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Top 5
Reasons Why You Would Choose

A Hypervibe over a Power Plate

1 – Less Head Vibration

HyperVibe produces significantly less head vibration than Power Plate. Due to the more natural motion of a Pivotal, the pelvis is rotated, and forces are absorbed by the trunk muscles and not up to the head. This makes it safer, better for lower back muscles (only pivotal shown to reduce back pain), and users naturally prefer the pivotal motion.

Why is the frequency range of a machine so important?

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2 – Greater Frequency Options

Research has shown that different vibration frequencies have different effects on the way forces are transmitted to the body, see this German physiotherapy publication. A Lineal machine like Power Plate, is only able to produce high frequency, and therefore is not able to produce the effects of the lower frequencies, such as balance training, muscle relaxation, coordination training etc. HyperVibe can produce the lower frequencies as well as the higher frequencies, for the full benefits of WBV.

Frequency Range
Power Plate High Frequencies Only
Hypervibe Low and High Frequencies

Why is the G force range of a machine so important?

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  • Using Whole Body Vibration in Physical Therapy and Sport, 1st Edition, Clinical practice and treatment exercises.

3 – Greater Benefit

When compared directly in a single study, or through meta analysis, Pivotal machines have shown greater effect size in topics such as bone density and circulation, and muscle activation. There is no evidence of decreased back pain in a Lineal machine, as mentioned above.


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4 – More Powerful

With the exception of the lowest powered Hypervibe model versus the highest powered Power Plate model, HyperVibe machines produce significantly more G force than Power Plate machines, and the amount G force determines the exercise load, and has been demonstrated many times to increase the size of the effect on muscle activation, oxygen uptake, and perceived exertion.

If you look at the Power Plate studies, they are almost entirely based on their $10,000+ commercial products, and not their cheaper home use products. People often purchase Power Plate home use products believing they are buying the same equipment from the research, however, the specifications of their home use products are much lesser than their expensive commercial range. In other words, the health benefits produced by their expensive commercial products, cannot always be produced by their cheaper home use products. The following G force has been measured from Power Plate products:

Why is the G force range of a machine so important?

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5 – Bigger Warranty

At this point, you might be wondering, what good is a warranty if a product is underpowered?
Well, some are interested in this, so here is how the Power Plate warranty stacks up against the Hypervibe warranty.

Power Plate 6 Months
Hypervibe 2 Years Labour
5 Years Parts
10 Years Motor

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