of elliptical and stair steppers and walking and running and we put these people on these Hypervibes in the gym and they say what the heck is this. I’ve never felt a movement like this and that’s just what whole body vibration is it’s a movement unlike anything else out there and uh you know again personal experience and 10 years of clinical experience it is the most healing movement for the human body that I found to date. You’ve got you know you’ve got so many different exercises that you can do on the Hypervibe whether it be a lower body protocol or an upper body protocol you can shake your arms out you can shake your legs out you’re healing your muscle tissue your healing your tendon tissue your connective tissue and ultimately your body it’s got this awesome power if you feed it well and if you move it well it’s going to regenerate. You can you know I like to I like to use some of the elderly people that come into the office that are really stiff and we put them on twice a week and then we have that to three times a week and then before you know they’re coming into the office four or five days a week because they experience benefits from the whole body vibration machine that they have not had with other things. It’s just a totally different movement so it’s awesome.

Doug: Yeah I’m curious your thoughts and experience on this as well but with some of your elderly patients and that come in um the effects and impact that it has on their muscle strength and their posture because I know how important that is and you know I see this with whether it’s parents or relatives that over time that posture just really starts to deteriorate absolutely and I know that the importance of the posterior chain muscles and how they play such a role in in in our postures but also some of those negative things that we do like studying for multiple hours a day without countering that with some type of exercise and what you’ve seen uh in terms of just if you have any specific examples or just as a generality what you’ve seen.

