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The 30 Brands

  • Advance Fit
  • Amaz. S. Health
  • Bladez
  • Body Soul
  • Crazy Fit
  • DKN
  • DZT
  • Genki
  • GoFit
  • Health Station
  • Hyper Gravity
  • Hypervibe
  • Infini
  • Nitro Fit
  • Noblerex
  • OTO
  • Power Plate
  • Power Vibe
  • Proellixe
  • Quicktone
  • Slim Vibes
  • Turbo Vibe
  • T-Zone
  • Vibra Flex
  • Vibra Slim
  • Vibro Form
  • Vibro Gym
  • Vitality 4 Life
  • WAVE
  • Workout World

Does getting your body into shape take far too long?

With the RIGHT Whole Body Vibration machine and the RIGHT vibration settings you can turn things around fast.

Imagine Being Able To…

  • Look SLIMMER *
  • Get STRONGER *
  • Feel ENERGETIC *
  • Move with EASE and CONFIDENCE *

…in record time, with minimal effort, from your own home doing something that feels pleasurable!*

* Sealey R, ‘Effects of Exercise Interventions on Physical Condition and Health of Vietnam Veterans.’ International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, August 2011, Vol 18, No. 8.

These are just some of the research-backed benefits that people like you are enjoying from using a Whole Body Vibration machine.

BUTthere’s a big catch!

Despite all the glossy advertising you’ve seen about Whole Body Vibration, only a FEW vibration machines can produce the results they quote from the scientific research.

You’re Going To Find Out Which Machines CAN Produce Those Results AND How Much They Cost

41 of the most popular Whole Body Vibration machines
were sent to 4 independent engineering laboratories specialising in
vibration analysis to have their performance capabilities tested. Watch
as Adro Sarnelli, Australia’s first winner of The Biggest Loser TV show presents the results in easy-to-understand terms.

Just Some Of The Things You’ll Learn…

  • Which Two Features of a vibration machine play a key role in creating a slimmer, stronger body in the shortest possible time.
    FACT: Only the top 9 out of 41 machines had both!
  • The confidence of knowing which machines are Backed by Scientific Research, the Unique Ability they all had in common and why astronauts are now using machines with this ability!
    FACT: 32 machines FAILED to demonstrate this ability when pushed to their limits by the engineers!
  • Which machine settings were most commonly used in over 250 research experiments to achieve maximum muscle benefits.
  • The surprising machine which out-performed 38 of the other 40 machines – yet cost a lot LESS than the other top 8 performers.

Learning what these tests uncovered BEFORE you buy a machine will arm you with both the questions and answers you
need to know if you’re going to get best value for money and know that
your machine can perform at the highest levels.

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