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4 benefits of whole body vibration for active, healthy men

16th October 2016
4 benefits of whole body vibration for active, healthy men 1

Young, active men are more likely to choose strength training, weight lifting and sports activities instead of whole body vibration for staying fit and healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that vibration machines are reserved just for women or that only seniors who have balance and circulation problems should use these devices.

Vibrating plates allow one to maximize the efficiency of their workout and to target both the large and superficial muscle groups and the smaller, deeper ones, through complex movements that stimulate the entire body. This form of training can help one get rid of the excess fat and reduce their body fat percentage while improving the tone and definition of muscles, and building a leaner and stronger body.

With vibration training, the load on the muscles is the result of a hypergravity environment created by the platform, so all the forces that stimulate and activate the muscles are in upward and not downward direction. This means that the exercise feels less demanding and is easier on the bones and joints, but at the same time, it’s an intense workout if you choose a machine that provides high frequencies and G-forces.

Vibration platforms are less risky than weight lifting, and if you do the exercises with proper form, you can gain more muscle definition and strengthen your body while improving your posture and gaining additional benefits from this type of physical activity: better circulation and lymph drainage, stronger bones, better balance and so on.

But now let’s see how young, healthy men can benefit from whole body vibration more specifically. Is there anything that WBV can do for them, than should make them include this type of training in their weekly routine, along with their regular cardio or strength workouts?

1. Muscles are activated more efficiently, so it’s easier to put on mass

Whole body vibration will not make one look big and bulky, but it can activate the muscles and help one improve their body composition. It strengthens the muscle fibers, leading to a more toned appearance, and it activates the muscles in a way that makes it easier to gain mass.

Studies have showed that exercising on a vibration plate influences hormonal levels in males (testosterone, growth hormone), and can contribute to increased muscle strength and power, the effects of this physical activity being similar to those produced by explosive power training.

When your muscle reflexes are activated by the energy pulses sent from the machine, the fibers contract and relax involuntary, the strength of muscle contraction depending on the strength of the vibrations coming up from the platform. Through this effect, a vibrating machine forces your muscles and joints to work harder for stabilizing the body, maintaining balance, coordinating the movements and performing the various exercises. These result in increased muscle stimulation and energy expenditure.

2. Reduced body fat percentage and greater energy consumption

Even if you’re not doing whole body vibration exercises to lose weight, you still practice this form of exercise to look good and toned, and WBV machines were found to be effective in preventing the accumulation of excess weight especially in the core and abs area. Also, this form of physical activity is known to help reduce the body fat percentage and improve body composition.

Another great advantage is that the exercises are shorter but intense, so this forces your body to use its internal energy reservoirs more efficiently. At the end of an intense WBV training routine, you’ll feel energized instead of drained of energy, and your mood will be good as well.

Whole body vibration has been shown to increase energy expenditure and help the body burn calories more efficiently after the workout and during aerobic exercise, so if you like running for example and want to get the most of both types of training, you should mix 10 minutes of WBV with 30 minutes of running for best results.

3. WBV increases power and leads to better performance

Vibration training increases muscle strength and power, helping you perform better in your daily activities and sports competitions. Although it takes time to build muscle mass and improve stamina and athletic performance, you can see an improvement in power or the ability to generate force quickly after a single session of vibration training.

Thanks to this effect, WBV is recommended before a competition or workout if you want to jump higher, sprint faster or hit a ball further. Also, it’s an excellent solution for improving your balance and reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

When the machine sends vibration pulses through your body, some of the energy is absorbed by tissues and converted to heat, and rhythmic muscle contractions are triggered. This warms up your muscles and joints, preparing your body to operate better and increasing the circulation of blood and lymph.

Although in the long run the effects are similar to other forms of weight-bearing exercises, high speed vibration gets you to a growth-stimulating level of muscle activation faster and with less conscious effort. It is therefore a less energy-taxing solution for warming up and maximizing the results of a workout session. Plus, the body requires less time to recover after a WBV workout than it does after a conventional weight lifting session.

4. Improved cognition and focus for better work productivity

WBV has similar effects to conventional strength workouts on one’s cognitive performance. In a study conducted by Dutch researchers, the effects of WBV on the cognitive performance of healthy adults were analyzed, subjects being asked to perform vibration exercises at a frequency of 30Hz and amplitude of 0.5 mm.

Measurements showed that 2 minutes of passive WBV has positive effects on attention and inhibition in young adults, and concluded that this form of training has the potential to be used as cognition-enhancing therapy, especially in people who are unable to practice other form of physical activity.

Another study published in PLoS One showed that whole body vibration has beneficial effects of small and medium size on attention in healthy people as well as in individuals with ADHD. Again, the study investigated the effects of 2-minute WBV sessions on various parameters and found similar results in healthy and ADHD subjects.

So if your work productivity isn’t the same lately and your attention and focus need a boost, it may be wise to add a whole body vibration machine to your office wellness corner.

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