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Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan for Beginners to Try Before Christmas

07th December 2022

A vegan weight loss meal plan is an ideal way to combat your low self-confidence about your look, but can also kick-start your health condition. According to Melissa D. Olifert’s research from the 2018th year, such a food regime can reduce the risk of diabetes, which usually refers to obesity and metabolism detention.

Making efforts to stay away from serious illnesses has no perfect season, but is mandatory around the whole year. Yet, now that Christmas is so close and your party dress is waiting for you to fit in, going on a plant-based is more than an amazing idea. If you are new to this, though, don’t hesitate to use our guide made especially for beginners in vegan eating patterns.

How do vegans lose weight fast?

Going on a diet is a big deal and it’s normal for every one of you to wonder whether it’s going to be worth it at all. Moreover, changing your lifestyle must be frustrating, so knowing you will earn something from it is a must. For those of you who wonder whether a vegan weight loss meal plan can help you to shed some pounds, we’ve got the right argument – the science.

  • During the 2015th year in The Journal of Pediatrics, a report about a study with 30 kids suffering from obesity was published. Half of the kids followed the American Heart Association (AHA) diet, while the others – a vegan diet. In 4 weeks the group of children on a plant-based food regime showed quite better results: lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels.
  • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition came out with an interesting report in the 2013th year where two groups of office workers went on a special 18-week control diet. At the end of the study the employees who preferred the vegan diet for made to lose 9.5 pounds (4.3 kg) on average, while the others reduced their calorie intake – only 0.2 pounds (0.1 kg).
  • In an older article from the 2005th year, The American Journal of Medicine wrote how 64-year-old women with obesity went on a low-fat vegan diet based on the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) guides for 14 weeks. In the end, each of them lost about 6 kg.

What we can conclude from these studies is that a vegan weight loss meal plan works. The reduction of body weight is helped through the regulation of insulin sensitivity, blood sugar level, metabolism, and bad/good cholesterol correlation. The most beneficial factor in such a diet, though, is the increase in the daily fiber intake at the expense of carbohydrates. In addition to these, a fully plant-based food regime boosts digestion.

What to eat as a vegan trying to lose weight?

One of the pop stars in online vegan blogging these days, Alison Corey explains it quite well. In her article, she says that if up to now you’ve been consuming mostly junk food, by all means going to a vegan regime will help you lose weight for sure and for a short period. It’s enough that you’ll give up on fast crabs to boost your metabolism, immunity system and even cellular rejuvenation as in most plant foods there’s a big amount of antioxidants.

Though, if you normally stick to a healthy food style, in the vegan weight loss meal plan you should be a bit more careful and smart while selecting concrete products. As a beginner, it might be difficult for you to start with big cooking changes and advanced recipes. Stick to some simple and delicious meals:

  • What’s on breakfast? – vegan slices of bread with peanut butter, apple overnight oats, chia pudding with berries, veggie smoothie, tortilla with homemade fruit jam and seeds or nuts, quinoa with fruit syrup and seasonal fruits, etc.
  • And the best vegan lunch ideas are…? – green salad with hummus, veggie risotto, buck-wheat with seasonal stewed vegetables, quesadilla with black beans, tofu, and salsa, avocado toast with tomatoes and cucumbers, lentil soup, chickpeas with tomato-garlic sauce and basil, etc.
  • What can I make for dinner? – whole wheat noodles with vegan pesto, rich seasonal salad with a sauce of honey, balsamic vinegar, and mustard, baked tofu with seasonal veggies, pasta with broccoli, fast vegetable chips made of beetroots and carrots in the oven, roasted cauliflower tacos with refried beans, roasted eggplant with coconut yogurt and garlic sauce, brown rice with mushrooms and soy sauce, etc.

Can you lose belly fat on a vegan diet?

Let’s admit it – losing weight in the belly zone is one of the toughest missions in the gym or diet. Belly fats, also known as visceral fats are indeed the hardest to burn. They fully transform your body structure look and causes severe health risks, including diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancer types. Now, mentioning diabetes risk which you have already found out that can be reduced through a vegan weight loss meal plan, you might get excited too fast.

Indeed, the plant-based food regime is capable to prevent diabetes. Indeed, it’s good for people with obesity and overweight. But the belly fats need you to turn to the heavyweight. In an article published in the health and wellness popular media, Livestrong Kevin Rail, who’s a professional fitness and food regime coach with a degree in Sports Management field, says “The way to lose this weight is by taking a full-body approach that involves diet and exercise.” In other words, giving up the milk, the meat, and the sweets from your secret cookie-smelling kitchen cabinet is not enough. Here’s what else you should do:

  • Reduce the calorie intake by 500-1000 calories per day.
  • Drink a lot of water!
  • Have snacks between meals.
  • Cardio training at least 3 times per week.
  • Make abdominal exercises.
  • Have fate and be patient!

Why am I gaining weight as a vegan?

Like a coin, every diet has two sides. One of them is always a negative one. Unfortunately, if you are not careful enough, a vegan weight loss meal plan can end up with extra pounds on your body at the end of the month. Here’s why it might happen:

  • The vegan diet means keeping eating homemade and healthy food, but plant-based. So if you buy processed vegan-friendly food you are not helping yourself to lose weight but will gain more.
  • A vegan diet might not be ok for people with concrete medical issues. For example, patients with hormonal imbalances or thyroid disorders should speak with their doctors in advance if planning such a food regime.
  • Not eating enough is one of the worst things you can do. This is not going to help you lose weight, but will slow the metabolism down and will eventually make you gain more kilos.
  • Are you drinking your excluded calories? If you decide to reduce your calorie intake by 1000 calories, but eventually you drink them with a smoothie, juice, or alcohol, you will eventually gain more weight.
  • Hormones can make you put on weight. Some of them do that when you receive an allergic reaction. It’s very common for beginners in vegan to get one, including with belly bloating symptoms, as this food regime contains a lot of allergens.
  • Last but not least, it might be healthy and vegan, but if your daily calorie intake is higher than it used to be when you consumed meat and milk, you don’t lose but put on weight.

So, how was that? Did our vegan weight loss meal plan guide sound motivating and easier now for you? Don’t hesitate to try it out before Christmas. It’s the best time to perform it as after all, it’s the fasting time for many of you.


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