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What Makes Hypervibe Superior to Its Rivals?

29th December 2021
why Hypervibe

It’s a fact – body vibration machines have taken the world by storm. It seems that lately we hear more about them on the TV, read more about them in the magazines, and talk more about them on the street. And for a good reason! Over the past decade or so, the scientific evidence, associated with their health benefits, has been growing steadily, placing the Vibro machines among the most desired home fitness equipment of the 21st century.

So far, the vibration platforms have proven beneficial in many areas of human health, including cardiovascular well-being, muscle conditioning, bone mineral density, weight maintenance, and physical recovery. Indeed, the health benefits are numerous, but unfortunately not all vibration platforms are capable of delivering the desired outcomes. While some are truly great at that, the majority is still way behind.

Who are the leading vibration platform brands?

At the time of writing this article, there are over 50 different vibration platform brands on the fitness market. They vary in specifications, design, and capabilities, but all seem to have something in common – high promises which do not always prove to be true. And to make things even worse, most of them have never been a subject to any of the numerous scientific studies, related to the positive health outcomes of WBV.

Currently, Hypervibe seems to be leading the path when it comes to whole-body vibration (WBV), outperforming the competition in pretty much every major category. But what makes Hypervibe vibration platforms superior, and why you should choose them over those of its rivals? In the following lines, we are going to answer these questions. So, without further ado, let’s get moving!

What makes Hypervibe superior to its rivals?

Why Hypervibe

Since its inception back in 2008, Hypervibe has been working hard on revolutionizing the WBV home fitness equipment. Thanks to the hard work of the Australian team, the company has managed to offer to the public vibration plates with outstanding specifications and unbeatable value-for-money.

Throughout the years, the brand has added four flagship models to its portfolio, known as the G-series machines. These are G-10, G-14, G-17, and the latest addition – G-25. When it comes to performance, specifications, and price, the platforms appear to be taking the leading positions among their competitors, including bigger G-force, broader vibration frequency, and a better price.

Below are some of the major arguments that make Hypervibe machines the most preferred vibration platform on the market.

Most beneficial frequency range

Vibration frequency is among the major contributing factors when it comes to WBV and its associated benefits. The higher the frequency, the bigger the health outcomes (within certain levels of course). Scientists have discovered that the most beneficial vibration frequency is within the range of 5Hz – 40Hz.

According to the clinical trials, if you train at frequencies below these, the likelihood of obtaining any positive results is close to zero. On the flip side, exercising at frequency levels to the north of 40Hz may lead to negative health outcomes. This is why all Hypervibe models are equipped with vibration frequency levels above 5Hz and below 40Hz.

Best G-force

In case you haven’t come across this term before, G-force relates to the amount of load placed on your body during a whole-body vibration session. G means Gravity, where 1 G is the equivalent of Earth’s gravity, 2G equals twice Earth’s gravity, and so on. Just as with the frequency level, the greater the G-force, the better the fitness outcomes.

Scientists have indicated that the most appropriate G-force, for ripping all of the health benefits linked to WBV, is within the range of 10 – 25 Gs. According to their findings, exercising below that range leads to unsatisfactory results, whereas exposing the body at G-forces above 25 Gs has been found to be detrimental to human health. For that reason, Hypervibe models start at G-forces of 10Gs (G-10 Mini) and do not exceed ranges above 25Gs (G-25 Galaxy).

Outstanding value-for-money

When it comes to new purchases, the price range is one of the leading consideration factors for the majority of shoppers. Hypervibe understands that better than any other brand out there, which is why its models offer an outstanding value-for-money that is nearly impossible to beat by the competition.

When compared to rival vibration platforms with similar specifications, Hypervibe machines appear to be offering an exceptional value at the most affordable price range, including the biggest G-force per dollar spent. And if that’s not quite enough for you, consider the following: Hypervibe models are among the least noisy, most compact, and safest body vibration machines at present.

Unmatched warranty

Hypervibe is among the most customer-oriented companies in the home fitness market. The brand puts clients’ satisfaction and clients’ loyalty above all, which is why it offers an unmatched warranty package that comes with every new purchase of its products.

All G-series models come with 2 years labor, 5 years parts, and 10 years protection of the motor, which places the company among the most generous manufacturers of body vibrating machines. But the good news does not end there. Every customer is entitled to an additional 90-days money-back guarantee, in case things do not go in the desired direction.

Final words

Whole-body vibration is a type of exercise that is performed on a vibration platform. The regular use of the equipment has been linked to numerous health benefits, including stronger muscles, denser bones, better circulation, reduced overall body weight, and accelerated physical recovery. All that the machines require from you is to stand, sit, or lay down on the plate for 15 – 20 minutes a day, 3 – 4 days a week.

Having said that, not all vibrating plates currently on offer are capable of providing the desired outcomes. This is why, before you make a purchase, you need to take into consideration all the major factors, and do your homework well. At present, Hypervibe seems to be leading the way when it comes to whole-body vibration, outperforming the competition in more or less every significant category. Shop wisely and train safely!

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