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Complete Whole Body Vibration Routine For the Abs & Upper Body

07th June 2016
Complete Whole Body Vibration routine for the abs & upper body

When you think of upper body exercises, you probably tend to select only exercises for the six pack and waist, biceps and triceps, neglecting the other muscle groups. But for maximum results and a perfectly toned body, you need to target all the major muscles and those deeper muscle fibers that are challenging to target with regular strength exercises.

Whole body vibration makes it easier to reach those muscles, and has the advantage of allowing you to target multiple groups at once, if you opt for complex exercises instead of isolation movements.

This quick workout is designed for giving you a more toned appearance by strengthening your upper body muscles and abs, and improving your posture. It targets the front abdominal muscles, obliques, back muscles, shoulder and upper arm muscles, as well as the forearms and lower abs.

The workout consists of 9 exercises, and we encourage you to take 30-second breaks between exercises if you’re not used to WBV. Also, keep the frequency around 10 Hz for exercises that require you to place your palms on the platform.

Hypervibe WBV plate exercises for the upper body

Planks may seem easy at first sight, but when done correctly they can really make your arms burn. Moreover, your abs, back and glutes will also get a nice workout, and if you add whole body vibration, the exercise will become a lot more difficult, as your muscles will have to work harder to maintain the joints stable.

For a less intense exercise, do the plank with your feet on the platform and hands on the floor; the switch the position and bring the hands on the platform, with palms closer to the center, to prevent injuries. Set the frequency to 8-10 Hz and do your best to keep the core engaged and the back straight.

Triceps kickbacks are excellent for toning the arms and shaping the muscles. For this exercise you’ll need a set of dumbbells or the elastic cords that come with the Hypervibe machine. Grasp a dumbbell in your right hand and put right knee on the floor, or if you do this exercise on the WBV machine, stand on the platform and grab the right elastic cord.

Lift the right arm so that the upper arm is parallel to the floor, and contract the triceps when the arm is extended. Hold for 1 second and bring the arm back to a 90-degree angle, with the upper arm still parallel to the floor. Follow the same pattern if you use the elastic cord, contracting the triceps when the arm is extended. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Triceps dips will shape not only your upper arms but also the shoulders. Hover over the platform and place your arms on the edge, keeping your knees bent and feet on the floor. Now lower your body and bend your arms to 90 degrees, then get back to the starting position and repeat 10 times. Alternatively, you can remain in the triceps dips position and allow the WBV machine to do all the work for you, as the vibrations sent by the platform force the muscles to contract and relax rhythmically.

Push-ups will also work your upper arm muscles, helping you build slimmer and more toned arms. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions if doing classical push-ups, or 3 sets of 30 seconds of WBV push-ups, with 10-second breaks between sets (10 Hz, #1-2 amplitude).

Trunk rotations are perfect for targeting the obliques. Place your feet at #1 for stability and keep the legs straight. Frequency should be set at 12-15 Hz. Turn your trunk to the right, maintain for 2-3 seconds, then turn to the left and hold the position for another 2-3 seconds.

Pelvic tilts sculpt both your glutes and your abs, and can help in improving posture. Maintaining the same position and frequency setting as in the previous exercise, bring your hands on the machine’s handles. Bring your pelvis forward, keeping the knees slightly bent and the back straight. Engage the abs and glutes while doing this exercise and repeat for 1 minute (15-18 Hz).

Shoulder raises with dumbbells are effective in sculpting the shoulders, upper arms and upper back muscles. Although you can do this exercise using the resistance bands from the machine, it’s even more challenging and effective if you use a set of light dumbbells. Place your feet at #2 and set the frequency at 12 Hz. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and raise the hands laterally, with slow movements. You should feel the shoulders and arms working. Repeat the exercise for 1 minute.

The bridge exercise is also helpful in engaging the abs and glutes, so it contributes to sculpting a more toned abdomen and a firmer core area. Place your feet on the platform and lift your hips form the ground, keeping the abs engaged and the back straight. Frequency should be around 12-15 Hz. Maintain the position for 10 seconds, lower the hips, and repeat for 1 minute.

Mid-range squats may seem destined for training only the lower body, but they’re excellent for strengthening the core muscles – abs and lower back – as well. Start in the basic stance but lower the body to a mid-range squat position. Set the frequency to 15-18 Hz and place your feet to #2. Maintain the position for 1 minute if you can, or for 30 seconds, then take a very short break and repeat for another 30 seconds.

routine upper body core wbv machine

Finish the routine with 30 seconds of each of these exercises: shoulder massage, hamstring massage, downward dog, quads massage and glutes massage.

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