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How Progressive Rehabilitation uses Hypervibe

kim-docDr. Sunny Kim
Progressive Rehabilitation
Name of Business: Progressive Rehabilitation
Therapist: Dr. Sunny Kim
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA
  • Q. How did you first hear about Whole Body Vibration?
    A. I hired a consultant out of Southern California in 2012 who works with medical professionals to help them build their practices by offering innovative solutions to help patients.  He educated me on the value of Whole Body Vibration and then I began to do my own research and was very impressed by the positive impact it has had on many types of patients
  • Q. Why did you choose Hypervibe?
    A. The consultant actually recommended Power Plate to me and after doing my own research I discovered that Hypervibe was a superior technology based on the amplitude philosophy and also because it is a pivotal platform instead of linear.  
  • Q. What type of patients do you use Hypervibe on?
    A. Pretty much every patient uses Hypervibe.  I use it for chronic neck, back and knee pain as well as fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis and to help remove after surgery scar tissue.  It works very well for a wide range of conditions.
  • Q. What type of protocols do you use on your Hypervibe?
    A. Lately we’ve been following the protocols on G17 Pro and each patient uses it for approximately 8-10 minutes.  Everyone is a little different.  Standing and shallow squat is a great basic routine for most patients. Knee patients we will do lunges. Back patients will do low back releases.  

    We will often use it as a warm up and then phase to strengthening afterwards.  Hypervibe is much better than treadmill or stationary bike for warm up.  It does the work for you.  It activates the muscles by helping with muscle recruitment.  When your muscle activates, you typically only use about 20% of the fibers. With Hypervibe you get almost all of the fibers to activate.  The positive outcome is improvement in strength, conditioning and reduction in pain.  

  • Q. Does having Hypervibe give you an advantage?
    A. It absolutely gives us an advantage over other clinics. A lot of patients go to therapy and they don’t get results.  The reason why is that they are not being challenged enough. Often times their motivation isn’t very good. On Hypervibe, you can’t help but to be challenged.  It gives them this extra push.  Our therapy is much more sophisticated and advanced.  No one else in our area has anything close to it.  We’ve had patients like it so much that they ended up buying a machine for their home which is great because they can continue making improvement between appointments.
  • Q. Do you charge anything extra for use of Hypervibe?
    A. We bill it as a therapeutic exercise and insurance reimburses us for it.  
  • Q. Do you have any other perspectives to share?
    A. I’m a strong believer in the technology and highly recommend it to anyone.  Hypervibe has been an integral part of our value proposition to our patients and the quality of product and customer service has exceeded my expectations.
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