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G17 PRO V2

Reduces Body Fat, Strengthen Muscles, Joints & Bones Lifetime support | WIFI | 40 x Fitness Approved Programs 530,000+ people use Hypervibe worldwide each year!

Direct Price: CA$5,087 [ ON BACKORDER ]

The G17 PRO V2 is the elite-performance machine for home-use or health & fitness professionals in salons, clinics, studios, rehab centres & gyms. Rated #1 Commercial Machine for value for money and performance from the world’s largest ‘Results-Based’ comparison test!

Industry Leading 90-day Returns Policy*
  • 12 Industry Certifications
  • 2-Year FREE Warranty & Lifetime Support
  • Online Community with Hundreds of Members

"80 pounds of fat - gone!!"

I was put on a Hypervibe to rehab a sprained ankle. It was so good I started using it three times a week. I've now lost 80 pounds (36kg) and kept it off for 2 years!"

Hypervibe used by or as seen on TV



Frequency Range5 - 35Hz
G-Force Range0.1g - 17g
Platform MovementPivotal
Platform Size21.1in(w) x 13.2in(d)
Machine Size28.2in(w) x 32.2in(d) x 53.4in(h)
Machine Weight182lb
Maximum User Weight440lb
Touch Screen9in
Resistance BandRigid (Adjustable length)
FeaturesQuickFix Twist-Lock Anchor System

Rated #1

Results-Based Machine
(In G15 to G20 Range) For Commercial & Home-Use
From the World's Largest Comparison Test!

Industry Leading 90 Day Returns Policy*

8 Reasons Why

OVER 530, 000 Love Hypervibe
For A Stronger & Healthier Body!

  • 35% Faster Weight Loss

    Studies show vibration can give 35% faster weight loss than cardio.

    Hypervibe users from all over the world report dramatic weight loss, drained lymphatic system and reduced cellulite.

  • 4 times (400%) more stimulation

    G17 PRO V2 achieves 4 times more stimulation than the industry average.

    In fact, most vibration machines fail to reach even the minimum 10G gravity force that scientific results prove are needed to achieve measurable results to your body.

  • 100+ Video Tutorials

    Enjoy our 'touchscreen-training' with 40x Therapist Designed Programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Keeps track of your results through our custom-built app for your smart phone. Great for accountability, recognition and connecting with Hypervibe users worldwide!

  • 12x Verified Approvals

    Hypervibe is one of the most Industry Certified machines on the market! Feel confident and assured that your machine is world-class in safety, quality, material and training.

  • Lifetime Support

    Once you invest in the G17 PRO V2, you'll be a part of the Hypervibe Family for life! You'll enjoy our unlimited 24/7 email helpdesk, VIP support, plus our FREE introductory lessons.

  • Industry-Leading Guarantee & Warranty

    Unmatched 2-Years FREE Service Warranty, plus, a Flexible 90 Day Returns Policy. If you don't love it right away, send it back. You also have lifetime phone-support to give you peace of mind.

  • Patented "Swan-Neck" design

    Hypervibe received a government grant for innovations and design that lead to our unique 'Swan Neck' design. This allows a wider range of dynamic exercises without the restrictions that other machines have with vertical mounts and large sidebars.

  • As Seen on TV & Used by

    When you order G17 PRO V2, you can brag to your friends that you have the same branded machine that the staff at Google (Ann Arbor) use!

    Also, Sheryl Crow, Today Show, CBN, Wall Street Journal, & Men’s Health Magazine, and more...


I can not say enough good things about this machine

We have our G-17 for 2 months now and wanted to wait to write this review. I can not say enough good things about this machine. The creaftsmanship is amazing. After losing 50lbs in the last 1 1/2 years I was dealing with lose skin and using my Hypervibe faithfully my skin has tightened on my arms and abdomen. Was considering doing a tummy tuck but after 2 months laying across the plate my stomach is going down and looks like I will save the 12,000.00 they get to do for tummy tucks. I am guessing plastic surgeons do not want people to know about this machine! After 1 month I gained 3lbs in mussle mass and .2 in bone density. This was one of the best purchases my husband and I have made and highly recommend it to anyone.

Mark and Diane in Texas

Loved By The Team at GOOGLE!

Feel confident you made the right decision to invest in the G17 PRO V2! The team of Google, Ann Arbor, love their Hypervibe and you'll love yours too.

"Hypervibe Aligns Perfectly With Google's Healthy Philosophy!"

"It was a pleasure having you guys at Google Ann Arbor today! The Googlers who experienced the Hypervibe machine mentioned feeling more energized with an improved mood. We now have some excited advocates who will be spreading the word so more people can take advantage of it. Hypervibe aligns perfectly with Google's focus on creating happy and healthy environments for our employees. THANK YOU again and I look forward to staying in touch!"

Google, Ann Arbor


80 Lbs (36 kg) of Fats Gone!

After years of trying to lose weight, nothing had really worked. Then I was put on a Hypervibe to rehab a sprained ankle. It was so good I started using it three times a week. I have now lost 80 pounds (36kg) and so far the weight has stayed off for 2 years. Hypervibe is my one routine I do not stray from.


