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Oscillating Machine: An Effective Workout?

13th July 2022
oscillating machine

It is not entirely apparent whether or not subjecting your full body to vibration has the same positive effects on your health and fitness as engaging in regular exercise. Whole-body vibration can be achieved by either standing, sitting, or lying down on an oscillating machine.

As the device distributes vibrational energy to your body, you will experience a series of muscle contractions and relaxations that occur at a rate of dozens of times per second. Because you are participating in the workout, there is a possibility that you will start to feel worked up.

You can purchase an oscillating machine for the complete body so that you can use it at home, or you can find them in some gyms. The proponents of a whole-body oscillating machine assert that just 15 minutes of vibration three times per week can aid with weight loss, burning of fat, flexibility, blood flow, post-exercise muscle soreness, strength training, and lowering of cortisol levels.

On the other hand, not nearly enough research has been done to fully understand the consequences of using the whole-body oscillating machine. It is yet to be demonstrated whether or not using a machine that oscillates the entire body provides the same breadth of health advantages as engaging in traditional forms of physical exercises, such as walking, cycling, or swimming.

When paired with a reduction in calorie consumption, there is evidence to suggest that whole-body vibration can facilitate weight loss and enhance the development of muscle strength.

The possible advantages of using an oscillating machine for the whole body go well beyond the field of merely improving one’s fitness level. Even so, if you want to reduce your body fat and improve your fitness level, it is imperative that you eat healthily and consistently engage in physical activity.

Although working out with a whole-body oscillating machine is an efficient form of physical activity, it is essential to combine it with other types of exercise, such as aerobics and strength training, for optimal health benefits. Before beginning to use whole-body vibration, it is important to discuss the possibility of risk with your primary care provider, particularly if you are pregnant or have a medical problem that is already established.

What is an oscillating machine?

Your spinal column is the central focus of the design of your body. Walking requires you to maintain a seesaw-like equilibrium of your weight as you move from left to right. The afflicted muscles contract alternately when utilizing an oscillating machine, much like when you’re walking.

This ensures that the identical muscles on both sides of the body are never engaged at the same moment. A side-alternating vibration is a very significant component that should be included in any attempt to improve the machine’s overall balance.

Are oscillating vibration plates any good?

Low-impact equipment called vibration plates, also known as shaking platforms, generate whole-body vibrations that increase muscular contraction. Vibration plates are also known by their other name, shaking platforms.

They have taken the health and fitness industry by storm due to the weight loss benefits they bring and may provide benefits that are comparable to, if not identical to, those provided by certain forms of exercise. In addition, vibration plates have been widely marketed as innovative equipment that improve bone health and skin texture while also eliminating pain throughout the body. This has led to a rise in their popularity.

  • Vibration plates offer a low-impact form of training that makes them acceptable for people of a wide range of ages and levels of physical ability.
  • Low-impact workouts are beneficial for your joints because they do not place a significant amount of pressure on your knees, hips, or ankles.
  • This indicates that low-impact exercise on a vibration plate is beneficial for individuals who are elderly, unfit, and beginning their journey toward fitness, as well as those who are recovering from an injury.
  • Exercises with little impact that are performed on a vibration plate are an excellent method for gradually increasing one’s overall strength and endurance while minimizing the danger of injury. Vibration plates are a fantastic alternative to high-impact exercises like running and weightlifting, making them an excellent choice for people who are either new to exercising or the elderly.

There is no question regarding the efficiency or safety of using oscillating vibration plates. Nevertheless, their utilization does, in some instances, involve negative effects, just like the utilization of the vast majority of items.

As it turns out, standing on a vibration plate for more than thirty minutes can be harmful to the other tissues and organs in your body. Excessive vibration can damage the cartilages in your knee and hip joints, as well as the retina in your eyes and other organs in your body.

Does vibration help muscle knots?

In patients with limited mobility, mechanical vibration therapy is frequently used to increase osteoclast metabolism and to avoid osteoporosis. However, this type of therapy can also be used to assist cure muscle knots, which is a benefit.

It accomplishes this by improving the range of motion as well as the flow, both of which can assist to lower the risk of micro-injury and encourage the clearance of pain-causing cytokines, which will result in a reduction in overall pain.

Your muscles can benefit greatly from being treated with vibrations. Massagers that use vibration, as well as other hand-held massage tools, offer a novel approach to the traditional method of working out tense muscles. The increase in blood circulation and temperature that occurs in the muscles as a result of vibrations can help to alleviate muscle tension.

Are vibration plates good for the elderly?

The natural processes of aging lead to a loss of functional flexibility as well as physical strength, both of which enhance a senior’s risk of falling and their need for the assistance of others. Whole-body vibration exercise, often known as WBV exercise, is a relatively novel strategy that can slow down or even reverse the negative consequences of aging.

This article will focus solely on the consequences that previous research has shown to be associated with the elderly population in order to conduct its review. Journal papers pertaining to older citizens and whole-body vibration were discovered through an exhaustive search conducted using the PubMed and Sport Discus databases.

oscillating machine

In addition to the results obtained from the database search, an exhaustive search was conducted manually in order to locate other relevant articles. We were able to collect twenty-seven publications; all of the articles have been published within the last eight years, which is reflective of the recent and growing interest in this field.

WBV exercise, according to the findings of several studies, can help elders improve their postural control and minimize their risk of falling. It has also been discovered that training using weighted body vibration (WBV) can be just as effective as traditional resistance training in improving lower body strength in older adults.

On the other hand, there is a paucity of information regarding the impact that WBV training has on the flexibility and upper-body strength of an elderly population. It is necessary to do additional research in order to determine how successful WBV training is on these particular aspects and how it may influence the quality of life of seniors.


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