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Top 5 Reasons Why You Would Choose a Hypervibe Over a Zaaz

03rd November 2021
Hypervibe vs Zaaz

Over the past couple of decades, whole-body vibration (WBV) has gained immense popularity among fitness lovers and health enthusiasts alike. The activity, which uses vibration at its core, has managed to improve the health of many, and it seems that this trend will continue in the same direction. Stronger muscles, denser bones, better circulation, reduced body fat percentage, and quicker recovery, are just some of the benefits offered by the popular vibration exercise.

The machine that is used for performing WBV is known as the body vibration platform. The innovative fitness equipment comprises a vibrating plate that produces high-frequency vibrations. However, it is worth mentioning that not all machines are equally good at it. Some are better and some are truly great. Two such examples are Hypervibe vs Zaaz. Both of them will shake your body well but one of them will do the job way better. Which one? Let’s dive into the following lines we will show you.

1. Greater frequency range

Frequency Frequency range is what makes the difference between good vibration platforms and great ones. The higher the frequency the better the fitness outcomes. Numerous scientific studies, such as this one, have shown that insufficient vibration frequencies lead to disappointing results. This is why, before joining the whole-body vibration club, you’d better do your homework. Choose a vibration machine that is capable of producing a high enough frequency range in order to rip off all the fitness benefits.

One such machine is Hypervibe – a leading brand within the whole-body vibration field. The platform is able to produce a frequency range of up to 35 Hz, which has been found to be among the best by the scientific body of evidence. For comparison, the Zaaz whole-body vibration frequency has been measured to be 15 Hz at its best. Such lower frequencies are simply not enough to deliver all the benefits that have been proven by research.

2. Hypervibe vs Zaaz review of G force

GForce G force is the second most important factor when it comes to WBV. The bigger the G force a vibration platform provides, the better the fitness outcomes. The term “G force” refers to the intensity of the vibration, and the actual letter “G” stands for gravity. If a machine produces 10G, it means that it generates force equal to 10 times Earth’s gravity. This is a major consideration factor when choosing a vibration platform and is what makes Hypervibe superior to Zaaz.

Hypervibe is capable of producing up to 17G, whereas a recent Zaaz review has revealed that their most powerful model – 20K generates a maximum of 3.5G. This is way below the threshold that has been shown to be beneficial by scientific research. If you want to achieve maximum results and harvest all the benefits offered by WBV, choose wisely and go for a vibration machine with the right G force.

3. Bigger warranty

Top 5 Reasons Why You Would Choose a Hypervibe Over a Zaaz 1When you invest in your health and fitness you want to make the most out of your money spent. That means purchasing the best equipment that comes with a great warranty. When you opt for Hypervibe you are not only getting a great vibration platform, you are also getting security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for Zaaz machines. Let’s find out why.

Hypervibe machines come with a better and bigger warranty when compared to Zaaz. When you buy a Hypervibe you get 2 years labor, 5 years parts, and 10 years of motor protection. On the other hand, Zaaz machine reviews show that their products come only with a 2 years parts and labor warranty. This is yet another significant reason why you would choose a Hypervibe over Zaaz.

4. Clinically supported

Clinically ProvenFor the past couple of decades, there have been almost 1000 scientific studies conducted on various body vibration machines. What is even more intriguing is that the Zaaz vibration platform cannot be found in any one of them. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the specifications of the machine are simply not powerful enough, in order for it to become a subject of a scientific test.

On the other hand, Hypervibe products have been showing up in numerous scientific papers, such as this one, and the results have been truly impressive. Thanks to the higher frequency range and greater G force, the machine requires only 15 – 20 minutes of your time a day, 3 – 4 days a week. That’s all – a small investment with a huge return. And have we mentioned that you can use the platform from the comfort of your house or office?

5. Better value for money

Better ValueCurrently, on the fitness market, there are dozens of body vibration machines, varying widely in power and price. Some are good, some are great and some are simply not worth it. Yet, the price tags of most of them are well above the line. A 2012 review of over 40 different vibration platforms revealed that on average, the bigger the G force a machine produces, the higher the price tag. This is good to know and is true for most of the platforms out there, but definitely not for Hypervibe.

Thanks to the latest technologies and the hard work of the team behind Hypervibe, the machine has the most G force per dollar spent. This is another major buying factor and an area where Zaaz machines fail again. When compared to Zaaz, Hypervibe offers much better value for your money spent. Shop wisely.

Final thoughts

If you want to increase your muscle power, strengthen your bones or lose some weight, whole-body vibration is the way to go. And indeed, the regular use of the body vibration platforms has been linked to numerous health benefits, but only when using a machine with the right specifications.

This is why, before hitting the buy button, you must do your homework, and do it well. Make sure that the machine you choose offers the right frequency range, the optimal G force, and the best value for money.

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