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Whole Body Vibration – How Does It Really Work?

by Katerina Liapis, MSPT

With so many health and fitness products on

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The Role of Whole Body Vibration in Self-Care, Hope and Healing by Katerina Liapis, MSPT

I recently came across this meme: “If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be

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Rehab Summit 2019: Calling All Clinicians by Katerina Liapis, MSPT

At the end of July, my colleague, Debby Pelletier, and I had the opportunity to represent Hypervibe at the

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Fyzical Brand Triumph 2019: A Memorable Experience

At the end of April 2019, the Hypervibe team had the opportunity to attend the Fyzical Brand Triumph conference

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Blog Spotlight Interview: Tracey Vincel of KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness

Tracey Vincel is the co-founder of KIMA Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness in New York City She is a

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Blog Spotlight Interview: Amanda Christodoulou


Amanda Christodoulou is a Pilates Instructor based in Miami, Florida As a trained dancer, she naturally transitioned into Pilates,

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