• 8 WBV exercises for stronger and slimmer thighs

    03rd July 2016

    Although the thighs and glutes are problem areas for a lot of people, it is possible to firm up and slim down your thighs with a combination of whole

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  • what-is-fibromyalgia-what-causes-it

    What is fibromyalgia and what causes it?

    22nd June 2016

    Fibromyalgia comes from the words “myos” which means “muscle” in Greek, “algos”, which is the Greek term for “pain”, and “fibro”, which is the Latin word defining the fibrous

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  • Why-are-your-bones-getting-thinner-Causes-of-osteoporosis

    Why are your bones getting thinner? Causes of osteoporosis

    20th June 2016

    Sometimes, the thinning of bones occurs without a known cause, but in most cases, osteoporosis is the result of improper calcium and phosphate absorption, an inactive lifestyle or genetics

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  • Research confirms whole body vibration improves circulation

    15th June 2016

    During whole body vibration exercises, the body is exposed to an increased acceleration (G-force) when the platform moves up and down, the rhythmic movement and the vibration sent through

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  • Do I need special gear to train on a vibration plate?

    10th June 2016

    Dear readers,

    We’re starting a new series of articles dedicated to your questions We receive a lot of messages from you and some of them are

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  • Complete Whole Body Vibration routine for the abs & upper body

    Complete Whole Body Vibration routine for the abs & upper body

    07th June 2016

    When you think of upper body exercises, you probably tend to select only exercises for the six pack and waist, biceps and triceps, neglecting the other muscle groups But

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  • posture-exercises-hypervibe-whole-body-vibration-machine

    Poor posture? Fix it with whole body vibration exercises

    03rd June 2016

    If you walk with a hunched back, or slouch at your desk and repeat this poor posture day after day, you risk to change your body’s shape and alignment,

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  • Frequently asked questions about Whole Body Vibration

    Frequently asked questions about Whole Body Vibration

    15th May 2016

    Whole body vibration machines create a hyper gravity environment, the vertical directional force generated by the machine, G-force, creating an upward load resistance that makes your body feel heavier

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  • short-term-effects-of-wbv

    Short-term effects of whole body vibration on your body

    10th January 2016

    In a previous article we’ve discussed the long-term effects of whole body vibration on the human body, and showed that training on a vibrating machine for several weeks

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  • What eating too much salt does to your body

    05th January 2016

    According to a recent report published by the CDC, most Americans eat more salt than recommended, putting their health at risk

    More than 89% of adults consume

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  • Effects of vibration therapy in multiple sclerosis patients

    03rd January 2016

    Multiple sclerosis affects 1 in 1000 people, the causes of this chronic autoimmune disease being unknown

    Attributed to an abnormal response of the immune system to

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