Lose Weight
35% Faster!*

An independent research study by three Universities in Health Science and Medical was taken for "Obesity times".

61 participants completed the study over 12months. The study showed how the group using high vibration machines achieved weight loss 35% faster than the group only doing cardio.


Hypervibe is key to our success

For fat removal to work the customer has to follow up our treatments with exercise. The problem had been that they never do it. Now, we put them straight on the Hypervibe for 10-minutes and the fat loss results increase 400%.

Studio Vanish
Angela Pent

Cellulite + 40 pounds of fat - Gone!!

This is fast, I can do this at home while looking after my 2 kids. I've been using Hypervibe daily for just over a year; my cellulite is now gone and I've lost 40lbs (18kg).


I feel 20 years younger!

I was eventually talked into trying Hypervibe and now I'm hooked. I've lost 32lbs (14.5kg), got the feeling back in my hand and can play with my grandkids again. I'm 60 but feel 20 years younger.

How much should you pay
for a Proof that machines under 10G Gravity?

Hypervibe delivers the most
results-based acceleration of any machine in the world, per dollar spent!

  • Over $125,000 was invested towards independent testing on 57 popular vibration machines.
  • Eight 3rd-party engineering firms and lab tests were involved.
  • Shockingly, nearly 80% of vibration machines FAILED to achieve the results necessary for full-body health.

Fact 01

Years of scientific research including conducted by the European Space Agency has proven that use of high G force is needed for important health and therapeutic.

Fact 02

Of the 57 popular machines tested, 32 of them failed to deliver the high-performance results necessary for strength, bone health and body shape improvement.

Fact 03

Out of the 9 machines that passed the test, the 3 Hypervibe machines had the maximum impact for your money: outperforming machines selling for as much as 5x the cost.


This will help you avoid wasting money on ineffective machines with 'good' marketing that don't help you get results.

Now you can feel confident in choosing G17 PRO V2 which had the most acceleration of any machine in the world, per dollar spent.


Muscle Strength

Study Showed Increased
Muscle Strength by
58% in 8-weeks!

In this research, 44 frail elderly participants (82-88 years old) did 4-minutes a day of Vibration Training over 8-weeks (totalling to only 2.5 hours of exercise or equivalent to 2 regular gym sessions) and their strength had increased by 58%.

That's like going from bench pressing 150lbs (68kg) to 237lbs (107kg) in 2 regular gym sessions!

The evidence is stacked up to prove that increasing gravitational load through high-vibration will increase the strength and power of muscle.

Muscle & Strength Reviews!

More Power, Faster Recovery

Using Hypervibe's high G-force vibration has helped me increase muscle power for short-distance events and by switching to a low intensity vibration setting I'm able to shorten my recovery times.


Energy Boost

I bought my Hypervibe to build up my muscle strength after having Polio. It really helped. I also love the energy boost I get after each use. This is the best purchase ever; I couldn’t function as well without it. I’m now 62.


Hypervibe Helps

We use Hypervibe on almost every patient that comes into our practice... It helps tremendously with back pain, muscle spasms, vertigo, balance, and posture, and supports the strengthening of muscles and the pelvic floor.

Dr Gigi Siton
Order Your G17 PRO V2 Today for a More Lean, Strong & Healthier Body 24/7 Phone & Email Support
  • Over 530,000 people use Hypervibe each year!
  • Rated #1 Home machine for Acceleration & Value for Money from the World's Largest test
  • Touchscreen Navigation with 40x Therapist Designed Programs & 100-video tutorials
  • 12 industry for quality, plus new patented Swan-Neck design.
  • Lifetime support plus 2-years free service warranty.

Industry Leading 90 Day Returns Policy*

Safe for the Elderly

How a 98-year-old improved balance, muscle power and agility by 40% with only 2 minutes a day of exercise!

In this research, 20 subjects stood on a vibration machine for 2 minutes a day over a period of 18 days.

Even though it only lasted 2 minutes a day, the machine was set to deliver 9G.

TRIPLED RESULTS 16% vs 49.8%!!

In a similar study, a group of 20-year-olds did 2 minutes of vibration exercise with 23G three times a week and compared that to a control group doing the same exercises without vibration. After 3 weeks the control group increased strength by 16% whereas the vibration exercise group increased strength by an incredible 49.8%. That's TRIPLE the results just by adding high-vibration

Another example of high intensity, short-duration exercise producing excellent results!


Pain Relief & Injury Recovery


Medical research studies prove how natural HGH (Human Growth Hormones) speed up healing after an injury by repairing bone and muscle tissue. Read below to see how vibration therapy increased natural HGH by 360% (without the need for medication).

  • Muscle Power up by 20%
  • Cortisol Levels down by 32%
  • Testosterone Levels up 7%
  • Growth Hormone Levels up by 360%

What that means is, 5 months worth of power-training stimulus was achieved in 10 minutes of just standing on the machine!

Growth Hormone Levels up by 360%

In 1999 the late Professor Carmelo Bosco ran the following test where participants stood still on a vibration machine in a partial squat with the machine set to produce 11 G of G-force (11 times Earth's Gravity).

