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3 Essential Features of a Good Whole Body Vibration Machine

05th August 2016
3 essential features of a good whole body vibration machine

Vibration machine prices vary greatly, some brands being quite expensive while others are extremely cheap. This can be confusing for someone who’s not familiar with WBV and doesn’t know how much a good whole body vibration machine is supposed to cost. So in today’s article we’ll tell you which features are essential and which are less important when choosing a vibration platform for home or commercial use.

Let’s start with the top 3 characteristics of a good WBV machine:

1. Frequency and acceleration

2. Amplitude

3. Type of platform

Why the acceleration and frequency of a vibration machine matter

The frequency and acceleration determine the intensity of your workouts, so if you plan to use the machine for strength workouts, for building stronger muscles, or getting slimmer, you should aim for a platform that can deliver enough power. You will hear the term “G-force,” which stands for “gravitational force” and indicates the machine’s acceleration or the resistance force your body will have to work against.

When you stand on a vibration platform, the machine lifts you and drops you down, placing an increased gravitational load on your body. Most of the benefits of WBV are the results of this G-force, which causes the muscles to contract faster, thus burning more calories and getting stronger without you having to lift weights.

The frequency indicates how fast the platform moves. Both acceleration and frequency influence the amount of energy you burn during WBV workouts and the level of exertion involved, so it’s natural to place these parameters on top of your list when searching for a vibration machine for personal use.

An important aspect to mention here is that the best frequency interval for achieving fitness goals is 20-45Hz. Studies show that the muscles work the hardest in this interval, and the body burns the highest amount of calories. However, as a beginner, you may prefer to start at lower frequencies and G-force values and work within the 10 G’s-16 G’s range. Trained athletes usually work at 20 G’s or so.

As said, for optimal results, the acceleration is best delivered at 20-45 Hz, but if you want to use the WBV platform for other purposes, such as flexibility, balance, or circulation enhancement, for example, you can exercise at lower frequencies. 6-10 Hz is a good range for massage and circulation enhancement, 10-14 Hz is good for upper body workouts, 14-20 Hz is a good frequency range for lower body and core workouts.

Why the amplitude and type of platform are important

The amplitude indicates the distance traveled by the platform, and the type of platform you choose is important because it influences the way vibration is sent to your body. Pivotal machines mimic the natural movement of the hips and are preferred because they minimize the vibration sent to the head.

On a pivotal vibration machine, the left and right sides of the platform you stand on alternate up and down around a central pivot point, as though you were standing on a seesaw. On the other hand, a lineal platform remains horizontal, and the entire platform moves up and down.

Obviously, the amplitude is higher in a pivotal machine, and the great thing about these WBV devices is that you can adjust the amplitude (and consequently the intensity of your workouts) by simply moving your feet closer or farther from the machine’s center. Thus, if you want to make sure you buy a vibration machine that provides the best value for money, look for a platform that is powerful and provides the right amplitude, frequency and acceleration.

What’s less important when looking to buy a vibration machine?

  • the size of the device
  • the power consumption
  • the price
  • the aesthetics and user interface

These features do matter, but a nice looking machine is useless if it doesn’t have the technical specifications required for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about vibration platforms and in understanding how whole body vibration can help you get stronger, slimmer and healthier, take a look at our Complete WBV series. Also, make sure to check this article to learn about the different types of vibration plates, and this article to learn more about the frequency of a WBV machine and its effects on the body.

We also recommend you to download our FREE e-book The Real Benefits of Whole Body Vibration, which explains why this form of physical activity is beneficial for the human organism.

Have questions about whole body vibration machines? Post them below in the comment section and we’ll gladly answer!

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