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Hypervibe vs VibePlate 1
Top 5
Reasons Why You Would Choose

A Hypervibe over a VibePlate

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 2

1 – Less Head Vibration

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 8

Hypervibe produces significantly less head vibration than VibePlate. Due to the more natural motion of a Pivotal type machine, the pelvis is rotated, and forces are absorbed by the trunk muscles and not up to the head. This makes it safer, greater activation of lower back muscles (only pivotal shown to reduce back pain), and users naturally prefer the pivotal motion.

Why is the frequency range of a machine so important?

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Hypervibe vs VibePlate 9


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2 – Greater Benefit

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 10

When compared directly in a single study, or through meta analysis, Pivotal machines have shown greater effect size in topics such as bone density and circulation, andv muscle activation. There is no evidence of decreased back pain in a Lineal machine, as mentioned above.


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3 – More Powerful

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 11

Hypervibe machines produce significantly more G force than VibePlate machines. The amount G force determines the exercise load, and has been demonstrated many times to increase the size of the effect on muscle activation, oxygen uptake, and perceived exertion.

In 2012 a private New York engineering firm Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates, measured just over 2g’s of vertical acceleration from the VibePlate machine when operating at maximum. To put that into perspective, the German inventors of the technology, and most clinically supported machine in the world, Galileo, have an entry level machine called the “Kiddy” model, i.e. it is for children. The Galileo Kiddy features a maximum vertical acceleration of 10g’s.

Hypervibe machines produce 10g to 17g at maximum, depending on the model.

A Canada study showed that the threshold for muscle activation is at approx 2g’s and anything below that would not create any significant muscle activation. On the other hand increasing the vertical G force above 2g’s would create a clear relationship between increased G force, and increased muscle activation.

Why is the G force range of a machine so important?

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Hypervibe vs VibePlate 12


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4 – Clinically Supported

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 13

When a company make claims that their product is supported by scientific evidence, it would not be unreasonable to expect such evidence can be provided. There are over 800 scientific studies on Whole Body Vibration, dating back over 20 years, however, VibePlate has failed to demonstrate little if any of the benefits shown through the large body of research.

You might think, well it doesn’t really matter what brand of machine was studied, what really matters is that there is scientific proof that Whole Body Vibration works, right?

Well no, when scientists conduct a study, there are many factors they choose which can cause a study to be successful or a study to fail. In Whole Body Vibration research, such factors include, how many times per week they use the machine, what exercises will be performed on the machine, how long each exercise will be performed for, and importantly what vibration settings will be used. If the vibration levels are too low, the forces placed onto the body can be too low to cause any benefits, alternatively, studies have shown that as forces are increased, the response from the body increases. Therefore, if a machine has not been used in scientific research, it is important to make review studies to make sure that the alternative product can produce the same levels of vibration used in the research.


Peer reviewed studies using Hypervibe equipment, able to produce vibration levels used in majority of the research.

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 14

No peer reviewed studies demonstrating effectiveness of VibePlate equipment, unable to produce vibration levels used in majority of the research.


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5 – Better Value

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 15

In a 2012 comparison of over 41 different vibration machines, engineering test results showed that on average, the more G force a machine could produce, the more expensive it was.

Hypervibe vs VibePlate 16

  • The 2g specification of the VibePlate machine has little difference to those of machines which cost as little as $200 on eBay.
  • The +10g vibration specifications of Hypervibe machines are only found in machines which cost many thousands of dollars more.
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Hypervibe vs VibePlate 17


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