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3 Vibration Plate Stretches You Can Do on Hypervibe

13th April 2022
stretching on a vibration plate

Since their inception in the mid-20th century, vibration plates have been steadily paving their way into the human health realm. Stronger bones, more powerful muscles, improved circulation, reduced chronic pain, and decreased body fat percentage, are just a mere fraction of their benefits. The machines offer a myriad of exercise options, including all sorts of stretching moves.

And indeed, whole-body vibration (WBV) – the activity that is done on the vibrating platform, is gentle to your joints, safe to your body organs, and beneficial for more or less every area of your health. In this article we are going to focus on another important aspect of physical activity, namely stretching, and will share with you 3 Hypervibe stretches that you can take advantage of.

Do vibration plates help flexibility?

According to scientific findings, the regular use of the vibrating platform has been linked with an increased motion range and raised body flexibility. You can perform all sorts of stretching on a vibration plate that is aligned with your personal circumstance and fitness goals. You can stand on the machine, sit or lay down and let the vibrations do their job. Alternatively, should you like, you can throw in various movements and speed up the stretching process.

All that you need to do is choose the most appropriate mode and adjust the settings accordingly. You can try various vibration frequencies, G-force acceleration levels, and different amplitudes until you find the ones that suit your needs best. 15 – 20 minutes a day, 3 – 4 days per week, is all that you are expected to give in return for a healthier, leaner, and more flexible body.

Can you overuse a vibration plate?

Stretching on a vibration plate has been found to be among the safest and most beneficial forms of physical activity. Thanks to the high-frequency oscillations that are produced by the Hypervibe platform, your bodily tissues get all the benefits with less effort and no detrimental impact. Having said that, you should keep in mind that this is still a piece of fitness equipment and it should be used adequately.

The body vibration plate has plenty to offer to the fitness enthusiast or the professional athlete, however in order to make the best out of it, you should adhere to the safety guidelines. Train in accordance with the manufacturer’s safety manual and do not attempt to overuse the equipment. For best results follow these tips:

  • Do not train for more than 30 minutes in a single day
  • Do not train for more than 4 days a week
  • Allow 48 hours between training sessions for better recovery
  • If you adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines, you can use the machine all year round

3 of the best Hypervibe stretches

Stretching on a vibration plate has never been easier thanks to the innovative devices offered by Hypervibe. You can perform the following 3 types of stretches on any one of the company’s models, including the G10 Mini, the G14 Home, and the G17 Pro. Once again, please train in moderation and do not attempt to overuse the machines.

stretching on a vibration plate

Here are 3 of the best Hypervibe stretches:

1. Seated Hamstring Stretch

For this Hypervibe stretch you can have the machine set at 15 but anywhere between 11 and 15 is a really nice place to do your stretches. You need to sit in the middle of the plate and place your hamstring on the front edge. Keep in mind that breathing is very important during stretching. Ideally, you would want to relax and let your muscles oxygenate.

As you sit on the platform, take an inhale and then exhale letting your spine ripple down while simultaneously lengthening the legs and reaching your toes. Gently pull into your toes so that you can extend your spine which is what challenges the hamstrings. If your toes feel like they are miles away, just rest your hands either on your shins or behind your calves and try and get that little lengthen through your spine and then pull it all the way back up.

2. Child Pose Stretch

Now let’s look at something that is ideal for your upper back and shoulders. For this Hypervibe stretch, you need to come on to your knees and go into a child’s pose just in front of the vibration plate. Keep in mind that if you spread the knees it just gives your hips and tummy a little bit more room. Once ready, place your forearms on the platform to get a nice stretch. This is also a great recovery pose.

If your knees don’t like to be that flexed you can still do the same stretch from a four-point kneeling position. And because you’ve got the vibration from the plate, it feels like a stretch, massage, and release at the same time. You can now stand up and step onto the plate and get ready for the next stretch.

3. Calf stretching on a vibration plate

For the performance of this stretch, you will need to use the wall or something stable to hold on because you are going to have the heels hanging off the back edge of the plate. If you angle forward that is going to increase the amount of stretch through the achilles and the calf all the way through the back of your legs. If that is too much you can come a bit higher but you definitely need something to support yourself.

Pop one of your heels up while the other goes down. Then change and do the same with the other heel. This way you will get a stretch and a bit of a massage at the same time. Don’t forget to breathe as it helps you focus and get yourself into that deeper and more relaxed state. The stretch is great done in the morning or before you go to bed at night.

Final thoughts

Apart from strengthening muscles, increasing bone mineral density, and aiding weight loss, the body vibration plate is an ideal tool for stretching. Just make sure you adhere to the safety precautions and never try to overuse the equipment.

Perform these 3 Hypervibe stretches regularly and you will soon notice your motion range increasing and your flexibility rising. If new to the machine, start slowly and progress gradually. Train wisely!

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