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Top 5 Reasons Why You Would Choose a Hypervibe Over a Bulletproof

01st December 2021
Hypervibe vs Bulletproof

Increased muscle power, stronger bones, better circulation, reduce chronic pain, and accelerated fat burning rate – these are just some of the benefits of the body vibration machine (BVM). Known also as the vibration platform or the G-force machine, this type of fitness equipment has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. And for a reason – the platform allows you to rip off all the benefits associated with regular physical activity in half the time and with almost no effort.

Having said that, not all vibration machines are equal in that aspect. Some are truly great, and some are simply useless. Before you opt-in for one of these, make sure you do your homework, so you can get the best value for your hard-earned money. Currently, two of the biggest players in this field are HyperVibe with their G-force Vibration Platform and Bulletproof with their flagship Bulletproof vibration Plate. Both platforms will shake your body pretty well, but one of them will do it much better. Which one? Let’s find out!

1. Safe head vibration

Protects HeadAccording to scientific evidence, high-frequency vibrations stimulate muscle contraction and benefit the function of more or less every organ in the human body. In order for that to happen though, the frequency must be within the safety range. Too low – and you will end up wasting time and effort. Too high – and you might get an injury. The overly high vibration frequencies have been found to be especially harmful to the head and brain.

Thanks to better technology and the natural pivotal motion offered by the machine, Hypervibe produces safe vibration frequencies that are gentle to your vital organs. The platform distributes the oscillations evenly throughout the body and makes sure the ones that reach up the head are kept at a safer bay. Unfortunately, this is not true for the Bulletproof product range.

2. Greater range of benefits

Greater Benefits - bulletproof vibration plate
Among the most significant differences between Hupervibe and Bulletproof machines is the type of vibration offered. The G-force platform by Hypervibe provides pivotal movement, whereas the Bulletproof vibration plate will give you a lineal type of movement. When referred to the scientific data, the pivotal type of vibration is the one that is associated with all the healthy benefits.

For instance, it has been indicated that the vibrating machines using pivotal technology are much better at increasing muscle power, improving circulation, strengthening the bones, reducing chronic back pain, aiding lymphatic drainage, accelerating physical recovery, and decreasing body fat percentage. Unfortunately, going through the bulletproof vibe review data, this is not the case with linear vibrating plates.

3. Hypervibe offers bigger power than Bulletproof vibration plate

More PowerfulAnother major aspect to consider when purchasing a BVM is the amount of G-force produced by the plate. G stands for Gravity and equals the amount of Earth Gravity put on the body. The higher the G-force, the bigger the benefits. And just as the frequency level, the G-force has its safety range. For best results, it needs to be at least 10 Gs and no more than 17 Gs. Unfortunately, the G-force offered by Bulletproof does not even get close to that figure.

In a recent interview, the scientists from Bulletproof were asked why their products come with such a low G-force. They answered pretty vaguely, stating that too strong G-forces could be detrimental to human health. While Bulletproof might be on the right path giving such statements, the company is far from the truth. G-force can be dangerous if it exceeds 40 Gs. On the flip side, anything below 10 G’s is just a waste of your time. For best results, choose machines that offer a G-force within the 10 – 20 G’s range.

4. Scientifically proven

Greater BenefitsSince NASA implemented the body vibrating platform as part of its space program in the early 1960s, the machine has become a subject of a lot of scientific studies. The majority of data indicates some pretty positive results. It is worth mentioning however that not all machines currently on offer have been able to pass the test. While some models have been studied extensively, others are not quoted even once.

As you can imagine this is the case with the Bulletproof brand. When conducting a bulletproof vibe review on the available data, the machine cannot be found in any scientific studies, or at least not in such that show positive outcomes from its use. On the contrary, The G-force series by Hypervibe has been studied extensively, and the results are truly intriguing.

5. Better value for money

Better ValueWhen considering the purchase of a BVM, you must take into consideration several important aspects. G-force, vibration frequency, and amplitude are some of them. The other major element is value-for-money. At the time of writing this article, the home fitness market offers nearly 50 different types of vibrating machines. Unfortunately, the majority of them are simply not worth it.

Most of the platforms that offer great parameters come at a hefty price. The ones that seem to be reasonably priced will give you only a tiny fraction of the benefits if any. This is why, before you hit the “BUY” button, make sure you are getting the best value-for-money product. Currently, Hypervibe is leading the crowd, by giving you the best price per G-force unit.


The regular use of the body vibrating platforms has been linked to some pretty positive outcomes. Only 15 – 20 minutes a day, 3 – 4 days a week are enough to rip off all the benefits for your health. Keep in mind, however, that not all of them will do the job they are intended for.

Before you buy one, make sure you consider all the variables, so you can get the best value-for-money, currently available. Failure to do so will not only result in a waste of time, effort, and money, but it might also be detrimental to your health. Train wisely!

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