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8 of the Best Glute Machines for Gym and Home Use

21st December 2022

If you thought that working on your glutes (or butt muscles) was simply for aesthetic purposes, you’d be mistaken. Why? Because working out these muscles is not only great for helping to improve your posture, add stability in your lower body, support your lower back, and enable your legs to move. It’s also an excellent way of rotating, extending, and stabilizing your hips.

Whether you’re dealing with problems with your lower back, hips, or knees or you just want to optimize your workout, you need to know what is the best glute machine for you. Of course, this will vary from individual to individual. But knowing your options is the best starting point to helping strengthen this part of your body.

In this article, we explore what the best gym machines for glutes are plus what is the recommended machine for glutes for home use. Let’s take a look!

Do glute machines really work?

Whether you’re about to start exercising for the first time in a while or you work out frequently, you need to know if glute machines really work. The answer is a resounding “yes”. Why? There are two primary reasons.

Firstly, glute machines are excellent for isolating the three muscle groups in your buttocks. These are the gluteus minimus, gluteus midimus, and the gluteus maximus. When these muscle groups work together, you get a shapelier, firmer, and stronger butt.

The second reason why glute machines are great for a butt workout is because they enable you to exercise more control during each lift. Because you’re working with your own strength levels and weight, you get to determine how much your body can handle. This level of control is a great source of a much more potent workout.

What machine makes your glutes grow?

Choosing the best glute machine for your butt workout can seem like a difficult task. This is because a number of individual characteristics must be taken into account.

These include your current weight, whether you’re suffering from any illnesses, your strength levels, your endurance, how much time you have to exercise on a daily or weekly basis, and more.

As such, there are several machines you can try – both at the gym and for home use – which we’ll cover in more detail below.

What gym machines should you use for your glutes?

With the plethora of glute exercise equipment on the market and in gyms today, you have quite a few options for working out your buttock muscles. However, in our view, the best glute machines you can try out for this purpose are the following:

  1. Cable pulleys
  2. Much like the name suggests, with a cable pulley, you are adding extra weight to your glute workout, which you then pull with your body to work the glute muscles out. Cable pulleys can be found in the free-weight area. However, when coupled with an ankle cuff, you’ve not got a serious butt-building machine.

    This is excellent for hip extensions and a range of other exercises you can perform by simply strapping the cuff to your legs. These workouts can also extend to other muscle groups such as quads and hamstrings. To use this machine properly, you simply need to choose the right amount of weight that your body can handle.

  3. Leg press
  4. The leg press enables you to sit down and sometimes hold onto special handles, while using your body weight or added weight to press with your legs. It offers your body unique positioning, which is not always possible on machines designed for cardio workouts. You can either have your legs wider apart for outer gluteus targeting or keep them closer together for inner gluteus targeting.

  5. Stair stepper/climber
  6. This is a great option for sculpting your butt muscles without causing too much pressure on your knees. It mimics the natural motion of climbing stairs (or a mountain) and because it requires your glutes to work hard, it’s another piece of equipment that nicely targets the glutes.

  7. Elliptical machine
  8. Elliptical machines focus on “functional strength”. It’s a versatile piece of equipment that specifically targets your glutes. It can be considered a low-impact machine that’s easy on the joints and suitable for people with varying fitness levels.

  9. Hip abduction machine
  10. Hip movement is essential for strong glutes. And the hip abduction machine targets just that. All that you need to do is set the right amount weight on the machine before you start using it. The interesting thing about this piece of equipment is that they work horizontally and not vertically (up or down). The way it works is that resistance is placed on the outside of the legs, which you then push outward by spreading them while seated. This is great for engaging the muscles more effectively.

  11. Treadmill
  12. Not typically associated with butt muscle development, the treadmill actually lifts the butt after prolonged use. This is not only great for helping to strengthen and tone your legs, but it helps improve the butt’s positioning over time. Use the treadmill at various speeds and inclines and you’ll enjoy the results.

  13. Spin bike
  14. Another piece of gym equipment that’s typically associated with cardio as opposed to a strength workout is the spin bike. It’s also ideal for lifting the but because it requires your glutes to work hard to keep the legs moving in a circle.

    They’re also low-impact, which means they are more gentle on your joints such as your knees and hips. You can target your glutes by standing over the bike and pushing the pedals slowly, while you add resistance to it.

  15. Hip thrust machine
  16. Similar to glute bridges, hip thrusts work in the following way. You use a weight bench to lift your upper body, which ultimately enables you to boost your glute workout.

What is the best glute machine for home use?

If heading to the gym is not on your to-do list but you’d still like to work your glutes out, then the right glutes machine for home use for you would be the Hypervibe vibration plate.

It is possibly the best glute machine that you can use in the comfort of your own home and still work your glutes out like a pro.

It’s compact and light and it ensures that you get the best glute workout. It comes with a touchscreen, resistance band, and a whole host of other perks to ensure that you get the most out of your exercise regimen.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a workout machine that specifically targets your gluteus group of muscles, particularly for home use, then you’ve come to the right place. While there is no best glute machine for every person out there because of different individual factors, there are some common machines both at the gym and for home use, which you can apply efforts with to boost your buttock muscles both from an aesthetic and from a strength point of view.


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