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What Home Exercise Machine Burns the Most Belly Fat?

18th August 2021
What Home Exercise Machine Burns the Most Belly Fat? 1

Maintaining an optimal weight is of paramount importance if you want to be healthy and live a wholesome life. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 events from the past year and a half have made this extremely difficult, leaving room for a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and excess belly fat. Today people socialize less, walk less, and do little to no exercise.

Gyms are closed, outdoor fitness activities are put on hold and it seems that we are just out of options for keeping our weight within the healthy range. But is it really so? Does the fact that we cannot attend the local gym really mean that we are left with no other options to exercise? Is it that our belly fat percentage is only going to go up from now on and there is nothing we can do?

Of course not! Only because we cannot go to the gym or attend a group fitness activity in the local park does not mean that we can not still be active and keep our belly fat at bay. What is even more – you can do it from the convenience of your home. How exactly you may ask? With the help of these home exercise machines that have been scientifically proven to burn the most belly fat.

You may have heard about some of the best home fitness equipment, such as the rowing machine, the stationary bike, or the weight-loss vibration plate, but which one of them burns the most belly fat? Which one does the job best and is worth investing in? Is the vibration plate weight loss more easily achievable or is the treadmill better at it? In this article, we are going to give answers to these questions. So, let’s get started!

Stationary bike

stationary bike
Stationary bikes have been around for quite some time and throughout the years have done some great jobs at keeping people fit without the need to step out of the house. You can hop on one of these, adjust the level of difficulty, and hit the pedals. This sort of equipment offers a high-intensity low-impact exercise that targets mainly the lower part of the body.

Yes, the stationary bike will definitely help you shape appealing thighs, a tight gluteus maximus, and a flatter abdomen as can be seen from this systematic review, but when it comes to burning belly fat, it is a bit further down on the list.


Rowing machine

rowing machine
Rowing machines offer another great option for staying fit from the convenience of your home. This type of home fitness equipment provides a more intense exercise, compared to the stationary bike, and is ideal for training the whole body, including the core muscles.

Once again, you can adjust the difficulty level, sit appropriately and start rowing. The machine is ideal for exercising the lower, middle, and upper bodies at the same time. It can definitely help you reduce your belly fat percentage along with the peripheral one. The only drawback is that you cannot target specifically the fat in the abdominal area.



Treadmills are perhaps among the most used gym equipment, but throughout the decades they have gained popularity as a home fitness machine too. You can either walk or run on them and adjust the level according to your personal fitness goals. The machine offers a low to mid-impact exercise, depending on the intensity level, which is ideal for the whole body.

You can definitely tone up your muscles, increase your heart rate, speed up your metabolism and raise your fat-burning rate, but again, that applies to the entire body, including peripheral and visceral fat. The treadmill does a great job at keeping a satisfactory fitness level, but again – it does lack the possibility for targeting specific body parts.


Elliptical machine

elliptical machine
Even though not as popular as the stationary bike or the treadmill, ellipticals are still great home fitness equipment that will help you stay fit and reduce your belly fat percentage. The machine trains both your lower and upper body and offer numerous cardio benefits.

By pushing and pulling the bars while pedaling at the same time, you can simultaneously exercise your legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, and arms. The final result is improved overall fitness, faster metabolism, reduced BMI, and lower body fat percentage.


Vibration plate machine

What Home Exercise Machine Burns the Most Belly Fat? 2
With this type of home fitness equipment, we go slightly deeper into the water. The vibration plate offers similar health benefits to its counterparts from the list above, but it just takes domestic exercise to a whole new level. The machine produces high-frequency vibrations that stimulate muscle contraction, offering numerous benefits as it goes.

You can use the vibration plate for weight loss, for increasing your metabolism, for speeding up the fat-burning rate, as well as for strengthening your bones and improving blood circulation. The machine is indeed unique in that it not only benefits all the areas of your body, but it offers the possibility to target these areas separately.

What does that mean? It means that you can lay down the plate on your belly and let the machine work only on your abdominal area, thus maximizing the belly fat burning rate. This is what makes the machine stand out from the crowd and rates it as the home exercise machine that burns the most belly fat. A fact that has been proven by this systematic review and lots of other scientific studies, conducted in the past couple of decades.



Keeping in good shape and staying active is important if you want to be healthy and live a thriving life. Social distancing, lockdowns and stay-at-home policies, caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, are just excuses for being sedentary and should not act as a barrier to maintaining an active life.

Thanks to the various types of home fitness equipment you can still do regular exercise, maintain a healthy weight and keep low belly fat while adhering to the government precautions, related to COVID-19. Among the best machines that you can use in that aspect are the stationary bike, the treadmill, the elliptical machine, and the rowing machine.

However, if you want to make the maximum out of the invested time and effort, perhaps the vibration machine is the most ideal piece of equipment in the home fitness category. The vibration plate weight loss has been associated with the least healthy risks and the most benefits, which makes it the best home exercise machine for burning belly fat.

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