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Why Is Hypervibe One of the Best Vibration Plates on the Market?

08th December 2021
Hypervibe - G Series

Most probably you are already familiar with the benefits that come with whole-body vibration. Perhaps you know that the activity is performed on a piece of specialized fitness equipment referred to as the vibration platform or the G-force machine. And most likely, you are considering a purchase, but want to make sure you get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Indeed, the fitness market is overcrowded with vibration machines, but not all of them are equal. Some are truly great, and some are simply not worth it. This is why, before you opt-in, you should do your homework well. In the following article, we are going to tell you a bit more about Hypervibe, and why it is one of the best vibration platforms around.

What is Hypervibe?

Hypervibe is an Australian company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality vibrating platforms, sold under the same name. The company was established in 2008 and currently, it is recognized as a leading global brand in the field. The product range includes 3 models with different specifications, designed to cover the needs of a bigger audience.

  • G10 – compact use with a G-force of up to 10 G’s and a frequency of 5 – 25 Hz;
  • G14 – home use with a G-force of up to 14 G’s and a frequency of 5 – 30 Hz;
  • G17 – business use with a G-force of up to 17 G’s and a frequency of 5 – 35 Hz;

So far, the machines have been included in several scientific studies, with some pretty promising results. For instance, It has been established that Hypervibe platforms lead to increased muscle power, stronger bones, better circulation, improved lymphatic drainage, faster physical recovery, reduced chronic pain, and decreased overall body fat percentage. All that the equipment requires is 15 – 20 minutes of your time a day, 3 – 4 days a week. That’s all!

What makes Hypervibe machines superior?

Hypervibe for meCurrently, there are numerous vibration platforms on the market, but unfortunately, most of them are simply not worth it. When compared to its rivals, Hypervibe machines have won the contest on almost every level, including G-force, frequency, and price. Below are some of the most important aspects which make Hypervibe products stand out from the crowd:

  • Frequency – unlike most vibration platforms on the market, Hypervibe machines offer different frequency ranges, such as low-, mid-, and high-frequency. You can adjust the level according to your fitness goals, starting at 5 Hz, and going all the up to 35 Hz;
  • G-force – this is the force that equals Earth’s gravity. The higher the G-force, the bigger the health benefits. Having said that, you should not go above 17 G’s. According to scientific evidence, the best G-force range is between 10 – 17 G’s. Furthermore, Hypervibe has been found to produce the most G-force per dollar spent;
  • Mode – Hypervibe machines offer pivotal vibration mode, which has been found to deliver the best fitness outcomes when it comes to whole-body vibration. This type of mode allows you to increase the frequency all the way up to 35 Hz, and rip off all the health benefits in less time;
  • Comfort – all 3 models are specifically designed to produce less noise and take up as little space as possible. You can place the machine pretty much anywhere in your home and move it around relatively easy;
  • 90 day trial -all products come with a 90-day return policy, starting from the date of shipping. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the machine and get a full refund (less shipping costs)

Is Hypervibe for me?

If you are looking to improve your overall health, body composition, and muscle power, Hypervibe offers the ideal solution. Thanks to its stronger G-force, bigger frequency range, and pivotal mode, the vibrating platform is capable of delivering exceptional results in less time, and with less effort.

Bear in mind that the machines might not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions. If you are in doubt, you can always consult a health specialist or your doctor. According to clinical trials, the body vibration machines should not be used by those of you who:

  • Have epilepsy
  • Suffer from cardiovascular disease
  • Have certain cancers
  • Suffer from neurological diseases
  • Had a recent joint replacement
  • Recover from a recent operation
  • Are pregnant

Are Hypervibe machines expensive?

Hypervibe expensiveThe vibration platforms include a range of technological innovations and safety measures that require a large chunk of investment by the manufacturer. Therefore, the machines that are worth it surpass the $1000 mark. Having said that, currently, Hypervibe products offer the biggest value for money available on the market, including the most G-force per dollar spent.


Whole-body vibration has been found to benefit pretty much every area of your health. It is a type of physical activity that is performed on special equipment known as the vibration plate. Before you hit the “Buy” button though, you should do your homework well. Be aware that not all vibrating plates will do the job they are supposed to, which is why you must shop with care.

One of the best vibration platforms currently on offer is those produced by Hypervibe. The machines come with a huge range of specs and features and offer the best value for your money spent. Thousands of happy clients are already enjoying the plate, and you are more than welcome to join. Train wisely!

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