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Upgrade Your Health Club With Hypervibe Galaxy

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The Health Club industry is as competitive as it has ever been and clubs are constantly attempting to identify ways to provide an advantage to gain new members, keep existing members engaged and for their staff to be more engaged.

Whole Body Vibration became a popular trend in Health Clubs in the early 2000s because of it’s unique advantages for exercise warm up, recovery and providing a full body exercise. With Hypervibe already being an industry leader with it’s superior line of products, the leadership team decided to design a product that was ideal for health club chains to provide maximum value and was built to withstand high levels of use. The Hypervibe Galaxy has quickly become the whole body vibration of choice for health clubs that want the highest quality equipment for their members and staff to benefit from.

  • Success Stories, Interviews And Testimonials…..

    Hypervibe has earned it’s position as the company of Choice for top professionals and Consumers

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    Health Club Expert

    “I’m a strong believer in the technology and highly recommend it to anyone. Hypervibe has been an integral part of our value proposition to our patients and the quality of product and customer service has exceeded my expectations.”

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    Amplitude Vibration Studio

    Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration has been an integral part of our practice. It has been a catalyst for patient rehabilitation and there’s simply no other platform that provides the same effect for the investment.

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    Acceleration Australia

    “Recovery is extremely important and Hypervibe allows your body to recover much faster because it shortens the recovery time. If the muscles tighten they will not receive the blood flow they need to recover improves blood flow and allows your muscles become supple. It’s world class for improvement, flexibility and recovery and we believe it helps our athletes gain a competitive advantage. ”

    Whole Body Vibration Buyers Guide – 41 Vibration Machines Tested

    Only 9 of 41 passed all the tests and could produce the level of vibration responsible for the most impressive research results. Hypervibe was the only machine for under $3000 to make it into the top 9. The average output of all machines under $3000 is 4G. Hypervibe can produce up to 17G.


    Whole Body Vibration Machines stimulate and activate muscles, joints, and reflexology zones in ways that other forms of exercise can’t — without harmful impact or stress on the body.

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    Different vibrational frequencies have different physical effects on your body.

    Learn how HyperVibe full body vibration machines enable you to adjust your sessions for targeted benefits.

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    G-force determines intensity of vibration — which is the key to benefits such as weight loss, bone density, and strength.

    Learn how HyperVibe vibration machines deliver the best G-force (acceleration) levels for the money.

    Plane of Motion

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    The pelvis engages in a pivotal motion when walking. This movement also naturally activates muscles and minimizes unwanted vibration to the head.
    Learn how HyperVibe vibration machines produce a safe and powerful pivotal vibration.

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    Machines with “speed levels” don’t enable you to adjust your WBV sessions for targeted benefits to specific body areas

    Learn why HyperVibe vibration machines display their settings in Hertz, and how to get the most out of your workout.

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