Dr Dan: Absolutely so you know so one of the things that we do in our clinic is educate the just the entire population on the benefits of like barefoot training okay. So, from an elderly standpoint um people have sat so much throughout their life and there you know their heads sink forward and their thoracic spine rolls forward and they’ve developed you know pain wherever it may be throughout the body and um ankle issues and feet issues and knee issues the meniscus issues that we see are just like every week we have 10 or 15 people coming in with knee issues and hip issues and degenerative conditions of the body. Movement is truly the only thing that’s going to really heal the body correctly. So, we’ll start these elderly patients out with like we talked about with a very narrow stance because you know it does get a little aggressive the further out that you go. Within a week or two weeks these patients hat commit to their care plans they start to see the improvement of how their low back moves a little efficient a little more efficiently. They start to say well I can move from a sitting to a standing position and I don’t have that pain in my lower back anymore is that because of the chiropractic care or is that because of the Hypervibe or is that because of you know whatever other corrective exercise that we’re doing and really it’s an it’s a blend of everything but what um you know what’s awesome about the Hypervibe is many of these patients though they’ll love the 10 minutes of the of the in-office care that we give them that the 10 minutes of the Hypervibe plus our treatments. My goal is to never see people repetitively I want to empower you to take the information that I give you and apply it to your to your life every day right I want you my mottos live empowered it’s like take control your life take control your health I can help you to achieve that to a certain point but ultimately you’ve got to become the person that wakes up and says I’m going to do better for my body every day. A lot of these clients will you know will notice weight loss with it they’ll notice improved knee mobility improved low back mobility less pain and then they’ll start to say well can I do this every day at home and I’m like absolutely you know. The g10 is a great model it’s like it’s compact and I have one in my basement and we’ve got the g17s in the gym the bigger guys because they go a little faster and I like the g17 because it’s like it’s got the digital screen and you can crank it up faster for me that’s beneficial but for the general population you know and people that are just new to this they don’t need to go that fast they don’t need that intensity and the g10 is a perfect at-home model that you can put anywhere in your bedroom in your living room. It’s beautiful and it’ll just it’ll just fit nicely in your house you know so top benefits just improve body mobility and less pain but weight loss so many people say I lost 10 pounds this month and I haven’t done anything except I’ve stood on this vibration machine at your office. Then we start to explain to them the benefits of the circulatory system and the draining of the lymphatic system that occurs the improved digestion that occurs from the vibration getting into your guts and shaking things around so benefits are awesome. Back to the sedentary point a lot of people are sitting throughout the day and the digestive system slows down so many people have you know maybe one bowel movement every day or every two or three days. We do a lot of nutrition with these patients to clean up their diets um but one of the things that happens in the body throughout life is your detoxification system your lymphatic system your digestive system they slow down and they shouldn’t slow down because this is such a common issue that people are experiencing. Many people will jump on the Hypervibe and they will feel within two minutes I have to go to the bathroom when I have to go to the bathroom and they’ve got these little you know this this micro vibrations these little small movements in their feet that are transferred up into their calves and their hamstrings and up into the digestive tract to improve GI health to improve the regulation of the gastrointestinal system. Leading causes of you know of cancers especially is a is a sluggish digestive system in a sluggish lymphatic system. So, the lymphatic system if you’ve got a clogged lymph node you know you can feel it it’s 12’s up if you’ve ever been sick with a throat infection or a strep infection or anything you know the doctor might feel your lymph nodes under your mandible and the lymphatic system it runs throughout the entire body. We put foods into our body that can help us or hurt us right we know the importance of a you know reduction of sugar or elimination of processed and trans fats and things that have shown to you know cause cardiovascular issues, weight gain irregular blood markers can show up and so lymphatic drainage is such an important tool for everybody whether you know whether it be skin brushing or dry brushing which I’m sure you’ve heard about uh which is kind of like you know it’s like low level right they make these dry these dry scrubbing brushes and you know sometimes patients come in they say I bought a lymphatic drainage brush um is this beneficial and yes they are beneficial but uh from you know kind of hitting back on the weight loss standpoint the lymphatic system when you start to get it moving the body will clear toxins out and toxins build up in all of our bodies from the foods that we eat and the water that we drink the air that we breathe and the things that we put on to our skin. The whole body vibration it affects the entire body you know the vibratory uh movement the oscillatory pattern it gets up into your entire muscular system to help improve lymphatic drainage. Personally you know I have had bad foods in my life and I notice if I if I eat something that my gut doesn’t agree with I might feel a little like constipated or I might feel a little bloated or something like that and I’m like oh dude I’m just I’m just drained right now you know you wake up the next day and you feel how your body is just fatigued and clearing the lymphatic system is one of the most important things to do to regain that energy you know regain that body health and the whole body vibration really helps to improve lymphatic drainage digestive regularity to GI gastrointestinal regularity to get the vibration into the gut to stimulate the stool that’s built up in your gut and to create more regular bowel movements. I didn’t know if we wanted to talk about that but definitely an additional benefit is you know is what I found with clients uh is improved digestion too so circulation lymphatic drainage and gastrointestinal health I mean it’s all, it’s all systemic the body it’s a big organ you’ve got your skin you’ve got your muscles and you’ve got your lymphatic system and your venous system all these different systems that all have to function well. You know walking again or running is a minimal form of vibration everything in the whole world vibrates the atoms in the desk when we knock on things you know it’s all about sound is vibration and um there’s nothing like the whole systemic benefit that comes from a whole body vibration platform.

Doug: Yeah pretty well I’m getting new perspectives for myself as well and I can definitely relate uh to the uh the digestion absolutely. That I mean for me first thing in the morning when I get on that machine if I’m wouldn’t already be regular it would certainly support that that that process right there. Yeah and so and then of course everything else makes sense as far as this draining because we are exposed to toxins every single day in our lives whether. It’s the you know to your point the skin is the largest organ in our body and the in the uh this what is absorbing in from the clothes that we wear to anything else that we’re putting on our skin what we’re breathing in the food that we’re eating so many of the toxins that are in nature that end up getting into our system we need to release that and if we’re not then that can have uh you know that one of my favorite sayings of the body that’s not at ease attracts dis-ease which is really the root of the word is dis-ease it’s not at ease. Anything that we can do to invite the body back into a state of ease and part of that is the importance of releasing toxins from our systems it definitely helps with that as well. I’m curious just on another note any non-traditional or unique approaches or exercises that you’ve had with your clients and things that may not be in the typical manuals that you see but uh you know any unique approaches that you’ve used the Hypervibe for.