The results speak for themselves...

  • Growth Hormone Levels up by 360%
  • Muscle Power up by 20%
  • Cortisol Levels down by 32%
  • Testosterone Levels up 7%

What that means is, 5 months worth of conventional training was achieved in 10 minutes of just standing on the machine! Take a look at the reviews below to see how Hypervibe helps with pain and injury recovery.

Pain & Injury Recovery Reviews

Finally, I can exercise again

For 25 years fibromyalgia made exercising too difficult. Thanks to vibration training I can now do 25 minutes on a treadmill. Without vibration this would have been unheard of for me.



I like using it when I'm feeling sore. When I get off the machine I'm not sore any more. It has restored my circulation and is helping my joints.


My Strength is returning

I just wanted to say how good hypervibe has been for me. I've been using it for 1 month. Previously I couldn't exercise due to painful Arthritis. Even walking around the block would result in falls. With Hypervibe I can feel strength coming back into my joints. This is exercise I can do without upsetting my arthritis.


Other Situations G17 PRO V2 can Solve


Less than 10-minutes a day of 'standing still' had restored almost 2 years worth of bone density.

A research study was done between two groups of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis.

After 6 months, the control group (no exercise) lost 1.8% of their bone mass, those in the Vibration Training group ended up with 5.6% more bone!

In other words, one day of Vibration Training was equivalent to 5 days worth of bone density with:

  • No risk of injury
  • No side effects
  • Very little time
  • Very little effort


If you're experiencing circulation problems, the G17 PRO V2 is a safe and effective solution without taking a lot of time!

Studies show that vibration oxygenates your body and prevent fluid buildup which helps with:

  • Feeling energetic
  • Trouble-free joints.
  • Better sporting performance
  • Prevention of fluid retention
  • Protects eyes, toes and feet
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Healthy looking skin

If you have a lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, poor diet, cigarettes, alcohol, and sometimes heart problems. All of these things can lead to sluggish circulation and lymphatic drainage. Hyperdrive is a quick and easy solution without finding time to regular exercise.

Balance &

Ballet and dance companies all over the globe are using Hypervibe for balance and flexibility and it'll work for you too!

In this experiment, subjects stood on a vibration machine producing 17G of G-force. Each vibration session lasted only 3 minutes and there were only 3 sessions per week. After 6 weeks they had done less than an hour of vibration in total and yet...

  • Hamstring flexibility up 58%
  • They did not stretch their Hamstrings once during the 6 weeks
  • Their improvement was equal to doing 63 minutes of advanced stretching

In a similar experiment, they reduced the G-force to only 2G and they could only achieve an 8% improvement.

Effective at
Preventing Bone Loss

This (high G-force vibration) training is up to now the most successful and effective method to prevent muscle and bone loss in long term space missions.

Professor Dieter Felsenberg
European Space Agency

My Legs are like new

The Hypervibe improves the circulation in my legs resulting in me being able to walk a lot longer and further than usual. It especially helps the discomfort I have in my legs - after 10 minutes on Hypervibe, it's gone. My legs are like new.


Reduces elderly patient
falling risk!

Hypervibe really works for activating and strengthening the posture muscles while improving balance and hamstring flexibility. It's been effective for reducing risk of falls in my older patients as well as relieving knee and low back issues.

Ben Ward
Performance Physiotherapy

Over 1,100 Medical &
Wellness Facilities Choose Hypervibe!

Complete with 3 Highly Esteemed Industry Approvals!

Watch Videos!


Meet Your Very Own
24/7 Health Coach!

  • 40 easy-to-follow goal-based programs
  • Over 100 video tutorials

When your G17 PRO V2 is delivered, you will have VIP Support access to help you get comfortable with using your new machine.

Choosing the right program for your situation will feel like child's play!

Here's what to look forward to...
  • Beginner, intermediate or advanced levels
  • Clear visual instructions for your best results

User-Friendly Technology
at Your Fingertips!

  • WIFI connectivity
  • Android OS
  • Automatic software updates

Get recognized with our growing "Hypervibe Family"
who enjoy our Custom-built Mobile-App!

Have fun, stay accountable and connected with other likeminded Hypervibe customers! You don't have to feel alone when you join our Hypervibe community from your very own smartphone!

  • Community & motivation
  • Reward-based incentives
  • Recognition for completing programs
  • Earn certificates & badges
  • Fun, accountability & connection

Another good reason why Hypervibe is the best choice for your fitness, health and wellbeing!

Order Your G17 PRO V2 Today for a More Toned, Stronger & Healthier Body 2-year Warranty | Lifetime Support
  • Over 530,000 people use Hypervibe each year!
  • Rated #1 Home machine for Acceleration & Value for Money from the World's Largest test
  • Bluetooth Technolgy with 40x Therapist Designed Programs & 100-video tutorials
  • 12 industry for quality, plus new patented Swan-Neck design.
  • Lifetime support plus 2-years free service warranty.
Industry Leading 90 Day Returns Policy*


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