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Vibration Plate Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About the Hypervibe G10 and G14

01st March 2023

If you are one of those people who have tried every exercise routine and gym machine under the sun without satisfactory results, we hear you. It can be highly frustrating and disappointing to spend so much time and so many dollars on gimmicks that don’t work.

Before you completely give up though, there’s one thing you may not have tried yet, which has the potential to change your world. We are talking about the Hypervibe vibration plates for whole body vibration (WBV). We take great pride that our vibration plates have been independently tested and proven to show results when compared with other industry alternatives.

But to back that up with facts and figures, we’ve undertaken to compile some vibration plate reviews to make your choice in getting your next one that much simpler. Let’s take a closer look.

Our two vibration plates for home use: the compact G10 and the powerful G14

So, without further ado, we jump straight into the vibration plate reviews of two of our most popular products: the G10 and the G14.

Compact use: G10

Size, weight, and movement

With the G10, it’s all in the name: of compact use. Meaning that it’s small and light and can be moved around from place to place at your convenience. Whether you’re watching a film or a series or you’re doing something else, you can easily move the G10 around your home for greater convenience.

It only weighs 59 lbs while being capable of handling a maximum user weight of 310 lbs! In terms of physical size, the machine is 25.8 inches wide, 15.5 inches deep, and 6 inches high. The platform also has an elastic resistance band.

It offers a pivotal platform movement. But what does this mean? Well, the motion of the platform determines the direction of the forces applied to your body. With a pivotal motion, you will be able to tilt from left to right, gaining maximum effect from your workout.

Power Features

And now we get to the finer mechanics behind it starting with the frequency range that varies from 5 to 25 Hz. If this sounds too technical, don’t worry. We’re here to explain. Frequency generally refers to the number of times the platform moves per second. This movement is measured in Hertz or Hz for short.

As for the acceleration, the rate at the platform accelerates through one cycle of movement, you are looking at a G-force of 0.1G to 10G. But that’s not all! Of course, you will be able to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity and remote control for greater ease and convenience.

Home use: G14

Size and weight

The larger and more powerful G14 comes in weighing 130 lbs. It can handle a maximum user weight of 310 lbs. This vibration plate’s dimensions are 25.8 inches wide, 27.3 inches deep, and 47.6 inches high. It also offers a pivotal platform movement, much like the G10.

Power Features

But its power is demonstrated through its five to 30 Hz frequency range and its G-force range of 0.1G to 14G. As for its other value-added features, you can enjoy a seven-inch touchscreen, an elastic resistance band, Wi-Fi connectivity, and upper and lower controls.

With its patented “swan-neck” design, it’s not only a powerful machine. It is beautiful too.


With this vibration plate review of the G14, you can enjoy reduced levels of body fat, and strengthen your muscles, as well as joints and bones. It’s a truly comprehensive all-in-one vibration plate that you can supplement with additional exercises if you feel up for the task.

Alternatively, you can spend mere minutes a day standing on it for greater balance and flexibility. It’s also phenomenal for pain relief and injury recovery, greater bone density, improved circulation, and a whole lot more.

Why should you try the Hypervibe vibration plates?

Of course, talking about the mechanics is one thing. But looking at the benefits you get out of the Hypervibe vibration plates is another story altogether. That’s why, as part of our vibration plate reviews, we’ll also hone in on the key advantages that you can enjoy.

We all want a healthier and stronger body, and the Hypervibe vibration plates offer you the opportunity to reach your goal that much faster.

There are over half a million people in the world who love their vibration plates and more than 1,100 medical and wellness facilities choose Hypervibe for good reason. A couple of these include:

  • 35% faster weight loss results: that’s right! You can see dramatic results in the fight against obesity, drained lymphatic systems, and reduced appearance of cellulite. All this has been researched and the studies are solid.
  • 400% more stimulation: looking at it from a different perspective, you can enjoy four times higher stimulation than the industry average. The 10G gravity force is shown by scientific studies to be required to have measurable results on your body. Unfortunately, many in the industry don’t offer this level of strength of the force.
  • 12x verified approvals: because we take our promise to you seriously, we undertook independent tests, which show that Hypervide is one of the most Industry Certified machines on the market.
    100+ video tutorials: with your vibration plate’s Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy over 100 video tutorials that are great for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You can keep track of your results through an app on your smartphone. In addition, you can connect with other Hypervibe users around the world.
  • Increased muscle strength and bone density: a research study of frail elderly participants who did four minutes of vibration training over eight weeks. Their strength had increased by 58%! Meanwhile, less than 10 minutes of “standing still” on a vibration plate restored almost two years’ worth of bone density. The results speak for themselves.
  • Lifetime support: yes, you can enjoy help from our 24/7 helpdesk via email or phone, get VIP support, and free introductory lessons to make your journey with us that much more useful to you and your physical goals.
  • Industry-leading guarantee and warranty: with us, you get an unmatched two-year free service warranty and a 90-day returns policy.
  • Best value for money: based on studies and research, it was found that the G10 was the only machine out of nine, which outperformed machines selling for three times the cost.

Overall, with the Hypervibe vibration plates, you stand no risk of injury, there are no adverse side effects, and it requires very little time and effort to perform. And the benefits are truly worth it.

One example of this is greater balance and flexibility as well as circulation in the body that prevents fluid buildup. All this can help you start feeling more energetic, having fewer problems with your joints, improving your athletic performance, and protecting your eyes, toes, and feet. You’ll also recover faster from injuries, and of course, have greater-looking skin.

Wrapping up

Here we are – we’ve reached the end of our vibration plate reviews and you can now see that the results speak for themselves. Sure, we can share the results of the independent studies we undertook, which cost more than $125,000.

But the key takeaway is that each one showed that the G10 and the G14 are the best value-for-money vibration plates and that they can help you achieve exceptional and astonishing results in a few minutes a day. Ready to get your vibration plate from Hypervibe? Just get in touch with us.

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