Dr Dan: You know I mean def obviously the acute care stuff the Achilles tendinitis and the patellar tendonitis hip impingements we see so many hip impingements and a hip impingement is where you get pain down in the front of your hips and you know sometimes that can be caused from overuse that can be caused through running it can be caused from you know sitting too much is an overuse injury. You know we’re using the Hypervibe on people’s legs one of the one of my favorite exercises is to actually lay on the ground and put your calves up on the Hypervibe to help stimulate the calf muscles um we’ll see a lot of like shin splints with clients. We’ll have them lay with their legs on the machine for about like a minute or two minutes with your feet straight and then we’ll really like externally rotate the feet to hit the peroneal compartment or the lateral leg and that’s where a lot of tensions build up. People cross when you cross your legs um if you if you sit and you cross your legs your knee on the bottom leg it kind of compresses the popliteal space which is the space in the back of the knee so a lot of people will get like sciatica and they’ll get pain kind of like shooting down the back of the leg. We do you know some manual therapy in the office we’ll do some muscle work to those areas but then we’ll have them lay on their backs on the ground and put their legs up on the machine and it is like I mean to be honest I am a huge fan of massage it’s wonderful you know going to a massage therapist and having somebody else press on your muscles and kind of same benefits you know release toxins out of the body improve circulation reduce the knots throughout the body. The whole body vibration is great because you can start at the feet and then you can kind of work up into the legs and then you can sit on the machine for your hamstrings and then you can kind of lay with your quads on the machine and then you can sit with your butt on the machine for your glute muscles and your it band and it takes time definitely it’s not like once you know one session it’ll help you out but repetition of using the machine on a daily basis or three times a week four times a week five times a week and kind of learning how to feel the body out will just help flush that whole system out. Different conditions I mean you know the range is so great from acute injuries to chronic tightness you know disc injuries in the back uh digestive inflammation sluggishness or constipation and then really aches and pains you know it’s like we use it for everything. Nerve stimulation is big too you know patients with MS and um you know neurodegenerative conditions Parkinson’s disease I’ve had some patients really respond positively they’ve got resting tremors and you know they’ve got nerve compression in their in their wrists and their elbows and up into their neck and that whole body vibration it treats it literally will treat the entire body the entire system so you know you develop like if you see my hand right here I’ve got some really awesome calluses that I’ve built from using the whole body vibration machine and the movement it just gets the whole way up into your neck or the whole way up into your back. I don’t think there’s any specific condition it’s really just like it’s like everything it’s like you can benefit in any way from the whole body vibration in your system so I hope that answered your question.

Doug: Definitely did it’s fascinating I still keep learning more and more about it and I always appreciate these opportunities to speak with experts like yourself that are using it in the field and having your own uh experiences so we’re on you know

Dr Dan: I have my own personal Instagram which is Dr. Dan’s plan d-r-d-a-n-s plan Dr. Dan’s plan and then we have a YouTube channel that is just growing so quickly now it nowadays because I’m adding more regular content to it you know I post some of my videos are an hour long workout. I did a video today that I still have to post I did an hour-long workout and percent of it was done on the Hypervibe. I mix in you know some weight some dumbbells I did some kettlebell swings up on the Hypervibe which is actually my first time I’ve used a Hypervibe for like eight years now eight to ten years and I’ve never done a kettlebell swing on a Hypervibe so today I had six sets of well three sets of kettlebell swings and you know today we did like 30 rounds and I think like 24 of them were done on the Hypervibe. I couldn’t even walk my legs were jelly I’m like this is an entire I’m still learning every day about how to tie in additional exercises and so today’s workout that I’ll post on YouTube which is the same tag it’s Dr. Dan’s plan on YouTube and uh and you guys can you know check out the movements but I you know I always caution everybody I’ve been using these machines for like eight to ten years now uh and I just did my first kettlebell swing on a Hypervibe it’s an entirely new experience I’ve got a lot of perfection a lot of a lot of improvement to make on it. I don’t recommend anybody do a kettlebell swing on a Hypervibe their first time you know you’ve got to master the body weight movements first and then you can start to add some weight some dumbbells some kettlebell work and it just will elevate your exercise regimen to an entirely new level so. I had a crazy sweat on today and the legs feel good you know I don’t plan on getting sore at all I haven’t been sore for years now because of the you know the recovery benefits the Hypervibe that we talked about a little earlier so.

