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8 WBV exercises for stronger and slimmer thighs

03rd July 2016

Although the thighs and glutes are problem areas for a lot of people, it is possible to firm up and slim down your thighs with a combination of whole body vibration exercises, cardio exercises and an adequate diet.

In this article you’ll find 8 Hypervibe WBV moves for toning and strengthening your thighs, but for faster results and for speeding up the fat loss, if you have some extra fat on your legs, we recommend you to also add 30 minutes of running to your routine, 2-3 times per week. Also, we recommend you to follow this simple eating rule: if it’s not lean protein, fruit, vegetable or good fat, don’t eat it.

Add more protein to your diet to increase the metabolic rate while preventing muscle loss, and replace processed carbs, bread and sweets with fruits and veggies. Stay hydrated and get enough sleep, and you can expect to see changes in 4-6 weeks if you train daily. And now let’s see the whole body vibration moves for stronger and slimmer thighs.

Whole body vibration exercises for toned thighs

This routine consists of 8 WBV exercises, but you can add other moves between sets if you feel like mixing cardio with strength exercises. This way you’ll get your heart pumping faster, you’ll burn more calories and you’ll boost your metabolic rate for more efficient energy consumption during and post-workout.

Repeat each vibration machine exercise for 1 minute and if you have to, take short breaks (20-30s) between exercises.

1. Bridge / hip thrusts

Excellent for strengthening and sculpting the glutes and thighs, this exercise engages your lower body muscles and core area, contributing to a firmer physique and better posture. Place your feet on the moving WBV platform, and raise your hips slowly, so as to feel the muscles working. Hold for 1-2 seconds, then lower your hips and repeat the movement for 1 minute. Alternatively, you can raise your hips and maintain the bridge position for 20 seconds, then lower for 10 seconds and repeat the sequence two more times.

2. Lateral step-ups

This movement targets your inner thighs and works your calves and glutes as well, being a good choice for toning and slimming down your legs. You can do this exercise with the machine turned on or off, but we encourage you to try the whole body vibration step-ups, as they’re more challenging and efficient for speeding up fat loss. Place one foot on the platform and set the frequency at 12-15 Hz. Step up with your entire body, maintain for 2-3 seconds, then return to the initial position and repeat the sequence for 1 minute.

3. Front lunges

A classical exercise for stronger and better defined legs, the lunge is extremely efficient in sculpting the upper leg muscles, and for shaping your glutes and hips and well. Place one foot on the Hypervibe platform and set the frequency at 12-15 Hz, maintaining the knee bent and the other foot as you can see in the picture. You can place your hands on your hips for balance. Dip with your buttocks, moving towards the floor, and maintain for 10 seconds per leg. Repeat the front lunge for 1 minute, keeping the core muscles engaged.

4. Hip circles

Time for the first relaxation movement: the hip circle. This exercise is good for toning your lower body and core muscles, for increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, so it can  support your fat loss and e Relax Hip circles are good for shaping the hips and legs, and for strengthening and lifting the glutes. Stand on your WBV platform with feet shoulder-width apart and set the frequency to 12-15 Hz. Begin making circles with your hips, starting in the right side. Repeat 10 times for each side.


5. Hip abductions

To shape your thighs and slim down your legs, another good choice is hip abductions, an exercise that targets this specific body area. Place one feet close to the platform’s center and your hands on the handles for balance. Engaging the core muscles, move the right leg away from your body, making sure to keep the leg straight. You can also place an elastic band around your ankles as you can see in the picture. Repeat the movement for 30 seconds per leg, moving slowly to feel your muscles working.

6. Calf raises

Place your feet on the platform at #2, and your hands on the handles. Set the intensity to 12-15 Hz and raise your heels a few inches above the platform, so as to come on your tiptoes. Hold for 1 second, then lower back and feel the stretch in your calves. Repeat for 30-60 seconds.

7. Deep squats

Probably one of the most efficient exercises for toning and strengthening the glutes and thighs, this WBV movement is ideal for reducing cellulite, as it burns a lot of calories and encourages lymphatic drainage and the removal of excess water from the body. Set the frequency to 15-18 Hz and squat, maintaining the position for 2-3 seconds, then return to the initial position and repeat the exercise for 1 minute.

wbv thighs routine

8. Standing pelvic tilts

End the Hypervibe whole body vibration routine with a relaxing exercise that contributes to better blood flow and posture, while working your entire body. Engage the core and squeeze the glutes, pushing your pelvis forward. Set the machine at 12-15Hz, keep the feet at #2-4 and hold for 30 seconds. Take a 10-second break and repeat again.

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