Doug: Yeah and I can appreciate you sharing that because I’ve learned and I and I think you mentioned this earlier that uh you know it is important to make sure we start slow and then build up with anything that we do whether this is kettlebells just on solid ground or whether it’s a Hypervibe or doing any type of weight training that you want to listen to your body start off and then ease yourself in and then gradually over time you can build yourself up and I’ve had my own experiences with that because there’s one thing that’s definitely real with the Hypervibe is it’s a powerful machine.

Dr Dan: Powerful man.

Doug: Yeah and I had spine surgery about five years ago now and it was a catalyst in helping me get my own recovery back because I had a significant extrusion at l5 s1 and I had a damage in my s1 nerve and I had my left calf wasn’t lifting off the ground. I remember my first appointment with my surgeon six weeks after surgery he said look you may never get your used to your calf back again and uh for nine months after surgery I could not jump rope off of my left leg yeah and it was like it really was messing with my mind and I was so concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do that again and jumping rope is one of my favorite exercises. I got on the Hypervibe and I started doing the calf raises and started doing things and over time I got that back and now I can jump rope and do the things I’ve hadn’t been able to do and I was concerned that I may not be able to do again and so it’s been significant but I will say that there were times when I was doing some planks and some core workout and my groups weren’t quite ready for that yet and so I had some yeah and so there’s a little bit of a setback so it is it’s um sometimes you can feel so good when you get on it because it’s just it’s such a stimulating uh experience that it’s good to just set what you’re going to do before see how you feel the next day space it out a little bit and then over time you can build that up. If you give yourself that patience and you have that commitment that it could be uh just a tremendous catalyst for a greater overall sense of health and well-being.

Dr Dan: Yeah so you keep making me want to talk about a couple different points right so one was you know when you had your disc injury you know you couldn’t do things right and you feared that you were unable and maybe would have not been able to achieve the goals that you had set which was jump roping um and that was kind of like my story right like I was told that I couldn’t do things by a health care provider and you know the way that life you know pulled us in a different direction I found a guy that told me that I could do things. Everybody out there that listens to this I want you to I want you to know that you can achieve your goals whatever they may be if it’s to work out in a pain-free way you can you can put the time and the effort in right and there’s different people out there Doug’s awesome you know you can reach out to me on any of the social media platforms and ask for advice on how to use the Hypervibe because it does take time you do have to work into things slowly but it is an integral part into creating a pain-free movement body you know. Two was another interesting case uh that I wanted to talk about was one of the student athletes that we’re working with right now who just fractured his fibula and this kid is a uh you know he’s a hopefully going to be an NHL draft pick uh he’s played hockey his entire life he got knocked on the ice by another player and you know had this like rotational fracture of his fibula he’s got a plate and two screws in his leg and uh from a rehab standpoint you know I’ve gotten more and more aggressive with my with my rehab at an earlier phase and this kid just had the injury uh eight weeks ago we started him on the Hypervibe at six weeks post fracture because of the fibrosis and the muscle tightness and the connective tissue and the scar tissue that has developed around his fibula which is like the little bone down in your leg. Now we have him in the office three days a week doing his rehab and the kid’s weight bearing and squatting seven or eight weeks post fibular fracture we got him out of his boot right away and got him on the Hypervibe like I was explaining laying with his legs up on the machine to break up the scar tissue that your body naturally develops when you injure yoursef you know your body will build this you know this this disorganized knot where the injury was and this was the first time just a month ago when we started that I felt comfortable enough to place him on the Hypervibe place any patient on the Hypervibe so quickly uh post injury and I you know if you don’t feel comfortable I don’t you know recommend that you do this but um the kid has responded wonderfully and now eight weeks post fracture he’s squatting with a bar on his back and we’ve got him back into a strength training program already. I’m excited for the future as you know as I continue to push the limits with my patients and with myself and understanding the benefits of the vibration and how it can heal the body so drastically quick you know so quickly by improving the circulation reduction of fibrosis and muscle tension and again like what I think is most importantly nerve stimulation the stimulation of the nervous system and that whole body vibration it just it trains your intrinsic your little small nerves to feel better which reduces pain up in the neurological system and it helps it’s just it’s going to help us all heal better. So, a couple random points that I want to throw back out there do you have any other what else oh.

Doug: That’s good that’s pretty good yeah if um I’m sure we may end up doing another one of these here in the future because it’s been so fun to talk and I really appreciate your insights and perspectives and uh you know anytime we can give people an opportunity and to learn and be introduced to something that might work for them and that’s the thing that I always you know look at for myself is that whenever I’ve experienced something that has had a tremendous impact in my own life I feel like I’m doing a disservice by not sharing it with other people and even me investing this time today is just a gift from my own time because I’m so passionate about Hypervibe that I offered to do this with you and I know that you have a very similar perspective because you’ve had people that have made a difference in your life before that have gone out of their way that have introduced you to something that either believed in you showed you a modality that’s had a significant impact in your ability to be who you are today and be able to impact the patients that you have I mean even down to the degree of the of the people that have inspired you to be in the profession that you’re in. So, these opportunities here for me are just such a pleasure to be able to have a conversation with you that we might uh have a few people that that’ll listen to this and if it impacts them in a positive way where they learn something new and they’re willing to try something out and I think again especially today with the world that we’re living in and with so many people working from home not going to gyms as much as they were before uh or having the same level of movement that they would have otherwise thought that one of the most important things we can possibly do is take care of our health because it’s our immune system it’s going to contribute to the longevity of our life what how we treat our body today is going to have a direct impact on the quality and longevity of life that we have and having a Hypervibe and you’ve mentioned this before whether it’s elliptical or treadmills there’s so many things that people could have it’s one of the best things and I use mine every day and I’m and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this to other people so yeah.

Dr Dan: Yeah, the verse the versatility is awesome and you know take key takeaways from my from my standpoint you know for everybody that’s listening. There’s so much static in our life right there’s so much negative static and there’s the media static and there’s the family static and there’s work static and stress and stuff that disrupts your body your emotional health your physical health uh your nutritional health you know and there are certain steps that you can take to better your body and I have personally experienced you know drastic reduction in my in my pain and improvement in my movement and improvement in my mind especially that’s like the movement meditation I’ve there’s nothing else out there you know a lot of people talk about that runner’s high that they get that that endorphin release and that feel good like oh I just felt the stress leave my body right like you can just kind of like sigh it out right and when you when you step on the whole body vibration platform it takes 10 minutes and your body will feel better it allows you to just kind of detox it’s like a daily detox. If anybody’s out there told you that you can’t do things because of injury or you know other health issues whether it’s fatigue and they say go rest and you know and you know take these whatever pills or these supplements or you know try to incorporate a little exercise to Hypervibe it will help your digestive system it’ll help your musculoskeletal system it’ll help your lymphatic system it’ll help your neurological system and that’s the overall goal is to balance these systems out and to create harmony within the body from an emotional standpoint a physical standpoint and you know in a nutritional standpoint and uh just the whole body vibration it helps me and I hope that it can help you guys to just achieve your goals and know that you can do things. You know it’s just everything vibrates in the world and it’s brought harmony into my life and it’s brought positivity into my life it’s brought uh it’s brought positivity to just you know that I can achieve things and it’s balanced my systems out I know that it’ll do the same for anybody that’s listening to this.

Doug: Yeah sounds great well I appreciate your time today and to continue with the conversation and having another was one of these here in the near future and for those of you that have invested time, uh to be part of this conversation really appreciate your investment of time today as well. So, thank you very much.

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